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Government of the Khabarovsk territory and the contractor signed a concession agreement on the construction of a new highway. "Bypass Khabarovsk", according to the initiators of the project, meant to decongest traffic in the regional capital. The construction of the highway will begin in 2017. The line length of 26.8 km will lie in the vicinity of far East centre, reports the website

In the Internet appeared previously unpublished image of the SUV Marussia F1. Until now was only available a couple of shots a full-size layout of this project. Now in the leaked computer renderings, made by designers Marussia Motors.

In Yakutsk with the onset of cold weather, frequent hijackings and vehicle theft, theft of property from vehicles, and theft of the so-called portable garages — special warm seat covers for cars. With the onset of winter with allegations of theft of portable garages turned 7 car owners, managed to find only one attacker.

On December 12, several streets of Novosibirsk introduced a temporary ban on Parking of cars. This decision was made by the working group on road safety. The ban will ensure timely cleaning of roads from snow, removing snow traction and ice on the roadway.

Khabarovsk in no hurry to pick up their cars from the city's only municipal restplace. Term Parking of some cars has exceeded three years, amount for their wait has reached astronomical limits, and the territory is already one-third filled with transport. Soon it may not stay free space.

Krasnoyarsk regional court upheld the decision of the judge of the Central district court of Krasnoyarsk on the case on administrative offence in respect of Department of municipal economy, prevent the destruction of asphalt and the formation of pits on the prospectus of Metallurgists.

In Japan and the USA ordinary people to auctions are not allowed. Only the professionals outbid. There have already managed to get lumps and came to such a scheme as being more reliable. But Drom — the people's portal, and we're excited to offer auctions for you usual customers. We took into account their technical mistakes and are willing to continue the experiment.

Large taxi service, came to Tomsk oblast, helping to combat illegal working drivers, because these companies only work with taxi drivers licensed said Friday at a briefing in the media center of RIA Tomsk Commissioner for the protection of the rights of entrepreneurs in the region Valery Paderin.

The Chinese company Great Wall presented at the international motor show in Guangzhou new sub-brand WEY. With this brand Great Wall has introduced two prototype SUVs under indices W01 and W02, which have a slightly different front end.

A Joint venture "GM-AVTOVAZ" was expelled from the equipment of the basic specifications of Chevrolet Niva SUV anti-lock brakes (ABS), which allowed to reduce the price of these cars. Now SUVs at trim levels L, LC and LE are not equipped with ABS, although machines in versions of GL, GLC and LE+ continue to be completed.

The Brazilian company Troller, specializing in the development and small batch production of frame-panel SUV, introduced at the recent Sao Paulo international motor show conceptual development Xtreme Troller T4, made on the basis of the production model Troller T4.

Today, Saturday, was the Day of open doors — the residents and guests of Krasnoyarsk, Chelyabinsk and Krasnodar could live to rate for sale items. Everyone we showed the printed diagnostic card from Drom Assist, where the details are painted the disadvantages of cars. Visitors eagerly studied the maps, many were surprised that they described a lot more comments than you can find yourself.

First, the pickup truck will be equipped with petrol engines volume of 1.8 and 2.0 l the 1.8-liter unit is brand Lifan LFB479Q and develops 133 BHP Russians, this motor is known for the crossover Lifan X60. From March 2017 Maxus T60 will also be equipped with a 2.8-liter turbodiesel with 150 HP and a torque of 360 Nm.

Against Baghdasaryan 51 filed an administrative action for non-payment of fines (paragraph 1 of article 20.25 of the administrative code), so the court had to hold three meetings. November 7, the court punished a lover of fast driving 10 days in jail and 75 hours of compulsory work, November 8, she added 155 hours of work, 10 Nov — another 180.

Novosibirsk Authorities monitor the situation on the street Bolshevik. As reported by the business portal "Continent Siberia", about a month ago on the road surface appeared a 120-foot crack, which increases, the roadbed sank. Dangerous area — one lane in the direction of Berd highway near the stop "Hotel Ob" — had to fence.