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Spruce can be considered the best material for the design of the site landscape. This tree will be a real decoration of the garden or the local area. [content] will It make them vibrant, expressive and aesthetic. This evergreen beauty, as canadian spruce, all became a godsend and a lifesaver for professionals in landscape design. It is no worse than Norway spruce in the photo that we used to see in advertising [...] Record of Canadian spruce in our landscapes: rocks and photo first appeared .

Having lodged in your house of flowers, you assume the responsibility for their welfare. Care they require is different, but in one aspect of the plant is one – they need quality and sufficient lighting. [content] Especially sharply this question rises in the autumn and winter. Daylight is so short that, even putting flower pots on the South window, you will not be able to provide [...] Record plant lights – bulbs and lights first appeared .

Water Lily, nymphea, the water Lily is the Queen of the backwaters by many names. She is always welcome country landscapes, only some plants in the Nymphaeum to revive the pond, while others are setting up ponds to settle it this unearthly beauty. [content] Content of plants is not particularly problematic, so make friends with them is not difficult, but there are some nuances, [...] Record Planting, care, breeding, and wintering water lilies first appeared .