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Apartments in Russia have a different layout. There are apartments, bathroom and toilet are separated and it is very convenient for all family members, especially if people live in the apartment a lot. [content] There are apartments where everything is in one room, most often it is a Studio apartment. Recent new construction apartments suggests 2 and 3 bedroom [...] Record How to care for a bathroom? appeared for the first time .

Children's room – the space original. Its interior constantly transformered and due to the fact that its owner is constantly growing, which means that it tastes and demands also change. So what should be the design of children's room for boy in different periods of his life? Let's try to prioritize. [contents] Features of the room design for boy puberty Period of becoming of the personality [...] Record the Design of children's room design for boy first appeared .

Took time to repair and you have a flat left crop from the Wallpaper? Drawing with flowers, images of animals, people, cities and countries? Do not rush to throw them! [content] Roll up and put in a separate place! Our website will tell you a lot of ideas on how to use the remnants of Wallpaper in the interior, what crafts they can make with their hands and how to upgrade [...] Record What to do with the remnants of Wallpaper: 20 useful ideas. appeared for the first time .

Country fence – the element carrying multizagruzchik. The fence suburban area is not just a question of definition designation of its borders, but also the perfection of landscape design. [contents] In the conditions of our reality it is still often needs to be protective object, giving a sense of peace and helps to create which are located on the territory with an atmosphere of serenity and happiness. It is unlikely that the house [...] Record How to choose a fence for a suburban area first appeared .

Cozy cottage in the country – is the key to a comfortable stay, so do not treat it as temporary housing. His arrangement must be approached with the soul. In this case it does not matter what size got into the possession of the plot. Lovely holiday home project today, you can find for any space. [contents] In suburban housing have a chance to make everything [...] Record the Projects of country houses and cottages first appeared .

In a suburban area, people come not only to relax but to work, but rather to plant flowers, vegetables and berries, mow and remove the grass. [contents] the Happy cottager is someone who has a different garden tools that facilitate his work on the site, and also whoever these tools are well stored and each tool can always [...] Record a List of garden tools for the garden first appeared .

The Kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house because cooking food is an integral part of our lives. Create a cozy atmosphere and a comfortable environment in the kitchen is very important, then cooking a joy and the food is delicious. [content] Lighting is a key feature in this question, it depends on the experience in the kitchen and how comfortable [...] Record Chandelier for kitchen first came out .

In hot weather is hard in the apartment, country house or at work. Warm air negatively affects human health, scatters and dulls the attention. [contents] the Pressure may rise or fall, decreasing work efficiency, because it's hard work to think, to reason, to make decisions in such circumstances. The lack of humidity harms the plants, books, musical instruments and furniture from [...] Record How to humidify the air in the room? appeared for the first time .

When talking about the beauty of the flowers consciousness somehow involves associations with representatives of land plants. But if you look, the absolute Queen of flower beds – rose – is quite worthy competitor, whose name is the Nymphaeum. Lovely the plant is settled in ponds, pools and other small bodies of water country. [contents] water Lilies, often called a flower from a fairy tale. This unique plant-the mystery [...] Record Nymphaeum in the aquarium and pond first appeared .

Conifers – the personification of beauty and nobility. They make the area where you are growing, unique and attractive, and allow her to remain in any period. [contents] Due to the vast varietal diversity of ornamental conifers ceased to be the privilege of spacious parks and settled on land modest home gardens. Who was able to win the greatest popularity among gardeners and that like the representatives of the coniferous [...] Record Conifers for garden landscape design first appeared .

Tomatoes, cucumbers, jam, honey, peaches are sold in glass jars, and what to do after using the product with the jar? [content] Banks are of different sizes, shapes and they can be used in interior design in different ways. Don't throw away a glass jar in the trash, she is not one. On our website we will describe various ideas on how [...] Record How to use glass jars in the interior? 15 ideas. appeared for the first time .

The White color has always meant, and will mean purity and lightness. But if we are talking about design, then, of course, the white color will not only mean ease and cleanliness, but also the beginning of something incredible and new. It is white, can be called the most neutral and plain color, which, despite its simplicity, as no other can better [...] Record White kitchen – what is its charm? appeared for the first time .

Home... Uttering the phrase, we understand that it has a figurative meaning, but the imagination inevitably draws the dancing glare of the fire. And this wave of warmth and coziness comes that there is an overwhelming desire to equip a fireplace in the interior of the apartment. In suburban homes this exotic device heating is not uncommon today. We can say that rarity is a cottage without the monumental [...] the Record of His Majesty – a fireplace in the interior of the apartment appeared .

In the interior of a bedroom, every detail must contribute to the peace and quality sleep. However, we should not forget that this room should be comfortable, beautiful and comfortable, because here you spend a third of your life. And that's why it's so important to find a good Wallpaper for walls in bedroom, color and texture of which is not irritated, and helped to hurry to be [...] Record the Soothing magnificence of the Wallpaper in the bedroom appeared first on .

A Large room, as we often referred to as a living room, a room in the house special. On the one hand is the place of celebrations and receptions, with another – an oasis of relaxation for the whole family. In this aspect the living room design should be made so that guests will surprise and deprived of the comfort of the household. [content] Today there are thousands of variations of ideas for decorating living room. [...][Newline]Record interior Design living room appeared first on .