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My SEO Guide - your guide in the world of SEO

My SEO Guide - your guide in the world of SEO

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Rating bloggers "Yandex", and counter-buttons reflecting the position of the blog in the rating, are no longer working. It was planned that surfing yandex.blogs will cease to exist by the summer, but changes in legislation, connected, in particular, with blogs, forced the company to hurry.

Yandex announced the change of preventive punishment own algorithm AGS. Now violators sites with useless content, existing only for the sake of posting links will not be excluded from extradition, and to lose TIC. Similar measures will be taken against those sites which are exposed to the action of the algorithm above.

Knowledge of the principles of work of search systems allows webmasters and optimizers create sites that will be added to the database search engines. From the level of the optimization of these sites will depend on their position in the search results for certain keywords in these PS.

SEO: Search engine Optimization from A to z is a tutorial, reference and encyclopedia in one book, which is a systematized knowledge on promotion of sites from the experience of famous SEO bloggers. In the textbook on promotion of sites all information, without exception, the maximum useful and written «human» language. Therefore, regardless of the degree of your preparation, you can easily understand and master as the basics of search engine optimization, and more advanced techniques and methods of promotion of sites.

On how to cope with the negative SEO, when competitors buy links to your website from low-quality resources thought Matt Catts (head one of the departments of Google, dealing with problems of web spam) in his new video.

Extra Hide Studio is a free universal editor illuminated 14 programming languages and layout, support encodings UTF-8, ANSI, KOI-8, Dos. Extra Hide has a built-in PHP viewing, the ability to edit an unlimited number of documents in one window, comfortable panel for quick input file Navigator and full screen mode.

AI-Bolit is a unique free script to scan for viruses, Trojans, backdoor, hacker activities on the hosting. Script allows to detect a lot of malware and suspicious changes on the hosting, reducing the risk of being banned by the search engines for the spread of viruses and the presence of doorways. And also allows to learn about potential leaks of information and other troubles for your site.

CharCount or Schitalochka - convenient in work, copywriter, SEO, and web masters program designed to count the number of characters in the text, including the program counts the number of characters with code reproduction.

Pixie - a utility for web designers and graphic artists. Pixie tracks the movement of the user's cursor on the screen and shows the color of the point to which it points. Color is shown in several popular formats: hex, HTML, RGB, CMYK and HSV.

JQuery pad - petite HTML editor and java scripts, including using jQuery, however, to create and edit you don't have to do a separate page, connect the library there - you just need to edit the HTML and JS in some okonah this program.

Ping (Pingovalka) - a program to send messages ping services, supports sending pings (messages) in selected ping services. there is A possibility to maintain the list of services in the current state, the list of non-existent services.

Multifunction free text editor Notepad++. An indispensable assistant for web-master and perfect replacement to the standard Notepad, which have support syntax of a large number of programming languages, Notepad++ running MS Windows.

You you promote your site and want to quickly track the changes in the search results, then this service for you. Now You can significantly facilitate their work and to be constantly aware of all events associated with Your projects.