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Meat in the oven you can cook all sorts of ways. I bring to your attention the easiest recipe for roasting meat in foil, which will undoubtedly enjoy the hosts and will be a great hot dish at the festive table!

In the Spring and summer on vacation recommend you to cook fish kebab. It is prepared very quickly and easily, the taste is not worse than meat barbecue. Besides fish shashlik - one of the most useful and light meals, it can be made from various species of fish, in various marinades and in different ways. But no matter how you cook this barbecue, its wonderful taste and aroma always please you. I propose to prepare the shish kebab from the fish platter in pomegranate juice.

You are in search of a perfect, smachnoy and exclusive snacks! Then it is necessary to create such a miracle as salmon rolls with spinach! The composition and method of preparation of this culinary masterpiece will impress you from the first sight, taste and aroma with the first piece. Moreover, such a creation of American culinary not only delicious but also very useful!

I think everyone loves a delicious and fragrant grilled chicken. Of course today it can be purchased at any store. But you are sure of the freshness of the dishes? Of course not. Because the vinegar and seasonings you can hide any bad smell. So let's try to make your chicken grill fresh and delicious. It is not so difficult, but the result you very happy. In addition, your guests will love it, because who doesn't love a crispy grilled chicken?

Pastrami chicken flatbread, which can be made at home. This meat very often used in many Turkish yastvah and is considered a delicacy. Tender, flavorful, impregnated with spices, chicken fillet will please even the most fastidious consumers, of course on the preparation of the dishes you will have to spend a lot of time, but believe me pastrami chicken is worth every expended minute.

Potato roll - original dish will be a wonderful treat for your guests. Roll quickly prepared and do not represent the views of the stuffing. Indeed, instead of minced meat in the filling can add any of the ingredients to your taste. And most importantly, that the dish is not only delicious, but also tasty!

And again French cuisine surprises us with its simple and at the same time sumptuous recipes. One of these is yummy with a very simple name - potato «curls»! Delicate combination of mashed potatoes, cheese and spices will conquer your guests with first piece, and the external unusual and at the same time view of this dish will all be delighted!

The best that pizza was initially food for the poor. It was on the mind of the ordinary cake, which is sometimes covered with tomato paste, and the top laid out a few vegetables. Today there are countless recipes of the dishes from the dough with different fillings. It is a favorite food of people practically worldwide, and the main thing - children. Therefore, using this opportunity, you can cook green pizza. This dish stuffed with vegetables: broccoli, zucchini and leeks.

Chicken there are many different variants of the marinade and today we will get acquainted with one more. It is prepared in minutes, becomes an incredibly flavorful, very successfully emphasizes tender chicken meat, making it an even tastier, and on the process of pickling takes less than an hour. Interested? Then fill up his new cookbook recipe: chicken leg marinated in sour cream.

Chicken cutlets with cheese inside this recipe are preparing very simply and quickly. Top cutlets formed cheese bright yellow crust but inside their tasty, juicy pieces of meat and melted cheese. This dish is very popular and even sold in stores as a semi-finished product, and is in the menu of most restaurants and cafes. A combination of chicken and cheese will not remain without attention on any festive table. Try it and you will not regret!

Tomatoes stuffed chicken is a perfect combination of ingredients that complement each other, turn into a beautiful, almost perfect hot dish or a juicy breathtakingly divine appetizer!

This recipe is for those who are already tired of purchased chicken grill and wants to cook something unusual. It is easy to use and does not require much effort from you. I think that each of us closing our eyes and imagining the most delicious dish immediately recalls podzharistuyu crust young appetizing chicken, so tenderly prepared caring hands. Moreover, white meat under the crust turns out not less fragrant and tasty. Learning to cook chicken rosy on the simple instructions below.

If you are looking for a salad for a children's holiday, the salad «Fungus» - this is what you need. Appetizing salad with mushrooms, eggs and chicken made in the form of a large mushroom will love the children and their taste and appearance. Surprise and delight your children this simple, but very attractive salatikom.

In contrast to the classical salad Mimoza our will prepare with the addition of pink salmon and cheese. This combination will make the familiar taste dishes are very interesting, and it will offer your guests, who came on holiday. The salads lined with layers always look spectacular and beautiful. So, the recipe of Mimosa with pink salmon.

If you have all the necessary products for production of puff pastry, salad «guests at the door», then safely meet unexpected guests. Salad is very quick to prepare, and most importantly - the amazing taste. Therefore, he will conquer your guests not only for their superior taste and appetizing beautiful views. And, despite the fact that the dish is prepared in haste, it can become a worthy decoration of any holiday table.