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January 20 on HBO and "Mediateca" starts the show in a Comedy series "Avenue 5", coined by the Director of "Stalin's Death" Armando's Iannucci. In it the captain of veering off course space liner is trying to prevent the disaster and to deliver 5,000 passengers back to Earth in one piece. The main role in the series played by the star of "house" and "Jeeves and Wooster" Hugh Laurie. Film critic "Gazeti.Ru" Pavel Voronkov watched the first four episodes of "Avenue 5" and tells why this trip should take.

The Choreographer of the group Eteri Tutberidze Alexei Zheleznyakov in an extensive interview talked about how began working with the then unknown mentor 12 years ago that she hides behind the mask of the iron lady and how to actually construct the work in the group. The specialist also regret leaving Evgenia Medvedeva and revealed many interesting things about other skaters: what problems faced Alexander Trusov, what versatility Alyona Kostina and weakness Kamila Valieva and why is Elizaveta tuktamysheva in the image of flight attendants is already too much.

The Decision of WADA on suspension of Russia from participation in large international competitions for four years expected caused a huge resonance in the national sport. So, in a conversation with "Gazetoy.Ru" the legend of the Soviet hockey Vyacheslav Fetisov named the outcome of the case by the manipulation of the Moscow anti-doping laboratory is expected, the General Director of the organizing Committee of Euro-2020 in St. Petersburg Alexey Sorokin concerned about the consequences that may come upon our team, and world champion in Paralympic swimming, member of the Paralympic team of Russia Alexander Agafonov said that athletes do not lose hope to compete at the 2020 Olympics under a neutral flag.

From Moscow to St. Petersburg can be reached by car in just 5-6 hours. Instead of the current ten. This is an obvious advantage of the new M11 highway, the official opening which took place today with the participation of Vladimir Putin. Of the minuses - the road toll. The trip will cost for the owner of a passenger car within 2 thousand RUB over 700 km. Roadside fast food is also not cheap, and mobile communications on the road is intermittent. However, highway M11 is a real alternative for free, but terrible in all senses of the highway to St. Petersburg.

In anticipation of the premiere of the movie Todd Phillips ' "the Joker", won the main award of the Venice film festival, the American police to increase patrols near theaters where it will be shown. One of the catalysts of the debate about the boundaries of the permissible in art was the letter of the relatives of the victims of the shooting in a Colorado theater showing Batman movie "the Dark knight: the legend" in 2012. "Gazeta.Ru" tells about the most high-profile cases where the real killers are tried to transfer to real life screen violence.

In Russia is registered more and more cases of abuse of children who were adopted or were in foster care, according to the interior Ministry. Tyrants in the face of guardians and adoptive parents by their example confirms the widespread belief that orphans in the family just for the sake of payments from the state. These conversations sensitive to those who sincerely want to help the child. Meanwhile, the procedure of registration of guardianship is quite simple, so unscrupulous Russians easily prey on orphans.

Monday, 26 August, came into force on another package of sanctions against Russia. Although the new restrictions do not seem radical, however, sanctions and pressure can hurt our economy. During the day the indices of the European stock exchanges on 26 August grew faint hope that the US and China will be able in the future to resolve their trade disputes. Because of the tension in Hong Kong, which threatens to go into a military confrontation with China, has fallen sharply, the stock market quotations in this country. Russia is lagging behind – the ruble again fell to below $ 66 per $1. About what is happening on the exchanges and in online broadcast "Gazeti.Ru".

The United States found a formal reason to withdraw from the Treaty on Strategic offensive arms is a test of a new Russian hypersonic missiles, which in this case does not fall under the scope of the agreement. Clear position on the start-3 in Washington yet, but previously Advisor to the President of Donald trump, John Bolton declared that, most likely, the contract would not be renewed. At the same time, many representatives of the US elite, including the military, in favour of maintaining the agreement, as it gives the ability to control the actions of Russia.

In the parliamentary elections in India were won by the party of the incumbent Prime Minister Narendra modi, and now he can create a government without the support of other political forces. The opposition accuses him of authoritarian tendencies, but economic improvement has allowed modi to win. The main challenges for modi's new term will be to maintain smooth and stable relationship with the players of the region amid the confrontation between the U.S. and China. Important dialogue with Pakistan, but India does not believe that the military will allow the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan to go to improve relations with new Delhi.

On Thursday in Moscow took place the funeral of the deceased on March 16 at the age of 38 years, popular singer Yulia Nachalova. The artist is buried on Troekurov cemetery in Moscow. Due to the fact that fans of stars for a long time were not allowed at the farewell ceremony, among the audience began to emerge. Representatives of the singer had to intervene to calm the people, many of whom gathered at 8 am. From a long standing some people became ill - and had a few fainting spells. The body of Julia Nachalova was interred at 15:20 Moscow time.

Airlines refuse to fly the Boeing 737 Max 8, after the collapse of the bead in Ethiopia, which killed 157 people. Of its decision to suspend the operation of these ships have already announced, particularly in Brazil, Argentina, China, Singapore and South Korea. Germany, France, Austria, UK and Malaysia closed the airspace for this aircraft. Russia is still waiting for clarification from the controller of the United States. The American airlines continues to assure the safety of the aircraft.

Us Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that the next after Venezuela countries in which the US is going to bring democracy, can be Cuba and Nicaragua. Washington is stepping on the same rake as before. Part of the elite in the United States really believes that in this way democracy, but many taxpayers deliberately misleading. About how the United States changed the unwanted modes, said in a recently published book leading employee of the libertarian think tank the Cato Institute.

Profuse bleeding, seizures and anaphylactic shock - that's what leads homemade circumcision that is done to children for religious reasons. Only in St. Petersburg for the month recorded two cases where young boys in serious condition were taken to hospitals after an unsuccessful operation. Security forces are checking the circumstances of the incident. Meanwhile, operations at home are not regulated by law. About a criminal liability speech can go only if the procedure has resulted in injury or death.

On 23 January, the whole country is United by the impulse gathered in the capital to say goodbye to the founder of the Soviet Union and a genuine idol of millions Vladimir Lenin. Grieving kilometer queue of people stretches all the main streets of Moscow - even hit the cold didn't stop people from being able to pay tribute to the man who became for many the "grandfather Lenin". "Gazeta.Ru" in the historical online translation says, was executed last will of the leader, who bore a date of the funeral and why workers of a train carrying Lenin's body, dying one by one.

100 years ago in Berlin, the uprising of Spartacists is one of the decisive stages of the German revolution. By the General strike and the armed leftist forces intended to seize power and proclaim a Soviet Republic. Due to the poor preparation of the uprising was defeated prikolami – made up of ex-military volunteer units right attitude. Spartakist leaders Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht were captured and murdered. To ignite the fire of world revolution, the Communists failed.