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In Kirov, police detained the employee of management of economic safety and counteraction of corruption for a bribe of 16 million rubles. This PASMI reported in the regional SU TFR. Criminal case concerning the detainee criminal case under article 290 of the criminal code ("receiving bribe"). Police arrested the FSB on the evening of 9 March red-handed after a businessman gave him 15 [...]

Us Senator John McCain approved the arrest removed from head of fiscal service of Ukraine Roman Nasirov. It is reported by RIA Novosti. "Positive step forward" "Arrest on charges of theft of Roman Nasirov, the chief tax specialist of Ukraine and Director of the state fiscal service is a positive step forward for the Ukrainian government in the fight against corruption," said McCain. According to his [...]

In the inner circle Oleg Feoktistov claimed that the head of the security service of Rosneft went on a holiday after the President's Desk came an analytical note on its activities. According to the source, the President decided to send General Feoktistov to rest. What was the reason for the dismissal is not yet known. Prior to joining Rosneft, Oleg Feoktistov served as the Deputy head [...]

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was blocked by opposition in the social network after the publication of the investigation the FCO about allegedly belonging to him of real estate. I told myself "victim". Anatoly Wasserman: "Medvedev vs Bulk – a plague on both your houses" is not available, the Prime Minister, Opposition leader Alexei Navalny said in his Twitter that the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has closed their page in Instagram. [...]

Dmitry Bushmanova and Alex Eckert was charged with fraud and laundering the stolen money. Soon they are waiting for the court where the businessmen will be responsible for the kidnapping of 3 billion rubles. The case awaits trial the Investigation Committee filed the final charges against the owners of the company "Ruslans System" Dmitry Bushmanova and Alex Eckert, reports the edition "Kommersant". Yesterday, March 9, the Moscow city court has prolonged term [...]

Head of one of the offices of the cancer center in Obninsk became the figurant of criminal case. The doctor is suspected of extorting large bribes for carrying out operations for cancer patients. Not free medicine About the arrest of the doctor-the bribe taker said the head of the economic crimes of UMVD of the Kaluga region Sergey Krotov. Police said that the operation, which was conducted on the free quota at the cancer center sold. The bribe, according [...]

The Businessman evaded paying more than 20 million rubles in taxes, repeatedly faking its books. The investigation was arrested property of the businessman and sent his case to court. Illegal economy Director of the engineering company accused of tax evasion committed in especially large size. According to investigators, a businessman in 2012 and 2013 repeatedly made in the tax return [...]

Worker stole several dozen of plastic Windows, doors and window sills. For abuse of his official position the man went to prison for 2.5 years. The acquisition of jurisdiction the Crime was committed in the city of Maikop of the Adygeia Republic. Foreman repair and construction Department Adyghe state University has decided that it is not enough to pay and stole metal products purchased by the University for repair work in excess of 7 [...]

Located in the colony, the caretaker of the cemetery in Ekaterinburg brought another charge of bribery. The man risks an additional term to the already awarded him 8 years in prison. Dear land of the cemetery Before the court of the cemetery caretaker to answer the charge of receiving a bribe by the official. In March last year and charged with the same crime the man was sentenced to [...]

The Head of the city of Prokopyevsk was found guilty of abuse of office. The man turned to her friend 2.4 million rubles from the city budget for the purchase of apartments. Sentenced, but not shrunken Before the court, the mayor Valery Garanin appeared on charges of abuse of office. The investigation proved that the officer had ordered the transfer of on account of his familiar women of 2.4 million rubles from the city [...]

In St. Petersburg against two traffic police officers suspected of receiving a bribe, a criminal case, according to the regional IBS. The version of the investigation materials of the case on 19 August 2016 in Krasnoselsky district inspectors of traffic police the senior Lieutenant of police Alexander Sevastyanov, Vladimir Kulchenkov demanded and received from a local resident 36 thousand rubles. The money was to pay for not bringing to [...]

Inspector of Department on educational work of a corrective colony is suspected of receiving bribes, which he took for the transfer to the territory of a sensitive facility prohibited items. About it informs SK the Russian Federation across Krasnoyarsk Krai. The version of the investigation According to the preliminary version, 28-the summer inspector of Department on educational work with convicts of fku IK-7 GUFSIN Rossii po krasnoyarskomu KRAYU, serving in the penal colony [...]

Ex-head of the Department of the military Commissariat Renat Abdulin and the former head of one of the branches of the military enlistment office Andrey Fomenko will stand trial for taking bribes in exchange for exemption from service and issue certificates. It is reported by the regional RF IC. The version of the investigation According to the investigation, in February last year the chief of Department of the military Commissariat of the Omsk region, the city of Tara, Tara and Kolosovska [...]

Former Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner asked the court to stop the investigation against her, said in a written statement handed to the judge during questioning. About it reports TASS. "I ask that the decision was made to dismiss, in which I charged," reads the document. It is noted that Kirchner was the victim of judicial and media persecution, [...]

Against a member of mamontovskiy district Council of people's deputies of the Altai region opened a criminal case about swindle in especially large size for the sum more than 11 million rubles. About it reports the local edition of AMITEL with reference to the SU TFR. The version of the investigation According to investigators, in the period from 2012 to 2016 Deputy, as Chairman of the road-building co-op, persuaded his subordinates [...]