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Parents understand what an important role in education, child development play book. From an early age baby sold poems, stories. They are replaced with interesting stories, exciting adventure works, etc. as a result, the child gradually accumulated a solid library. You need to provide it with convenient storage. Collection of books can become a decoration for the nursery, if you correctly choose the design option. To find the best [...] Record storage Options of books in the children's room first appeared .

Comfortable bathroom can significantly improve the quality of life. Quality charge of vivacity and good mood in the morning, relax before going to sleep can reduce the negative impact of daily stress, to maintain health. The idea of the perfect interior of the room at everyone. One need maximum comfort, while others prefer to enjoy the luxury. If you want to make it a model of elegance, Royal splendor, view photos of marble [...] Record the Noble marble interior of the bathroom first appeared .

For fans of unusual design solutions using innovations in interior fashion optimally suited to modern stylistic trends. Bathroom high-tech style – the most comfortable room for washing, based on the principles of constructivism and embodied technological progress. There is no place for curved lines of font with gold-plated legs and plumbing with platinum plating. Strict geometric lines, impeccable proportions, blinding the Shine of chrome [...] Record the Bathroom in the style of hi-tech: recommendations for the development of high-tech interior first appeared .

Each person has an individual idea of the perfect comfort. One for enjoying the coziness you want the atmosphere of luxury, while others give preference to the most comfortable setting, allowing to estimate the warmth of the hearth. There is a third category of consumers, which attract unusual and interesting solutions that guarantee interior originality, originality. For them, the excellent option is to design a bathtub in the loft. [contents] Features [...] Record the Original bathroom design in loft style first appeared .

In the design of a bathroom, special attention is paid to color selection. In this room is quite difficult to use decorative elements, techniques, allowing you to modify it. Shades finishes, furniture perform these functions, decorate the room, provide it with a certain mood. If you want to give the interior elegance and sophistication, you should pay attention to the photos of the baths in turquoise. This range is perfect for [...] Record the Sophisticated design of the bathroom in turquoise first appeared .

Each nation has its own traditions of ablution. If the Europeans are used to start and end the day with a contrast shower, enacted in minutes, in Arabic and Asian countries, the bathing – long ritual. Bath in the Oriental style is very different from the traditional image of the room where decided to perform bath treatments. Here there is a fabulous atmosphere with a magical atmosphere, created [...] Record bath in the Oriental style: a diverse design possibilities of the interior with the austere modesty and luxury Bohemian first appeared .

Since ancient times exquisite frescoes were used in the decorations of palaces and mansions of nobles, and temples. Currently this wonderful art form is experiencing a new birth. Interest in the respectable, unique the décor is growing rapidly throughout the world. Incredible glamour wall images interior guarantees maximum appeal. Many believe that this technique is appropriate only for the stylish living rooms or bedrooms. [...] Record Exquisite frescoes decorating the kitchen interior first appeared .

In the last century comfort in a small kitchen could provide one outlet for a spacious interior, it was enough of a pair of current sources. Today the interior of the kitchen is the center of household appliances, this space has become a major consumer of electricity. Modern woman assists a number of devices that need electricity. The correct location of the outlets in the kitchen is a prerequisite for safe and easy use [...] Record Recommendations for placing outlets in the kitchen first appeared .

Making a living often requires the use of non-standard and interesting solutions. Various design techniques allow advantageously adjust the room, give it character, which corresponds exactly to the purpose, and brighter to Express the style. In creating such interiors can participate not only finishing materials, furniture. Do not leave without attention and the striking architectural elements. Extraordinary attractive, for example, look arch in the living room. These [...] Record the Arches in the stylish interiors of modern living rooms appeared first on .

Often in the design of the main room of the house priority is given to bright hues. This technique allows you to visually expand the room to give her space. However, not always this is optimal. If the room is a place of solitude, you need to create an intimate atmosphere or a good environment for intellectual work, living room in dark color is a great solution. [contents] Features interior in dark colors [...] Record of Stylish, comfortable living room in dark colors first appeared .

To make a living takes into account the many nuances. The room should ideally perform a practical purpose, have an attractive appearance appropriate to the status of this room. Often in modern apartments it includes several zones, which complicates the creation of a functional and beautiful interior. Perfectly cope with this task can living room in modern style. This design ensures comfort, according to fashion trends. Modern yesterday and [...] Record the Functionality and harmony of the living room in the modern style first appeared .

To Equip the hall, where at the same time has a cozy private area with the soothing aura and amazing-looking representative environment for welcoming visitors at home, really with proper selection of colors. Living room in brown tones in every design emphasizes the respectability of the interior, charges the atmosphere is warm natural energy. [content] gradation of brown are so diverse that the audience can stand in the way of the Palace [...] Record Lounge in brown tones: effective ways to design the room with inspiring natural aura first appeared .

In finding easy solutions for kitchen interior design is worth a closer look to the noble shades of brown. The kitchen in chocolate tones can be performed in historical and contemporary design style. Features rich natural tones balanced look at the background of almost all colors of the rainbow. [content] an Abundance of chocolate paints the picture of kitchen interior looks dynamic, original and extremely [...] Record Kitchen in chocolate tones: the embodiments of the dreams of gourmets and a sweet tooth first came out .

The kitchen specific practical purpose. The main criterion in its design is ease of cooking and eating. But this does not mean that the attractiveness of the interior does not need to pay attention to. A beautiful kitchen gives a good mood, stimulates the desire to create culinary masterpieces, it provides a pleasant atmosphere during the meals. An important moment in the attraction of the interior is the color scheme. It has a significant [...] Record Exquisite kitchen interior in purple hues first appeared .

In the selection window decoration for kitchen space is important to consider not only the style of interior design, but the features of the microclimate of the premises. Choosing curtains for the kitchen – a complex task that requires a detailed study of operational properties of different fabrics and their decoration. [content] the Curtains in the dining area carry out numerous utilitarian and aesthetic objectives. A beautifully designed piece airy fabrics protect [...] Record Selection of curtains for kitchen: variations of curtains, their ability to model and decorate the interior first appeared .