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The Seventh arbitration court took the side of the mayoralty of Novosibirsk in a dispute with "Sibmost". Thursday, March 2, in Tomsk the decision was made on appeal that the municipality is filed on the decision of regional arbitration, obliged to pay the construction company from the city budget of 2.5 billion rubles.

In 2017 in Novosibirsk will continue implementing the project "Choose the road to repair", the vote is to be announced in July — August. By participating in this annual rating, citizens can affect which roads will be repaired first during the period of road construction season.

Traffic police urges of Kuzbass residents to drive less by car, and not far long distance travel. Such a request of the traffic police appealed by chance, because in the coming days on the territory of the region is expected cooling to -11°C. it follows that a road with a high probability will be covered with a crust of ice, which can lead to accidents.

The inhabitants of the Jewish Autonomous region can affect the quality of the roads in the region. It's enough to register on a special website and noted on an electronic map of roads requiring repairs. In addition, you must attach pictures of the problematic roads and description of defects.

In Tuva this year will begin to reconstruct the border crossing point "between khandagayty, Borshoo", which will give it the status of multilateral. To reconstruct the plan during the year. This was discussed during a working visit to the Republic of the head of the FGKU Rosgranstroy Leonid Bershanskaya.

By 2025 in the Metropolitan area of Ulan-Ude will lead to normal 85% of the roads. The capital of Buryatia together with the adjoining areas was in the number of Russian cities-agglomerations, where in the framework of the project "Safe and quality roads" will dramatically improve the road network and transport infrastructure.

Today in Vladivostok on the forecourt was a meeting of citizens for the free import of used cars, which is the result of prolonged already for two months the situation of non-discharge imported into Russia of used cars without ERA-GLONASS. Due to vague wording in the law on customs in Russia from 1 January ceased to issue all PTS arrived used cars. By mid-February, the total number of uncleared vehicles at various customs posts of our country exceeded one and a half thousand pieces.

The championship of the Khabarovsk Krai in the winter of track racing passed its equator. Sunday, February 5. ice Nekrasovskiy lakes near Khabarovsk hosted the third stage of the competition for six. He showed up to 19 pilots. Most of them in Khabarovsk, there were also participants from Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Vladivostok and Nakhodka, reports the website

February 14 — Valentine's day, no exceptions. Well, if the soul experiences this anxious feeling to the car, and hometown. In honor of the holiday of love together with the automotive community of Vladivostok will hold a flash mob #Avtoserdtse2017.

In anticipation of the New year, we launched a contest in which you had to shoot a fun video in the car. The main prize is four tickets on the plane there and back. Behind the zero phase, the collection of videos. A couple of weeks we got 11 works. Two of them were not selected because it does not contain the required phrase, "In the New year all together with the!", so the voting phase out 9 positive offhand.

In the center of Khabarovsk this year will begin construction of an underground road tunnel with a length of 620 metres, which will be located under the future skyscraper. To build the tunnel and skyscraper developer plans for 1.5 years — by July 2018, reports the website

Small roadside cafe in Vladivostok every step of the way, hard to navigate in this variety. To understand whether or not to go to the other end of the city for a cheaper and tasty roll will help a personal guide — a free app pit-stops VL. It will give information about prices and the menu in the cafe of the city.

In 2017-2019 years for the construction and reconstruction of sections of the highway Khabarovsk — Vladivostok (km 28+750 — km 36+000) in the Khabarovsk region will spend more than two billion rubles. The name of the organization entitled to the production of these works will be known in early February, the website

2nd stage has already become the first full test for the participants of the Dakar-2017: 275 km special stage with three control points, with the overall length of route 803 km. the topography of the route remained unchanged for the whole day: 250 meters above sea level: such is the sun-scorched plains of Chaco.

Today, 2nd January, start from the two largest race in the discipline of rally-RAID: "the 2017 Dakar and Africa Eco race 2017", with the participation of Russian teams and athletes. D the eve of the first day we will tell you a bit about one of the Russians involved in the marathons and what happened on the eve of the race.