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A women's magazine stars, fashion, beauty, love, sex, astrology, psychology, children and health

Women's magazine stars, fashion, beauty, love, sex, astrology, psychology, children and health

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Recently, Sergei and Daria Pynzar went to a romantic trip to Sochi. Daria led real photos from spring break in his Instagram, however, members of the young mothers were not in a hurry to admire her pictures. They were interested in who was a little the Theme and David.

Proper and tasty food is one of the main manifestations of the mother's care for her baby. Brand baby food "SUBJECT" actively helps moms in this difficult case, having a calling for the production of high-quality baby food. Recently, "SUBJECT" again has pleased its young consumers an original product - delicious and healthy cottage cheese and fruit product.

In the shopping center "Neglinnaya gallery" in the framework of the Vernissage "Gold Hollywood" took place the solemn opening of the author's photo project "the Axiom of beauty" photographer, producer Olga Zinovsky and famous designer Alisa Tolkacheva, who presented luxurious dresses are handmade in the photos.

The other day it became known about the murder of Denis Boronenkov. One of the first this news commented 76-year-old Lyudmila Maksakova, who said that she was glad of the death of a son-in-law. 65-year-old Stanislav Sadalsky sure that the scandalous statement of the people's artist was "nervous reaction".

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the time direction of the French brand of Chanel introduced its first line of accessories with a mechanism of its own production. The process of creating a Premiere Camellia Skeleton, which can be called a unique piece of jewelry, fascinating!

33-year-old Ksenia Borodina and 36-year-old Kurban Omarov together raising 7-year-old Mary and one-year-old Thea, quite often with a new father's family spends time and the son of a businessman Omar. Recently fans watched a live broadcast of the leading "House-2" decided that she is again in an interesting position.

Sonia Kiperman has already debuted on the runway and is increasingly removed for the covers of glossy magazines. The girl gave a Frank interview in which he explained what they look like with 35-year-old Vera Brezhneva, and told me that sometimes misses classes at the new school.

Has Not passed also month as the British make-up artist Pat McGrath has introduced a new cosmetic product for eye makeup. The kit, which was called the Dark Star 006, entered the shadow in blue color pencil, holographic glitter, and a special brush for shading and some additional pigments.

Day on March 23, it became known that the 45-year-old Denis Voronenkov was shot in Kiev, not far from the hotel. Capital businessman Otari, Kobakhidze, a recognized victim in the case of the former Deputy in Russia, has told, about what spoke with the victim the day before death.

The American portal published an article in which it was claimed that microcurrent therapy is an excellent substitute of treatments based on the Botox. We decided to check out this conflicting information and asked to an experienced cosmetologist in order to confirm or refute this theory.

To help the child to learn motor skills, it is important to create an active preparatory environment, to offer a variety of games and exercises that help develop coordination. To more fully develop and the child will help a sports complex specifically designed for children in the first years of life. We will show you how to choose right...

Moscow. From 31 March to 30 April 2017 flagship showroom sales "Mercedes-Benz RUS" on Leningradsky prospect, 39A will present all fans of the brand with a three-beam star and the lovers of modern art the exhibition of works of famous American artist Andy Warhol's "Favourite car of Andy Warhol".

A 32-year-old Maria Novoselova and 35-year-old Dimitri Rassam brought along 6-year-old daughter Daria. Family happiness model and producer destroyed the 30-year-old Charlotte Casiraghi, heiress of the house of Grimaldi. This became known after the appearance of the joint photographs of the couple on the cover of one of the foreign tabloids.

Anti-ageing program – what is it? Should we believe the promises of eternal youth or anti-aging technique – is it a myth? Specialist in anti-aging medicine, physician Residence longevity and beauty GLMED Yuri Mezinovskiy dismantled for us the most popular myths!

Yesterday in West bloggers went crazy from silicone sponge SiliSponge (on the website of the brand who invented this product, pre-orders are painted for two months forward), and today he found an unexpected alternative. Now for makeup, the Internet users use... cleaned a chicken egg.