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The appearance on the market of new building materials, innovative technology has allowed is to decorate any room. Loggias, balconies ceased to perform the functions of a warehouse of useless things. They have become a worthy part of the housing, and even its zest. [contents] it is Possible to radically transform this area and create excellent conditions. If the area is small, it is not an obstacle. You only need to correctly choose the design [...] Record Options modern design of a small balcony first appeared .

For many centuries, the winter gardens are considered an ideal decoration for the home. It can be called a place of a dream, because every inhabitant of the Northern region misses the fly wants at any time of the year to enjoy the warmth, the greenery, the flowering. [content] Many citizens who have decided to acquire suburban housing, choose a project home with Conservatory. This addition significantly increases the comfort, presentable cottage. [...] Record the Winter garden an oasis of beauty, inspiration and peace first appeared .

Any creative hobby brings a lot of positive emotions, allows you to realize their natural talents. In addition, these classes provide an opportunity to create an exclusive decoration for your home interior, make your own hands an original gift. [contents] One of the most popular women's hobby right now is beading. This material is used in the embroidery, making jewelry and various crafts. Can be considered a great option for beginners weave flowers [...] Record the Secrets of creating charming beaded flowers first appeared .

Spring bright sun, the rapid melting of snow, the coming of warm days encouraging not only people tired of the winter cold. These changes are a signal for a garden of plants, which had the honor to welcome the spring and the first flowers. [content] caring owners of suburban areas the opportunity to admire the results of their labors, to enjoy the wonderful landscape, decorated with buds of primroses. If your garden is not yet [...] Record Spring flowers in the garden, their types, features selections first appeared .

How to decorate Windows? Only a few can afford to rely on the designer with the task and the development of the project design, and implementation of ideas. The majority decides on the design of the window blinds on their own, and I must say, the process of searching for interesting options – employment is extremely exciting. [content] dazzled: every year new collections of textiles, original cornices and workshops of curtains [...] Record window Decoration curtains in trends 2018 first appeared .

Ideally, a bedroom is a bright and spacious room, the design of which adjusts to the tranquil mood and recuperation. However, in reality the interior bedrooms are often multifunctional. Modern bedchamber is parallel to: and children, and office and library. Such liberties in the layout require the appropriate design of a bedroom. [content] Modern personnel with a great many ideas of interior design for [...] Record the interior Design of the bedroom with his hands photo first appeared .

Design bedrooms rare. In addition to incorrect configuration, the room can be provided for multiple Windows. If you are lucky enough to be the owner of the apartment with such delicacy, try to use it for good. [content] Sophisticated bedroom design with two Windows will make the room aesthetically attractive and practically comfortable. How? But with this and try to understand in detail. Attention, [...] Record design, interior Design and zoning bedroom with two Windows first appeared .

Tired of tripping over abandoned in the hallway of shoes? Think about the Shoe Cabinet. [contents] to Acquire it a must, otherwise this Shoe mess will never end. Modern manufacturers offer these accessories in a wide variety of interpretations, but to become a fully-fledged part of the interior, make a shelf for shoes with his hands. I think it's too much for you task? Unlikely. You simply [...] Record How to make a shelf for shoes with his hands first appeared .

Hall is the center of a small universe, home, room, which has sometimes a lot of functions, including mission business cards at home. [contents] to Present your life best will help the right interior design. It is important is everything: furniture, accessories, and textiles. But, most importantly, carefully select the design of Wallpaper for the hall. Luxury [...] the Record Modern Wallpaper design for hall first appeared .

... Process consider the scope for self-expression and demonstration of creativity, but in reality is a continuous dilemma. [contents] we must suffer over the selection of materials and technologies. Why not make it easy? Remember this good old design technique as painting walls in the apartment. The solution is more than modern, allowing not just quickly refresh the atmosphere, and [...] Record Examples of painting walls in the apartment first appeared .

Textile – finishing touch in the interior design of any room, therefore necessary, the correctness of his choice out. [content] But how to choose curtains for interior so that they harmonize with the environment and emphasized its splendor, and did not spoil the impression of a stylistic decision room? In this question there are a lot of nuances, knowledge of which will help to cope with the task [...] Record How to choose curtains for interior first appeared .

The Photo – something unique. It's not just a picture, it is a part of my life. When you look at the memory raises from the depths of a whole heap of memories. [content] looking at a photo album you can spend a pleasant evening. From the electronic versions of collections photo never wait such warmth and excitement. Besides, in case of breakage of the gadget images, you can permanently lose. [...] Record How, step by step to make a photo book with their hands first appeared .

Photos... They keep the most interesting moments of our lives. How do you save these images? It is best to enclose them in a frame and placed in a prominent place. [content] But unusual and appropriate to the stylistic design of the room accessories can cost a lot of money. And to find truly exclusive model frame is likely to be difficult. Can be assembled to frame your [...] Record photo frames made of paper, cardboard and scrap materials with your hands first appeared .