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In search of original, eye-catching design of window, doorway, many pay attention to the structure of the suspensions. In a contemporary range of curtains offers many different options. Products different materials, shades, design style. There is a possibility to choose curtains tassels at the doorway or at the window, guided by the specifics of the interior, personal preference. These designs can become a worthy decoration of the interior, it [...] Record Curtains with tassels in modern interiors appeared for the first time .

, If you want to make the interior of the house notes the novelty and exotic look to the finishing materials that mimic the different natural textures. Stone, wood veneer looks traditional, what can be said about the original Wallpapers under the skin. All the secrets of fabulous looking wall coverings are the ability of the decorators to create paintings with a plausible imitation of the skin of any animal, be it a rare leopard or [...] Record Wallpapers under the skin: how to apply wall coverings with exotic colors and unique textures first appeared .

Brand Royal Küchen has just entered the Russian market. The dishes can be purchased in the network of shops "Magnet" taking part in the action: to collect stickers and redeem the dishes with a nice discount. Perfect cover cookware, what is it? Kitchenware has the following advantages: On each of the pans features five-layer non-stick coating, and, unlike cast iron or cast pans, this cookware weighs much [...] Record Everything you need to know about Royal Kuchen pans — cookware perfect for any kitchen interior first appeared .

Is the Transformation of children as they grow older Housewives. Room decoration for teenage girls requires a responsible approach. During this period the child needs a private area, fully meets the personal requirements for comfort. The important point is the decoration of the walls, which should be a perfect background for furniture and decorations. Modern range allows you to choose beautiful Wallpaper for teen girls, make the room cozy, attractive. Features [...] the Entry Rules for the choice of Wallpaper for the teen room first appeared .

Corner sofas in demand and popular among consumers. Install them, usually in living rooms. This is the best interior solution, as this item of upholstered furniture is a successful combination of functionality and beauty. A corner sofa is often used by professional interior designers for the zoning of the internal space. Use it for recreation, and for sleep. Almost all relevant today [...] Record Corner and their role in modern interiors appeared for the first time .

What's in the house creates a special mood and makes it unique cozy? Right, good colour design of the rooms. Today there are many universal colors with a rich palette of shades that can help you not just beautiful to decorate the space, but also to emphasize its stylishness, but the peach Wallpaper in the interior are unrivalled. This background hardly be called simple, as it is very demanding to the choice of furnishings and [...] Record the Peach Wallpaper in the interior first appeared .

Amazingly functional, comfortable, refined aesthetic – so it now looks like the living room interior in style of minimalism. Being the closest relative of the high-tech, it boasts a unique balance of sophistication situation and the ergonomics of the space. This allows you to recreate the room in a unique decoration, in a large country mansions and modest urban apartment. Want to live in a house with original modern situation? This article [...] Record the Interior of the living room in a minimalist style first appeared .

With the aim of creating aesthetically beautiful window decoration that can fill the surrounding space with romance notes, spring splendor during the period of natural flowering, it is important to use pink curtains in the interior. When interacting with sunlight gentle draping illuminate the room a warm marshmallow glow, charging others a positive. Curtains with extraordinarily fabulous in color, symbolizing love, seamlessly integrates into the situation the girl's of children's rooms, women's [...] Record Pink curtains in the interior: modification of window draperies with a floral palette first came out .

Traditional kitchen design in the Japanese style combines two ideas, it would seem, quite the opposite. However, they harmoniously coexisted for centuries in Japanese art. We will focus on Zen Buddhism and Shinto religious movements that led the Europeans to overestimate the standards of modern architecture. The values of Zen Buddhism and Shinto influenced the appearance of the kitchen in a Japanese house. Aesthetic perfection the interior was attractive for Europeans. What impresses us the original [...] Record the Philosophy and design of the kitchen in the Japanese style appeared first .

Lighting plays an important role in interior design: gives expressive shape and decoration of pieces of furniture, selects certain functional areas, provides variable lighting scenarios. About ceiling spots, it is advisable to get out because of their unique ability to convene a highly directional lighting. Their functionalism is fully consistent with the translation of the word "spot" in English: they manage to create a brightly lit spot, or a point close [...] Record Ceiling spots: a new era of lighting with the introduction of a point system lighting first appeared .

In a country house it is wise to start with the ceiling finish in the country. Then there is not the inconvenience associated with the need to protect walls and floor from the effects of the finishing works. The design of the upper part of the room will create a baseline picture of the interior, which is easy to pick the winning designs of the walls, floor, door and window openings. If housing conditions the choice of design is limited to a small area [...] Record ceiling Decoration in the country: the intricacies of a variety of sheathing, veneer and decoration first appeared .

Finish office space requires the selection of cladding materials that are able to attract the customers by the original design, to please the administration practicality, to create a working environment for employees. Wall panels in the interior of the office flawlessly perform these utilitarian and ornamental objectives. The abundance variations of plaster, wood, plastic, Plexiglas allow you to organize cozy work space conducive to high performance. Due to the large-format plates of different design will be able to create a presentable appearance the interior trim of any business center that combines a lot of office space. [...] Record Wall panels in the interior office design solutions for multi-use spectacular wall decor appeared first on .

If you want to create grandiose decorations for Windows the best choice would be French curtains. Lush pleats along the curtain fabric form a gorgeous look of the window attire. This elegant drapery from ancient times adorn the Palace apartments, the interiors of the mansions of the elite, Banquet halls, restaurants, halls and stage theatres. Broad scope a great-looking textile products is the main reason for the popularity [...] Record French curtains: how outrageous draping Windows and basic tailoring luxury window furniture first appeared .

The aim of the competition: popularization of the profession of architect, designer, decorator, encouraging innovative ideas, attracting the attention of potential customers to the projects and authors with the aim of further cooperation. The founder and organizer of the contest is MTK "GRAND". To participate in the competition invited architects, designers, decorators, technicians, design organizations, design bureaus, industrial enterprises, construction companies, design studios and workshops, students and teachers of Universities and [...] Record the Conditions of competition GRAND AWARD INTERIOR. Spring 2019 first appeared .

On 20 April in Moscow to start the Exhibition of sofas in the Furniture center "GRAND", which will showcase the latest European trends in design and interior decoration. According to tradition, in the framework of the exhibition "GRAND" organizes a rich program of events. April 23 will be opening a flagship salon furniture Villeroy & Boch – the first Russian salon furniture. Classic elegance, innovative [...] Record Maestro of design in Moscow. The lecture of the founder of "Memphis", Massimo Iosa Ghini in MTK "Grand" first appeared .