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Not thicken the cucumber patch! Sowing seeds or transplanting do so that the Bush the Bush was not closer than 60 cm for large bushes (Zozulya, April, Crystal, Farmer, etc.) and 50 cm for medium-sized (Fine, Libella, Murom, vyaznikovskiy, the Altai and others).

Reproduction of strawberry farming Strawberries are propagated vegetatively, mainly seedlings (rooted rosettes on his mustache). Developed socket to the establishment by Royal Bush. The better developed plants, the more they form a mustache and outlets.

Dear users garden Garden ! Congratulations to You and Your family, acquaintances, and friends with upcoming holidays: 2017 New year and Christmas. We wish you success in all your endeavors, financial stability, family well-being, good health, love and good mood in the new year!

Decorative colored crushed stone is a relatively new product on the Russian market. However, it has long been used in Europe for the decoration of lawns, flower beds, landscape design. the Use of decorative gravel can significantly reduce the cost of maintaining a good appearance around the monument, on a bed or in any other place. Also use decorative crushed stone, you can create a beautiful and durable compositions in the landscape design.

Care for peonies in the garden Peonies — the plant is quite unpretentious. In order to grow peonies, any particularly complicated care of peonies is not required. And yet, in order for the peonies in your garden grow and pleasing to the eye, you need to understand how to care for peonies.

Practical tips for caring for roses Beautiful rose is the dream of every gardener. To become a reality, you need to know how planted, pruned, fed, watered and propagated these plants and how to choose varieties. For this we will use practical tips for caring for roses.

The placement of the crops in the garden. planned Plot, planted the first crop. But it is necessary to observe some peculiarities, viz. Should not the same vegetable crops planted on the same place, it may lead in the future to the probability of occurrence of pests and soil contamination.