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The Intervention of Russia, Iran and Lebanese Hezbollah in the Syrian conflict allowed the government to regain control over most of the territories of the Republic, recognized experts of the congressional research service of the United States. However, analysts point out that Syria is not in the best condition - the state faces the economic crisis, the extremists, the armed opposition and pandemic coronavirus. The United States failed to realize the end of all their goals in the Republic, including sideline Moscow and Tehran.

Russian manufacturers of electrical equipment are dissatisfied by the current legislation on import substitution. Representatives of the Kursk electrical equipment plant (KEAZ) asked the Vice-Prime Minister Yuri Borisov with a request to deal with the hole in the law where foreign equipment still comes through public procurement, despite the availability of domestic counterparts. If the problem is not solved and the entire market will take foreigners, thousands of Russians will lose their jobs. The Ministry is developing a draft act prohibiting the purchase of imported electronics.

Belarus approaches the presidential elections before the vote is only one week. Alexander Lukashenko focused on the strengthening of security measures after the detention of "Russian militants", and the main rival of the President in the person of Svetlana Tikhanovski collects massive rallies in his support. Apparently, the attempt by the President to meet the condescension of the West in connection with the confrontation of the "Russian threat" was not a success: foreign media do not really believe in the truthfulness of the story with the detention of the Russians and remembered the nickname of "Europe's last dictator". What you write about the campaign in Belarus – in the material "Gazeti.Ru".

2 August 1990 the Iraqi army invaded Kuwait and, despite resistance, occupied the neighboring country for one day. Claims of Saddam Hussein was mainly in oil prices, which Kuwait, according to Baghdad, have deliberately fallen off. After four and a half months of unsuccessful attempts of the UN to get Iraq to stop the aggression of the USA together with NATO allies launched a military operation known as "desert Storm". Five weeks aircraft continuously bombed Iraqi territory and then against the demoralized and weakened enemy, the United States took the land. After 100 hours, Iraq surrendered.

In Minsk a rally in support of the opponent of Alexander Lukashenko in the presidential race Svetlana Tikhanovski gathered more than 63 thousand people. The rally was the largest since the 90-ies of the last century. A distinctive feature of the event was a complete absence of detention, which experts have called the "appearance of democracy", which should end at the moment of closing of polling stations. However, the scale of the action certainly came as a surprise for the Belarusian authorities - even the provocation with "Russian militants" did not prevent the demonstration.

The court arrested the boxer Mikhail Startsev, who took part in the deadly fight in Barnaul, one hit killing 40-year-old Paul Rohloff. According to the wife of the deceased, Rochlov was trying to protect the "disabled" who "beat" the Elders and his girlfriend - world champion in kickboxing Lily Vorogushin - for which he gave life. However, the accused party claims that "disabled" actually was a very healthy person and attacked them himself, and Rochlov with his wife was very drunk and joined the fight, does not understand the situation, and the wife of the deceased even tried to run them on the car.

Club "Khimki" after a very successful season going into the Premier League and in the final scene of the Cup of Russia was unexpectedly fired CEO James Smith. Himself functionary said that the decision was a personal initiative of the head of Khimki city district Dmitry Voloshin, and suggested that he "forgave output in RPL", which region will have to allocate more funds for the football club. However, the Minister of sports of Moscow region Roman Trushkov assured that the separation happened by mutual consent.

Next Saturday, August 1, kicks off the festival of documentary films on contemporary culture Beat Film Festival. It will last until August 7 and will be held in two formats: offline and online on stream service "Kinopoisk HD". This year the program of the competition included films about the artist Banksy, the writer Trumena the Hood and the founder of the label Def Jam Russell Simmons, who was at the center of MeToo scandal. First and last tape of the composer Johan Johannsson (voiced by Tilda Swinton), the film is about the closure of the provincial bar, and a tragic story comic frog named Pepe. Film critic "Gazeti.Ru" Pavel Voronkov chose 15 the most interesting paintings from the repertoire of the Beat Film in 2020.

The taking of hostages in luck made President Vladimir Zelensky, for the sake of their lives to fulfill the requirement of the terrorist. However, in its decision, the President of Ukraine created a dangerous precedent that could open a window for the recurrence of such incidents, the first example can be considered as the recent hostage situation in the Poltava region. According to experts, Zelensky followed an electoral logic, but the situation is worsening the deplorable state of the judicial system of the country, which allows many criminals to escape punishment.

On the American Amazon Prime Video (the movie was later released in the movie) premiere of the biographical drama "Dangerous element". This adaptation of the graphic novel about a scientist Maria Sklodowska-Curie, who together with her husband in the late nineteenth century discovered radioactivity and two chemical elements: polonium and radium. The main role is played by the nominee for "Oscar" and "Golden globe" Rosamund pike ("gone girl"), Director's chair took Marjane Satrapi ("Persepolis"). Film critic "Gazeti.Ru" Pavel Voronkov tells how "Dangerous element" manages simultaneously to be a weak film, and one of the best biopic of the last years.

Russia has sharply increased the number of cases of evasion of military service, said the Main military investigation Department of the RF IC. Moreover, such data has appeared after in April the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signed a law increasing fines in case of absence of recruits. About the plans of the state became known last fall, although then the number of "draft Dodgers" on the contrary, decreased. The Ministry of defence at this point, that this year the number of people willing to undergo military service exceeds the needs of the Department.

One of the longest in the history of EU summits that ended with the conclusion of an agreement on financial assistance to countries affected by the pandemic COVID-19, and the next seven-year budget. On the latter issue, the European Parliament today expressed dissatisfaction. But the creation of a recovery Fund of the EU economy was a breakthrough. Of it will be allocated €390 billion in the form of grants, an additional €360 billion in loans. Provides a mechanism for control over distribution of funds, which threatens to lead to a new split within the EU.

The state Duma will consider in the second reading amendments to the law on individual investigato (IMS), raising the ceiling on annual replenishment from 1 to 3 million rubles. The head of the state Duma Committee on financial market Anatoly Aksakov told "Gazete.Ru" that the main motive is to wean Russians from the accounts that allow you to return personal income tax. But analysts believe that the initiative does not greatly affect the overall picture: the average amount in such accounts does not exceed 200 thousand rubles, so most of their owners will continue to "fight" with the tax for the income tax refund.

Russia will lose up to 33 billion euros in five years due to the introduction of new climate taxes in Europe, calculated the experts of the auditing company KPMG. And while it is unclear how to apply this tax, its main point is already clear: if the production company has burned enough fossil fuels, thus releasing into the environment a large amount of carbon dioxide to bring such goods into the European market, will have to pay. "Gazeta.Ru" figured out how the new tax will affect Russian exports to Europe.

Despite the external pressure from the USA, UK and other countries, the Chinese President signed a law on national security of Hong Kong. The new legislation provides for life imprisonment for separatism, terrorism, undermining state power and collusion with foreign forces. It is expected that such measures will stop the protest movement in the city. At the same time as the law will affect the interaction between Beijing and Washington, in fact, it doesn't matter, experts say, because the point of no return in relations between the two countries has already been passed.