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The Number of people with diseases of the cardiovascular system is constantly growing,it is primarily caused by stress and very little active way of life. the disease can Also be caused by the result of malnutrition. in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases plays an important role what we eat every day. the Excessive intake of foods containing large amounts of animal fats(such as lard,fatty meat,sausages,smoked meats,butter,cream,egg yolks, etc.), increases the content of cholesterol in the blood and impedes blood flow to major organs and blood vessels. Read more "

Do Not forget about its beauty,pay attention,that would be the face,body and handles with feet look groomed. the article the Care of hands and nails at home, we paid attention to our pens,now take care of our lips. How to care for your lips if chapped lips or cold on the lips,then with the help of folk remedies to remove skin inflammation of the lips. As well,there is decorative cosmetics for lips,which always helps to correct the flaws,even the flaws,as they often can be a virtue,because many we invent. With the help of cosmetics we emphasize our strengths and make our lips more beautiful and attractive smile. Read more "

Hello blog readers\ I Want to talk about our handles - worker who knew no rest. taking Care of the person, about the arms as we forget. the Care of hands in second place,although they are more exposed to various harmful effects. you Want to do everything quickly and wear rubber gloves there is no desire,although the chemicals and water if your hands are in it,bad for our skin. It becomes dry and quickly grows old. Read more "