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Nissan is preparing to start production of a crossover Venucia T90. Chinese media published photographs of the production version of the midsize crossover Venucia T90, which is made by Nissan and Dongfeng specifically for the China market. The car presentation will take place on 18 November, after that it goes on sale.

Authorities hope that the bill is "about five tons" will help to close the loophole for overloads on the roads. In 2015, the state Duma has established penalties for the operation of overloaded equipment in the amount of 200 to 300 thousand rubles for legal entities and 3-5 thousand for a physical. After that, according to, which operates the MP Moskvichev, for the half year legal entity reissued 320 thousand of its trucks and trucks to individuals.

Original spare parts in the Toyota a Center Kemerovo is now available at an affordable price! Legendary Toyota quality, confirmed by an official guarantee that will allow You not only to take care of your car, but also to feel complete confidence on the road.

The operating Conditions of cars in Japan are noticeably different from operating conditions in the other countries of the world. Climate, quality of fuel used, a different level of service and other factors can not affect the technical state of assemblies of the vehicle. But because the question of what motor oils and special fluids can and should be used in car made in Japan operating in Kazakhstan or Russia, in Iraq or Canada, it becomes for the owner to be extremely important.

The Government of Khabarovsk was built in 2016, more than seven kilometres of new, modern roads. Have been reconstructed street Sechenov, don, Local, North, Sinelnikova, as well as the section of the street Flegontova from Krasnorechenskoe to Industrial. Around 180 thousand square meters, the old roadway was repaired. This was stated by the mayor of Khabarovsk Alexander Sokolov during his detour on city facilities and businesses improvement.

In the film "the Breadwinner" consumers from around the world talk about themselves and their tractors Belarus. In the 17-minute video shows operators of Belarusian equipment from Norway, Africa, and Latin America. Frames with technology and consumers are interspersed with shots of the results of their work, as well as plans beautiful nature of a region.

Now a modification in the base Trust with the "mechanical" transmission is from 502 000 rubles, and the version with 4-step "automatic" Jatco — from 552 000. While in the warehouses of dealers are still machines 2015 — they have a discount of 40 thousand rubles.

Kurgan town court ordered the municipality to Finance the renovations roadway Ushakov, directions from street Country to the street side 2nd Time (near the bridge over the Black river), viaduct street Burova-Petrov, as well as the intersection of prospect Marshala Golikova and streets Rodkina. Thus, the court satisfied the requirements of the city Prosecutor, according to with reference to the press service of the regional Supervisory authority.

Sunday, October 9, at the circuit Zmeinka was held in Vladivostok seventh stage seventh championship Zmeinka Time Attack Challenge in 2016. In circuit car racing your driving skills demonstrated 27 participants. The best result was achieved Ilya Aksenov from Vladivostok. He set two new records on both the track configurations, the website

In traffic even in cool weather, and then found frozen with raised hood of the car. If the motor is humming, then it is likely not doing its job antifreeze or rather the chemical cocktail that the owner of the machine sold under the guise of antifreeze or antifreeze.

Based Kabuku Honda is a Honda platform, VDP (Variable Design Platform). This platform consists of a power frame, body, chassis frame, suspension, 15-kilowatt electric motor, battery and control electronics. On this basis, you can quickly and easily create micro cars for different purposes — need just to print the needed body panels on a 3D printer.

To build a Tesla-hearse firms took eight months. The original hatchback had to be cut down and lengthened its wheelbase by 80 cm to 3039 cm Overall length of the vehicle, respectively, increased to 5776 mm, because the rear overhang did not touch.

On the extension of the government decree N166 "About industrial Assembly that" the Ministry has asked the company Volkswagen, Ford and Nissan. This decision provides companies with considerable customs privileges in exchange for obligations to increase of localization of production, however, the term of the agreements with auto companies under this resolution will expire in 2018-2019.

Renault best wallet has a length of 4.7 m, the wheel diameter of 21 inches front and 22 inches rear. The body is a concept deeply researched from the point of view of aerodynamics — drag coefficient of only 0.22. The hood and doors have best wallet combined into one giant hood.

Models have optics with new graphics and redesigned front and rear bumpers. They also got a radiator grille in the style of crossover Dacia Duster for Europe. Universal, however, the restyling touched not fully — the rear lights and bumper he left the old.