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Lovers of luxury, glamor should not be limited to design of magnificent living, the Royal bedrooms. Worthy decoration of the house can become a gourmet in the gold style. Modern technologies and materials allow to create in this room extraordinary, interesting interior, to provide her with incredible charm. Golden shades are universal. They can be used in both classical and contemporary styles. Fashion welcomes the chic, interior [...] Record Exclusive chic Golden cuisine, secrets of design, first appeared .

Currently, the flower of Kalanchoe many lovers of flora are grown at home. Such popularity of plant is directly related to its medicinal properties that help people cope with many illnesses. [content] With proper care Kalanchoe grows well and develops on the windowsill, in addition, it is unpretentious to soil conditions. Subject to certain conditions, many representatives of this family are thrown [...] Record the Care of flowers Kalanchoe at home with the photo first appeared .

Many apartment owners, guided by the influences of fashion, practical considerations, style of cuisine in the style of minimalism, hi-tech. Such interiors have certain advantages. They possess maximum functionality, and simplify the cleaning process. But such solutions do not suit wanting to turn this room into an oasis of comfort and warmth, a real family hearth. In this case, the kitchen in the old style will be the ideal. [contents] [...] Record Options kitchen interiors "antique", their specifics first appeared .

Since time immemorial, people rightly think peonies are one of the best decoration of landscape design. This beautiful flower with a strong sweet aroma highly valued in Ancient Greece and Rome. Many gardeners, desiring to decorate the grounds, wondering how to plant peonies and care for these plants. It is noteworthy that the representative of flora, has undeniable charm, is a low-maintenance plant to grow to [...] Record the species and Varieties of peonies, especially the cultivation, care rules first appeared .

, If you want to go for berries not in the forest and a private garden it is reasonable to put the land fertile seedlings. Learning how to grow blueberries is required to the country or local area to make room for planting tall bushes. [content] Juicy berries with a sweet-sour taste and divine aroma is filled with valuable body of vitamins. Regular consumption of blueberry [...] Record How to grow blueberries: the Foundation for successful cultivation of shrub berries vysokovitaminnye first appeared .

Well-Groomed suburban area creates a cozy atmosphere for a peaceful stay and a comfortable environment for leisure activities. Landscaping adjacent to the house site to start with grass cover. The lawn at the cottage produces a feeling of coolness in hot weather. With the ability to absorb dust and purify air on the site will create beneficial conditions for the health of others. [content] Aesthetic [...] Record the Lawn at the cottage: a variation of the registration of the site, the subtleties of the earthworks first came out .

For centuries, wood was the primary building material, the raw material for the manufacture of Housewares, decor. The emergence of innovations in this area does not interfere with the tree to maintain a high popularity, to stay in demand. One of the important qualities of this natural material is a simple process. This allows not only experienced artists but also Amateurs, creative people to create unique decor elements, building construction. Special tools [...] Record the Types of tools for working with wood, the specifics of the application first appeared .

Plants indispensable in the house. They enliven the monochrome picture of the interior, improve the microclimate, serve as a unique decoration of the surrounding space. With the aim of greening of the apartment or house you need to know about how to grow succulents. These include many species of ornamental plants, linked unpretentious care and lack of special requirements to environmental conditions. [content] a Variety of colors and outlines [...] Record How to grow succulents: characteristics of different types of plants and care rules first appeared .

Modern fast don't have to limit yourself to choosing Pets. The stores offer a huge number of flora, including exotic varieties. The most popular different types of orchids. [the content of] These dainty flowers admired even in people who do not show interest in home gardening. You should not consider these flowers too cranky, looking at the photos [...] Record the Secrets of home care for an exotic Orchid first appeared .

Many owners of private houses and suburban areas are planted in the surrounding areas ornamental shrubs. These plantings can play the role of a border or live and fence, and allow you to hide unsightly areas of the site. For landscaping you can choose the shrubs of varying heights that have different resistance to weather conditions, and plants with different periods of flowering and fruiting. Offered [...] Record Ornamental shrubs for garden and garden: photo and name appeared for the first time .

Modern interior is radically different from the ancient traditions of design of the house. Similar glossy, glass, metallic parts of the situation, deprived of individuality, which is expressed in a unique decor. The carvings for many centuries its popularity. This ancient craft Cabinet-makers allows you to create a unique interior and perform an exclusive decoration of houses. [content] learn the basics of decorative art in filigree wood processing, [...] Record woodcarving: the study of technology recommendations for use in the design of the interior and exterior of the house first appeared .

To maintain ideal cleanliness in the house you need to properly equip the entrance area. Rugs with high dirt-repellent ability is indispensable in the rainy season and snowfall. Doorway mats reliably prevent the ingress of moisture, dust and dirt in your home space. [content] in addition to the utilitarian function, decorative design mats serve an important aesthetic role: create a first impression of the painting of the interior. Colorful-looking doorway mats [...] Entry Doorway mats: a practical and aesthetic function of rugs in the street and home first appeared .

Bedding perform an important function. They create the conditions for a comfortable stay, full, healthy sleep. Quality sheets, pillow cases, duvet covers provide pleasant tactile sensations, optimal air circulation, have hygroscopicity, eliminating discomfort. Extensive contemporary range of products allows each owner to choose bedding to suit their own preferences. Modern range of bedding accessories can be purchased separately. Stores offer [...] Record selection Criteria bedding, sewing products first appeared .

In modern private houses less space under the roof is used as a traditional attic, storage of unnecessary things. Most owners understand that to leave this unexploited area is impractical. Even if the house has enough space for the equipment main rooms, the space under the roof is possible to find a rational practical application. Numerous photos designs loft confirm the correctness of this decision. [contents] Features attic [...] Record Comfortable, stylish construction of the attic of a private house appeared .

The Fundamental qualities of the home interior are comfort and coziness. In creating an environment that provides the conditions for relaxation, involves not only the major interior elements such as furniture, decoration. And the details are important, without which it is difficult to achieve comfort. One of the examples of such additions are the sofa cushions. These simple but effective products are used in the design of housing since time immemorial. [...] Record the Types and functions of the cushions, and methods for their manufacture first appeared .