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Technique scrapbooking appeared almost five centuries ago. But today this method is popular with creative people who prefer the original solution. Through this technique, everyone can make a unique postcard, which will be an exclusive gift that will provide positive emotions to the recipient. This kind of creativity is simplicity and accessibility, but provides unlimited possibilities. Your handmade card scrapbooking technique in [...] Record Technique scrapbooking to creating cards with their hands first appeared .

If necessary to radically modify the appearance of the hall, where you can proudly invite guests for interior design is to choose moderately bright solid-looking color. Stylish Burgundy lounge will captivate any pomp, nobility and richness of colorful shades. A non-trivial atmosphere, theatrical surroundings, the illusion of dynamics, the uniqueness of the situation – the result of realization of a bold venture for the development of the hall Burgundy colors. [content] the colorful [...] Record Stylish Burgundy living room: the hit of the fall season appeared first on .

The Bedroom has a specific practical purpose. This is the room in which it is necessary to create conditions for qualitative pleasant holiday. Full comfort allows you to relax, disconnect from everyday worries and regain strength. Have modern trends such as minimalism, high-tech, there are certain advantages. But brevity is not to everyone's liking. Many choose for the bedroom, more intimate options. High popularity now enjoys [...] Record the Maximum comfortable bedrooms in rural style first appeared .

In a typical multi-story apartment houses of the Soviet construction are often found a long narrow living rooms that will require either redevelopment of all the rooms, or a properly sized design. If you can not tear down walls, expanding interior space, then you need to choose the right interior long and narrow living room. For this you need to familiarize yourself with the stylistic tricks that known practicing interior designers. They are, incidentally, called [...] the Record Modern design long and narrow living room appeared first on .

In most homes the living room is not only a place of recreation for the whole family, but also a kind of "calling card". In its interior visitors appreciate the taste, status, and priorities of the owners. Traditional design options can provide the harmony, presentable. But now more valued originality, innovative, interesting ideas. Brick wall in interior living room may be the highlight, to give the design individual character. [content] Compelling [...] Record the Brick wall – the highlight of modern living first appeared .

Every year the changing trends of interior fashion, try to the bath and more new and unexpected images. Temporary popular interior composition with pistachio, ultramarine, powdery, ochre, ultramarine, emerald dominant. Despite all attempts to change the color of the leader, unchanged for many centuries, and remains the choice of the bath in brown tones. Color of wood, have been tested for practicality, the ability to create [...] Record bath in shades of brown: the idea of creating harmonious interiors first appeared .

Studio, one-bedroom apartment provides a good comfort to one person. It is possible to create ideal comfort for couples, equipped with a cozy nest for couples in love. Significant difficulties arise, if the apartment will be occupied by a child. There is a need to equip the apartment so that to provide comfort, given the children's and adults ' needs and interests. Modern furniture, finishing materials, technologies allow to create [...] Record the Design of one-bedroom apartments for families with child first appeared .

Not in vain, psychologists recommend to pay special attention to the creation of the interior in the bathroom. This room plays an important role in maintaining the physical and mental state. It provides the conditions for hygiene, gives a charge of vivacity and good mood in the morning, preparing to sleep in the evening. It is not only important to choose the right plumbing equipment for maximum convenience, but also to create an appropriate atmosphere. [...] Record the Optimal choice, location of the light in the bathroom first appeared .

Parents understand what an important role in education, child development play book. From an early age baby sold poems, stories. They are replaced with interesting stories, exciting adventure works, etc. as a result, the child gradually accumulated a solid library. You need to provide it with convenient storage. Collection of books can become a decoration for the nursery, if you correctly choose the design option. To find the best [...] Record storage Options of books in the children's room first appeared .

Comfortable bathroom can significantly improve the quality of life. Quality charge of vivacity and good mood in the morning, relax before going to sleep can reduce the negative impact of daily stress, to maintain health. The idea of the perfect interior of the room at everyone. One need maximum comfort, while others prefer to enjoy the luxury. If you want to make it a model of elegance, Royal splendor, view photos of marble [...] Record the Noble marble interior of the bathroom first appeared .

For fans of unusual design solutions using innovations in interior fashion optimally suited to modern stylistic trends. Bathroom high-tech style – the most comfortable room for washing, based on the principles of constructivism and embodied technological progress. There is no place for curved lines of font with gold-plated legs and plumbing with platinum plating. Strict geometric lines, impeccable proportions, blinding the Shine of chrome [...] Record the Bathroom in the style of hi-tech: recommendations for the development of high-tech interior first appeared .

Each person has an individual idea of the perfect comfort. One for enjoying the coziness you want the atmosphere of luxury, while others give preference to the most comfortable setting, allowing to estimate the warmth of the hearth. There is a third category of consumers, which attract unusual and interesting solutions that guarantee interior originality, originality. For them, the excellent option is to design a bathtub in the loft. [contents] Features [...] Record the Original bathroom design in loft style first appeared .

In the design of a bathroom, special attention is paid to color selection. In this room is quite difficult to use decorative elements, techniques, allowing you to modify it. Shades finishes, furniture perform these functions, decorate the room, provide it with a certain mood. If you want to give the interior elegance and sophistication, you should pay attention to the photos of the baths in turquoise. This range is perfect for [...] Record the Sophisticated design of the bathroom in turquoise first appeared .

Each nation has its own traditions of ablution. If the Europeans are used to start and end the day with a contrast shower, enacted in minutes, in Arabic and Asian countries, the bathing – long ritual. Bath in the Oriental style is very different from the traditional image of the room where decided to perform bath treatments. Here there is a fabulous atmosphere with a magical atmosphere, created [...] Record bath in the Oriental style: a diverse design possibilities of the interior with the austere modesty and luxury Bohemian first appeared .

Since ancient times exquisite frescoes were used in the decorations of palaces and mansions of nobles, and temples. Currently this wonderful art form is experiencing a new birth. Interest in the respectable, unique the décor is growing rapidly throughout the world. Incredible glamour wall images interior guarantees maximum appeal. Many believe that this technique is appropriate only for the stylish living rooms or bedrooms. [...] Record Exquisite frescoes decorating the kitchen interior first appeared .