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In creating a comfortable, cozy atmosphere in living room sofas plays one of the main roles. Its main purpose is to provide good conditions for day, evening guests. Often these furniture items have to be the bed. Many homeowners prefer to buy a sofa-transformer, capable of creating convenience for resting and a good sleep. The modern range offers a large number of the types such [...] Record the Sofas-transformers in modern interiors appeared for the first time .

In the construction of recreational areas, you must select the most comfortable and aesthetically appealing furniture. To organize a Paradise in the apartment, house or suburban area, it is advisable to install a hanging chair. The original form of the furniture products that are visually reminiscent of swing or bird's nest, looks exceptional in any interior and landscape design. [content] Floating in the air the base of the semicircular magnetic image attracts [...] Record Hanging chairs: applications "furniture swings" in interior and landscape design first appeared .

At the final stage of interior design it is important to pay attention to details, giving the spatial composition of exclusive. It is reasonable to use textiles to create a homely environment. Decorative pillows produce a sense of emotional ease due to the ability to improve the convenience of any recreation areas. [content] Colourful textiles important to apply to transform the usual appearance of the house and the run of the mill type of furniture. They cleverly [...] Record Decorative pillows: varied ways of decorating interior and create comfortable Seating areas first appeared .

Rare items of furniture perform a special role in interior design. They emphasize the aristocratic and exclusive nature of the home environment. The design of antique furniture made of wood can be performed using the patina-forming treatment, brushing, gilding, decoupage and other methods of decoration. [contents] the Spirit of antiquity, coming from antique pieces, fills the house with notes of luxury and nobility. Distinctive features represent the aesthetics of many stylistic [...] Record the Design of antique furniture from wood: easy methods of decoration, inspiring ideas for interior design in the manner of former times first appeared .

For the improvement of the Central room of the house, it is advisable to choose an outstanding design decision with a dominant interior details to create a warm atmosphere. Design living room with fireplace – the perfect basis for a cozy atmosphere and a unique flavor in a representative area. [the content of] These architectural elements are constantly moderniziriruyutsya with the purpose of adjustment to various operating conditions: the arrangement in private houses and apartments. Living room design with fireplace [...] Record the living room Design with fireplace: inspiring design ideas recreation areas appeared .

Optionally unique to decorate the Windows in the house, it is advisable to choose curtains with a unique design. Master the simple basics of decorative art, you can quickly make Roman blinds with his hands. Step by step instructions to greatly simplify the creation of beautiful decorations for the window. [content] a Great alternative to traditionally-looking curtains or blinds can be a sun system roll type. As functional curtains Roman style are the perfect [...] Record How to make Roman blinds with their hands: step-by-step instruction, making and idea of the original decoration of Windows first appeared .

For registration of the window opening there is a variety of designs and options of dimming systems. Among the huge range of tulle, curtains, blinds dynamically allocated blind Roman. [contents] Application in interior design unique fabric designs with a strict outline is the most practical and functional way to create a good looking window decoration. Easy to manage, rich in the design of organic look [...] Record of a Roman shade: limitless abilities of the decoration of Windows first appeared .

The Central area of each house is the living room. Its design requires a very responsible approach. Nicely decorated room into a favorite place of recreation, a pleasant pastime for all family members. She is a welcoming hostess for guests, a peculiar indicator of the status of the owners, their taste and life priorities. All these nuances must be taken into account when choosing each item. With special attention matched curtains [...] Record the Perfect curtains in the living room, their features and selection rules first appeared .

In fashion interiors created by professional designers, are increasingly seen roller blinds. These original designs are perfect fit into the modern styles that have maximum practicality, decent aesthetic properties. System can be purchased in the store, make an individual order for manufacturing. Many craftsmen made, using a photo step by step instructions, roller blinds with his hands. [contents] the Design Rolette County Design roller blinds is simple. Glass [...] Record the Types of roller blinds, of their choice, making with their hands first appeared .

String curtains are widely used by professional designers to design cutting edge interiors. They help create a festive atmosphere, add to the room romance and special style. [contents] the Modern market of home textiles offers a large selection of cotton curtains muslin. You can buy silver or gold shimmering threads, thin plaits with wooden segments, transparent fishing line strung in large beads, etc. to Use [...] Record Curtains-strands in modern interiors appeared for the first time .

Upper level, located under the roof, the owners of country houses, cottages are used for different purposes. Modern man can appreciate the useful area, rational use of meters. Less attics are a storehouse for useless things. This space is used in the extension of the living space as a utility room. Regardless of the purpose of the zone required to install attic stairs. There are many types of designs, providing excellent [...] Record Attic stairs in the house, types and characteristics of first appeared .

Every owner of a suburban area engaged in the construction of the fence. It performs several important functions, from the designation boundaries to ensure the harmony of the landscape design. Modern fences are created of different materials, it is possible to choose economical or respectable option. At all times, were especially popular wooden fences. And today they are relevant, in high demand, despite the emergence of a large number of new materials. [...] Record the Benefits of fences made of wood, their types and characteristics first appeared .

In the design of the stairs a few elements. Their types and quantities depend on the type of structure. If it is equipped with a handrail, used in the design of the balusters that performs multiple functions. These products are made of different materials, different shape, size. Choose balusters for stairs need according to several criteria. [contents] Features Sometimes balusters railings for stairs of stainless steel, other metals installed without [...] Record the Types of balusters, their features, installation of stair components first appeared .

To give the interior a unique look is important for finishing of rooms to choose paint materials with unique features. Textured paint for walls is able to create spectacular patterns, ornate reliefs, virtuosic ornaments and texture of natural materials. [content] Decorative mixture with imitation velvet, gold, marble, crocodile leather or wood with ease will turn any faceless building in impressive-looking art object. Designers actively [...] Record Textured paint for walls: possibilities of decorative material in interior decoration first appeared .

The Design of the window opening deserves close attention. It depends on the harmony and attractiveness of the interior, its character and atmosphere. No doubt, the material, shade, style of the curtains in the process are fundamental factors. But the structure on which they are fixed, takes part in creating the overall picture of the decor. If you intend to make it one of the most important elements of the situation, the best option [...] Record Wall moldings in the interior, the secrets of choosing first appeared .