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Sports world actively expresses its position on the tragic history of the African-American George Floyd, who died from the brutal actions of the police during the arrest. Midfielder "Manchester United" Paul Pogba said that Negroes every day are subjected to racism in any sphere of activities - including football, Wladimir Klitschko has compared himself to Floyd and Jadon Sancho was dedicated to the deceased his first hat-trick in the Bundesliga. However, many athletes were outraged by what came to protests in the United States whose members are indiscriminately attacking the institution and engaged in looting.

Four-time champion of Russia Maxim Kovtun after a career ignites in show of Ilya Averbukh, Tatiana Navka and Eteri Tutberidze, he tries to train skaters, and recently shot a video for their track. In an interview, "Gazete.Ru" Kovtun told about how he failed his student in a quadruple jump, explained why many skaters run the risk of soon to leave the sport, but also appreciated the chance Sagitova Alina and Evgenia Medvedeva to impose on the competition of young rivals after a long quarantine. In addition, champion said on a working visit to Italy at the beginning of the pandemic, the delivery of tests for coronavirus and separation from the beloved, which lasts more than one month.

Came out On Netflix Comedy series "Cosmic forces" — daring chronicle of an sixth branch of the U.S. armed forces. Show up with actor Steve Carell and writer Greg Daniels, who did the American version of "the Office." Starring — Sam Carell and John Malkovich, playing together with them Lisa Kudrow, Ben Schwartz and Alexei Vorobyov. Film critic "Gazeti.Ru" Pavel Voronkov watched the first season of "Space troops" — and tells out if of Carell and Daniels new version kubicheskogo "Dr. Strangelove".

May 26, 1905 in Cannes from the wound to the heart died one of the richest men in Russia Savva Morozov. It is believed that he committed suicide on the background of nervous disorders caused by the revolution. Some researchers believe that his death may have been caused by the Bolsheviks, which the manufacturer has long sponsored, but in the end allegedly refused to pay. In this case also it is not excluded the trail of monarchists, who threatened Morozov because of his Association with the revolutionaries. The death of the "textile king" remains one of the unsolved mysteries of the XX century.

Pandemic coronavirus feel the strength of most world leaders, improving or worsening their position depending on the success of the measures taken to combat the epidemic. However, in some States the situation is quite ambiguous. One such country was El Salvador, which is run by 38-year-old President Najib Boekel. To save the country from the virus, the young politician is forced to enter into a confrontation with the Parliament, Supreme court and even the Constitution. Supported in this opposition he was getting from the military and social networks.

The Decision of "Locomotive" to cease cooperation with the legendary coach of the team Yury Semin has caused the big public resonance. The club CEO Vasily Kiknadze explained why the farewell to the 73-year-old mentor was necessary, noting that the new coach is 40-year-old Serb Marko Nikolic - "the locomotive" will play in "a more meaningful football" and actively sell the youth abroad. In response Semin called an interview Kiknadze senseless and denied the assertion that he had not worked with young players.

Minister of culture of Russia Olga Lyubimova said that in a pandemic cultural institutions have received invaluable experience online, and this trend should develop after the removal of the regime of self-isolation. Senior Vice President, Sberbank Tatyana Zavyalova said that over the past two months, many organizations from the sphere of culture and leisure, made a "digital leap" in about five years. Thus, according to the General Director Okko Yana Barmintseva, in the period of a pandemic has increased the interest of foreign audience to the Russian cultural online projects.

May 18, 1935 during a demonstration flight in the skies over Moscow crashed the biggest plane of that era of the ANT-20 "Maxim Gorky". Aboard the crew and passengers – technicians, engineers, and workers-drummers – were killed. The cause of the disaster became dangerous actions of fighter I-5, which is the result of a failed maneuver in the air crashed into the ANT-20. The blame for the incident was laid on the pilot of this aircraft Nicholas Biagina. Posthumously, he remembered a noble origin. The head of the NKVD Genrikh Yagoda in a report to Joseph Stalin spoke of him as "socially alien element".

Transition Oleksandra Trudovoy to the Academy, Evgeni Plushenko, which was officially held on may 15, has been postponed indefinitely. Permission to transfer is still not provided by the school "Sambo-70" refers to rink Eteri Tutberidze. Meanwhile, Russian Rocket gave his first interview after his retirement, saying that chose mentors Plushenko due to the fact that he "bows down before the system" and noting that Russia's changing of the club causes "so much emotion, accusations and insults".

Alexander Trusov for the first time explained his departure from Eteri Tutberidze to Evgeny Plushenko that she was fascinated by the ability to "make all calls", and promised to give a teacher "more than a bouquet of her favorite flowers." Warmer just from the coaching staff of the Russian Rocket has said goodbye to Sergey Dudakov, and also revealed that a large role in its success was played by Sergei Rozanov, who went with her to the Academy Plushenko. In addition, Trusov expressed gratitude for the patience of school "Sambo-70" which Director has previously compared her treatment with the betrayal and has promised to eliminate.

Moscow "locomotive" has signed with the Serbian expert Marko Nikolic contract for two years, Yuri Semin was invited to become "honorary chief coach salaries and benefits", however, the Russian coach refused and said he wants to rest. Meanwhile, the sports world is in full indignant dismissal Semin. Some explain that by the corruption, and even called it a "murder club" and a "disgrace to football". However, it seems that the decision was made largely because of the transition "Loco" on a new model of development to which the red-greens pushed the pandemic coronavirus.

Angela Merkel said there was "serious evidence" of the involvement of the Russian side to cyber attacks on the Bundestag, which occurred five years ago. The German Chancellor called the incident horrible and complained about additional tension in relations with Russia. The Chancellor promised not to cease efforts to establish a dialogue between Moscow and Berlin, although he did not rule out retaliation for the "cyber attack". Why is Germany blamed Russia for the incident and how it can affect the relationship of the parties - in the material "Gazeti.Ru".

Pandemic COVID-19 impact not only on those directly affected by the virus SARS-COV-2. The stress associated with the threat of infection, isolation and other changes in daily routine affect the mental condition of all people. Nevertheless, psychologists find in this situation a positive side - many people found the time and opportunity to deal with their internal problems, and the results will stay with them when the wave of infection will subside. In the framework of the special project "the World will never be the same" "Gazeta.Ru" assessed the situation, analyzing the research and talking with experts.

In the American organization "people for the ethical treatment of animals" (PETA) said about the relationship of consumption of meat products with the pandemic coronavirus. They point out that the dire conditions and the constant feeding of animals with antibiotics leads to the emergence of aggressive pathogens. Respondents "Gazetoy.Ru" nutritionists, in turn, believe that livestock is not a carrier of dangerous diseases, and antibiotics, on the contrary, help to prevent the outbreak of disease among animals. The main dangers are exotic types of meat.

Venezuelan opposition has signed a contract with American PMCs Silvercorp to overthrow Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, the newspaper the Washington Post. The contract was signed in October 2019, the cost of its implementation amounted to $212,9 million as the operation target in the agreement was indicated the overthrow of Maduro and the establishment of the regime of Juan Guido. 3 may the head of the Venezuelan interior Minister Nestor Reverol reported that the authorities prevented a naval invasion of Colombian militants. Maduro said that the purpose of the invasion was killing him.