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Joseph Gordon-Levitt for the second time (after 2013 film "the passion of don Juan") returns to the directing chair to put on the musical with Channing Tatum (and themselves) in the lead roles. this is the adult musical Comedy Wingmen at Universal studios. Gordon-Levitt and screenwriter of "Macho and nerdy" Michael Bacall last year came up with the idea for the film. the Plot

Robert Rodriguez ("sin City", "Machete") is considered the main contender for directing the remake of the movie "Escape from new York" (Escape From New York). No formal arrangements at the moment, but the filmmaking is very interested. the Director of the original film in 1981, John carpenter will serve as Executive producer. The script of the remake

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Director Brett Ratner recognized the clear and present danger that uhaydakayut the entire film industry. get Ready for a mind-blowing truth: the Worst thing that happened with the cinematic culture, is the website Rotten Tomatoes. I believe that it destroys our business. I incredibly appreciate real criticism, in my time, criticism was an art. There was really educated

The Board of Directors of Disney has extended the contract of CEO Bob iger until 2 July 2019. His position Mr. iger is already eleven years, during which time capitalization of Disney grew from $ 46 billion to 177 billion, and shareholder returns increased by 448%. Yes, he is doing quite well. Inspired by iger told about the nearest plans: We start to discuss

Haim Saban is founder of Saban Entertainment — told about plans for the franchise after the release of "power Rangers" : we already Have the story arc into six parts. If coming March 24, the film is successful, then March 25 will hold a meeting to discuss the history of the second part. the plot tells the story of five ordinary teenagers who has become something

It Seems that Sony really expands the universe of spider-Man, where there would be no spider-Man (you can call this universe "the extended oxymoron-universe"). In October next year it should be "venom" and now begins active development of a separate film about the Silver sable and Black cat. Earlier on the script worked Lisa joy (TV series "the World

The Hollywood Reporter writes that the casting of the cable for the "Deadpool 2" there is a leader — actor Michael Shannon ("man of steel"). Yes, the one and only General zod of our generation (until rebooted). There are replacement options, including David harbour (episode "Very strange things"), and other actors, but Shannon has a big advantage. Shannon

And the film's Director James Gunn as it should have proagitirovat for IMAX: Familiar with my approach, the audience has long been aware that IMAX is best suited for viewing "Guardians". I personally oversee the conversion to 3D, working on every frame, and only in IMAX we change the screen format during a large-scale scenes and you see 30% more, than in all other theaters. Many films relate to such

Edition Tracking Board reports that in Hollywood interviews new hot topic — rough draft script of the film "Princesses" (Princesses). Brilliant description of the idea is as follows: the female version of "the Avengers" with the classic fairytale princesses. Research of Paniri ("Extract") wrote the script, which promote David Boxerbaum and Jake

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Also the film's Director James Gunn in an interview with Empire Magazine said that the Ego Is a Living planet is the greatest special effect in the history of special effects, they say, it is more than a trillion polygons. Analogues such was not. Of course, when this character takes the form of Kurt Russell, polygons are no longer needed.

Paramount Pictures, Bad Robot found actors for the main roles in the supernatural Thriller overlord (Overlord). Alas, the story requires protagonists are male, but they made the most diversified along racial lines. In short, one hero will play Jovan, Adepo (series "Left behind"), and the other is Wyatt Russell (series "Black mirror"). the Main

Chris Evans (not pictured) and Haley Bennett ("the Girl on the train") trying to get into the film Red Sea Diving Resort. Writer and Director of the project is Gideon raff, Executive producer of the series "Tyrant". the center of the story — the operation to rescue Ethiopian Jews in 1981. The seventh Prime Minister of Israel Menachem begin in 1979 asked

Robert Downey Jr. ("Iron man," "Sherlock Holmes") signed up for the new franchise, agreeing to play the main role in the film "the Voyage of doctor Doolittle" (The Voyage of Doctor Dolittle). a Movie based on a series of children's books by Hugh Lofting tells of the adventures of doctor who can talk to animals (it must be so-so superpowers