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Fashion for Christmas toys also exists. Every year in the sale there is something new.If you have an older, solid-color new year toys, you can give them the brightness and novelty! The easiest way to decorate the Christmas ball is to decorate it using beads of different diameter and color. Step-by-step master class: Christmas decor ball colorful beads with her hands. Materials and [...] Record Idea: Christmas decor ball multi-colored beads appeared first on .

Sometimes globally to update the interior have neither the strength nor the means. But have you ever wondered what fresh developments in the situation, you can bring without spending a fortune and heaps of time? Look at the ideas for home decor. [contents] Certainly much of what is proposed you will be able to implement, and absolutely free, purely out of scrap materials. So what will revive the atmosphere [...] Record Master-class craft for the home with their hands first appeared .

Scandinavian style is considered one of the most practical areas of interior design and architecture. The strangeness of the ideas of its implementation is not too complicated construction, which makes such projects demand. [contents] House in Scandinavian style – is a succinct composition, functional components, the traditional simple forms. It displays great specificity of Northern life, with its regularity, the maximum affinity for the outdoors, frugal [...] Record the Country house in Scandinavian style first appeared .

The Hassle of building a child's always pleasant, especially if the agenda is making the girls ' apartment. Oh, how I want to design the nursery for girls is exclusive and extraordinary! [table of contents] To the interior turned out beautiful and practical, you will need to find a theme is the Central idea caught on which to develop the theme. Standard room, can be turned at least [...] Record the child's room Design for girls 9-12 years first appeared .

Faced with the need of furnishing the interior space of your home, each of us trying to find him something that would help create at the same time and high-quality living environment and fill it with a non-trivial atmosphere of peaceful rest. To solve successfully the assigned tasks, implementing Japanese interior style. [content] This direction is sometimes difficult to understand on an intuitive level, but to deny him [...] Record the Minimalism of the interior in the Japanese style appeared first .

Vacation home... no Matter how big or small it is important that in life there is a place where you can escape from the bustle of the city. [contents] How to use existing home – owners decide for themselves. Some given weekends and holidays, and some of them thoroughly, staying out of town in the winter. Naturally to have the desire to go back again and again, [...] Record Ideas and styles of the interior of a country house first appeared .

To Keep plants in the house are not against a mistress. Why? They fill the room with pure oxygen, is removed from room air carbon dioxide than the apartments provide a healthy microclimate. Besides flowering cacti, orchids, hibiscus simply beautiful. [content] But have you ever thought about what green friends can become a full-fledged decorative element? They the role of aesthetic interior [...] Record the Types of cactus for home decor appeared first on .

To create the store that sell the atmosphere, to make it recognizable and desirable enough to deliver an interesting product and supplying reasonable prices. Then you need to think over its interior. Competent design clothing store will solve half of the issues of business promotion. [content] Naturally, the interior solution must bind to the product specificity and consumer audience. So what is to follow [...] Record Important details of the design of the clothing store first appeared .

Glass as an element of interior decor? This boring, nondescript, unremarkable, except for the transparency, the surface? And why not? Of course not in its original form, and after some refinement, but it can become a gorgeous decoration for stylish composition. [contents] What do you want? Just make a pattern on glass. And here it is not necessary to have artistic talent. [...] Record glass Painting stained glass paints first appeared .

Wicker furniture is attractive in all respects for both small cottages and a luxury cottage. Stop the choice on the artificial rattan and experience the beauty, comfort and functionality perfectly coexist alongside. Easy, low maintenance outdoor furniture are resistant to fading, moisture, high and low temperatures, can last for more than half a century. Examples of arrangement of various areas will help you to create your own [...] the Record construction of the country house and cottages garden furniture made of artificial rattan first appeared .

Detailed design home interior for the layman can become a challenge, where drawings and sketches are weak, help. They are not able to reproduce the picture as a whole. To cope with the task will help program for interior design. [content] the Multifunctional software gives the user of any level to independently visualize their dreams and to see firsthand what really happens [...] Record Design programs to create interior design first appeared .

Everyone wants to feel comfortable and beautiful, but to create the necessary atmosphere it is important to consider all the interior details, including home textiles. In online stores today, a wide range of home products that will make everyday life convenient, and the interior is unique and appealing. In this article we will look at the popular online site through which you can arrange [...] Record the Top 7 online stores where you can buy profitable textile accessories first appeared .

Sometimes the construction of an apartment turns into a handful, especially when its area is small, and the things it wants to place more. How to get out of this situation, to not clutter the space, and meet their requests? [content] what if you try to abandon the usual furniture and gather for a comfortable arrangement of interior shelves with your own hands? Such elements of the situation are quite [...] Record shelves Design with their hands first appeared .

Living – room in the house special, with versatile functionality. On the one hand it is a kind of business card that represents owners, on the other – a cozy corner where I love to while away the evenings households. How to combine luxury and comfort to the guests not to lose face in the dirt, and meet the needs of those who live in the house? [content] to Make the interior presentable and [...] Record the Valances in the design of the hall first came out .

Now the window the autumn, walking on the street and rustled the leaves under your feet. And you wonder what you can do of maple leaves your hands? How to make a wreath out of the ordinary? How to decorate? In this master class, detailed description of how to make a wreath on the head of autumn leaves with apples, mountain ash and satin ribbons. Materials and tools: – satin ribbon [...] Record How to make a wreath on the head of autumn leaves with apples? appeared for the first time .