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In finding easy solutions for kitchen interior design is worth a closer look to the noble shades of brown. The kitchen in chocolate tones can be performed in historical and contemporary design style. Features rich natural tones balanced look at the background of almost all colors of the rainbow. [content] an Abundance of chocolate paints the picture of kitchen interior looks dynamic, original and extremely [...] Record Kitchen in chocolate tones: the embodiments of the dreams of gourmets and a sweet tooth first came out .

The kitchen specific practical purpose. The main criterion in its design is ease of cooking and eating. But this does not mean that the attractiveness of the interior does not need to pay attention to. A beautiful kitchen gives a good mood, stimulates the desire to create culinary masterpieces, it provides a pleasant atmosphere during the meals. An important moment in the attraction of the interior is the color scheme. It has a significant [...] Record Exquisite kitchen interior in purple hues first appeared .

In the selection window decoration for kitchen space is important to consider not only the style of interior design, but the features of the microclimate of the premises. Choosing curtains for the kitchen – a complex task that requires a detailed study of operational properties of different fabrics and their decoration. [content] the Curtains in the dining area carry out numerous utilitarian and aesthetic objectives. A beautifully designed piece airy fabrics protect [...] Record Selection of curtains for kitchen: variations of curtains, their ability to model and decorate the interior first appeared .

The Choice of finishing materials for kitchen design must be implemented, taking into account the specifics of the environment created in the room. It is impossible to avoid such negative effects as increased temperature and humidity, dripping water, fat, and various contaminants. In the room regularly damp cleaning using chemicals. Strength, resistance of materials to external influences are important criteria. But their appeal deserves [...] Record the Use of lining in the design of the kitchen interior first appeared .

Many owners of country houses, cottages for permanent residence equip their homes with attics. This design feature has several obvious advantages. Modern technologies allow to create the loft of any configuration, to provide her with an excellent functional and aesthetic performance. The majority of the improvement put into the design of future buildings. But if necessary, you can convert the attic into a full living room [...] Record Roofs, on mansard in private houses first appeared .

In the Central, Northern regions, flat roofs are not the most popular option. In the winter months, such a roof will accumulate snow, there is a risk of damage to, leaking of the coating. Therefore, in the construction of private houses are used in the majority of slope designs. But now the projects of houses with flat roofs have become popular. They attract creative, contemporary design, extraordinary architectural solutions. High strength [...] Record Characteristics of houses with flat roofs, their advantages and disadvantages first appeared .

The lack of space in the dining and kitchen area, it is important to make global alterations to the apartment or home. Getting rid of the partition between the entrance hall, you can greatly expand the boundaries of the multipurpose room. Design solutions for kitchen combined with a corridor, enable you to create a feeling of space and significantly improve the convenience of multi-purpose room for cooking, dining, secluded relaxation and meetings with guests. [content] comfortable [...] Record of Decision for the kitchen combined with a corridor: effective ways to optimize your small space appeared for the first time .

The Convenience of preparation of food and comfort during the meals depends on the correct positioning of functional areas. Knowing how to arrange the kitchen furniture, you can create an ergonomic space where everything necessary for cooking and performing the household task is at hand. When building a multi-purpose room, it is important to choose the right layout headset, dining group, bar counters and other [...] Record How to arrange the kitchen furniture: effective ways of modernization of the space, tricks of the interior design first appeared .

When carrying out repairs in the bathroom, many people clean bathrooms and a bulky set instead of modern showers. Now in the plumbing shop offers a huge selection of shower trays, so everyone will be able to purchase the most suitable model given the size and shape of the product. In addition to these characteristics should be taken into [...] Record What you need to know about shower tray: material, description of how to do with their hands first appeared .

Approaching holiday or celebration, and you still do not have a decent gift? Make it his own. It will take quite a bit of time, and the effect it will produce is phenomenal. But that will present a unique chance to demonstrate his affection for the man and will be truly memorable souvenir? Yes, almost everything: box, photo album, bead tree, but it is faster and easier [...] Record How to make handmade pop-up cards for birthday, March 8 or February 23 first appeared .

The Rapid development of technologies provides regular emergence of new materials in the construction market. One of the novelties, immediately won high popularity, is self-leveling floor. First its obvious advantages have been valued by builders and professional designers. Coatings are widely used in industrial premises, public buildings, became one of the most fashionable elements of home interiors. The majority are equipped with self-leveling floors in the kitchen. The specifics of the [...] Record self-Leveling floor in the kitchen, the benefits, design capabilities first appeared .

The Popularity of studios is growing rapidly. Their specificity fully corresponds to requirements of modern man. Stressful pace of life makes the design of housing to combine two principles: comfort and maximum functionality. The layout of the studios there are no unnecessary details, for practical purposes, can be used every meter of the area. Such housing are many obvious advantages, and that led to a high demand for studios in [...] Record the Layout and design of modern Studio apartment first appeared .

Kitchen space has a fiery energy. Here constantly there are various culinary processes, for dinner roughly discussed the events of the day. Kitchen with cream is able to calm the passionate surrounding aura, bringing notes of serenity and natural grace. Soft pastel colors, prevailing in the interior, perfectly relaxes, improves the mood of others during cloudy weather outside. [content] looking Delicious creamy tone flawlessly [...] Record Kitchen with cream: methods of forming noble palette for interior design first appeared .

, If you want to make kitchen space more reasonable to look at the details of the situation with luxurious-looking upholstery. Leather furniture in the interior of the kitchen in every design, looks luxury and presentable. [content] Respectable covering the Seating area or sofa will create in the dining area and aristocratic atmosphere in the manner of decoration of the Palace refectory halls. Massive colorful seats or an elegant bar chairs with lacquered [...] Record Leather furniture in a kitchen: how to use frills furniture industry first appeared .

The Granite it did not take much time to gain popularity. Hardly appeared on the market, this material is not only found its niche, but pushed in the consumer rating traditional, proven finishes. The rapid growth in demand due to the obvious advantages of porcelain stoneware. [contents] High resistance to various influences allows to use the material in areas with complex operating conditions. One of these [...] Record the Use of granite in kitchen design appeared for the first time .