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On Thursday in Moscow took place the funeral of the deceased on March 16 at the age of 38 years, popular singer Yulia Nachalova. The artist is buried on Troekurov cemetery in Moscow. Due to the fact that fans of stars for a long time were not allowed at the farewell ceremony, among the audience began to emerge. Representatives of the singer had to intervene to calm the people, many of whom gathered at 8 am. From a long standing some people became ill - and had a few fainting spells. The body of Julia Nachalova was interred at 15:20 Moscow time.

Airlines refuse to fly the Boeing 737 Max 8, after the collapse of the bead in Ethiopia, which killed 157 people. Of its decision to suspend the operation of these ships have already announced, particularly in Brazil, Argentina, China, Singapore and South Korea. Germany, France, Austria, UK and Malaysia closed the airspace for this aircraft. Russia is still waiting for clarification from the controller of the United States. The American airlines continues to assure the safety of the aircraft.

Us Secretary of state Mike Pompeo said that the next after Venezuela countries in which the US is going to bring democracy, can be Cuba and Nicaragua. Washington is stepping on the same rake as before. Part of the elite in the United States really believes that in this way democracy, but many taxpayers deliberately misleading. About how the United States changed the unwanted modes, said in a recently published book leading employee of the libertarian think tank the Cato Institute.

Profuse bleeding, seizures and anaphylactic shock - that's what leads homemade circumcision that is done to children for religious reasons. Only in St. Petersburg for the month recorded two cases where young boys in serious condition were taken to hospitals after an unsuccessful operation. Security forces are checking the circumstances of the incident. Meanwhile, operations at home are not regulated by law. About a criminal liability speech can go only if the procedure has resulted in injury or death.

On 23 January, the whole country is United by the impulse gathered in the capital to say goodbye to the founder of the Soviet Union and a genuine idol of millions Vladimir Lenin. Grieving kilometer queue of people stretches all the main streets of Moscow - even hit the cold didn't stop people from being able to pay tribute to the man who became for many the "grandfather Lenin". "Gazeta.Ru" in the historical online translation says, was executed last will of the leader, who bore a date of the funeral and why workers of a train carrying Lenin's body, dying one by one.

100 years ago in Berlin, the uprising of Spartacists is one of the decisive stages of the German revolution. By the General strike and the armed leftist forces intended to seize power and proclaim a Soviet Republic. Due to the poor preparation of the uprising was defeated prikolami – made up of ex-military volunteer units right attitude. Spartakist leaders Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht were captured and murdered. To ignite the fire of world revolution, the Communists failed.

400 years ago Dolinskogo the signing of the armistice ended the grueling Russo-Polish war, nearly costing the Russian Kingdom of loss of statehood. Under the agreement, Moscow was deprived of vast territories in the upper reaches of the Dnieper with Smolensk, however, retained its independence. In addition, the poles returned to their homeland of the father of the king – Fedor Nikitich Romanov, who was proclaimed Patriarch of Moscow and all Russia and actually led the country until his death, leaving his son only representative functions.

Tuesday marks 100 years since the birth of the writer, publicist and public figure Alexander Solzhenitsyn. The author of many literary works, such as "Matryona", "One day of Ivan Denisovich", "the first circle" and "GULAG Archipelago", Solzhenitsyn remains one of the iconic figures of Russian culture, although his personality often causes heated debate. The writer's widow Natalya Solzhenitsyn told the observer "Gazeti.Ru" Alexander Britanskomu, how did her relationship with her husband, what Solzhenitsyn thought about the West, and why he sympathized with the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

The St. Petersburg "Zenith" on departure has conceded to the Norwegian Molde in the return match of the qualifying round of the playoffs of the Europa League, but two blue-white-blue managed to reach the group stage of the tournament. The meeting, held in Molde, ended with the score 2:1 in favor of the hosts. The winners of the distinguished Eirik He and Erling of Holland. The only goal was scored by Daler Kuzyaev. The first meeting between the teams ended with the victory of St. Petersburg - 3:1. "Gazeta.Ru" led text online broadcast of the game.

After the defeat against Croatia to penalties Stanislav Cherchesov said that the team managed to fall in love with the country, Alexander Samedov and defender Sergei Ignashevich has announced the completion of a career (one in the team, the other football), and Fedor Smolov did not take responsibility for missed the 11-meter. Head coach of Croatia Zlatko Dalic said that he cried with happiness, and the captain of the "checkers" Luka Modric was surprised by the good play of the opponent. Finally, the Kremlin said the President of Russia Vladimir Putin accepted defeat Russia for the 2018 world Cup.

In the ninth game day of the world championship 2018 will take place three matches of the group stage. The Brazilian team will meet with the team of Costa Rica, Serbia will play against Switzerland and Iceland - with Nigeria. In case of victory of Iceland national team of Argentina led by Lionel Messi will be on the verge of departure from the world Cup. Meanwhile, a fan of the Argentines insulted the Russian vulgar joke and was deprived of his right to attend matches of the world Cup, and the head of USADA urged to check the Russian players for doping. "Gazeta.Ru" watching the main event of the world championship.

The Head of SK Alexander Bastrykin in the near future may leave his post and become a judge of the constitutional court. In addition, the permanent Chairman of the COP Valery Zorkin will leave his post because of poor health. His place presumably is the head of the state legal Department of the President Larissa Brycheva, which for 14 years is an Advisor to Putin and Medvedev. In the state Duma "Gazete.Ru" reported that both candidates for the positions in the KS are competent. In addition, the MPs believe that the UK has long needed changes.

In Baku ended with the fourth round of the world championship "Formula 1" Grand Prix of Azerbaijan. Victory it was won by British driver of the Mercedes Lewis Hamilton. In second place finished Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrari, the third - Sergio Perez ("Force India"). For a few laps before the finish due to a puncture of the tire went off the track in the lead, the driver of the Mercedes, Valtteri Bottas. At the start of the race the Russian pilot "Williams" Sergey Sirotkin collided with the driver of "Renault" Nico. Commenting on this episode, Fernando Alonso from "the McLaren" has called Russians "stupid boyfriend. "Gazeta.Ru" led text broadcast.

CSKA snatched victory in a match with "Krasnodar" thanks to the double Ahmed Musa. After the meeting, the Nigerian said that the army was ready to "die on the field" for three points, and head coach Viktor Goncharenko told how the conflict with him has helped Musa to improve performance. The author of the only goal "Krasnodar" Yuri Gazinskaya said that the team lacked Fedor Smolov. At the same time "the locomotive" played draw with "Ufa", and then Yuri Semin admitted that the railwaymen already worried about his championship.

In the Moscow city court heard the complaint of the former Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev on the verdict in the case about the bribe. He appeared in court Igor Sechin - the interrogation of head "Rosneft" has passed in the closed mode. The defense had an hour and a half to analyze the data received from Sechin court. The defense tried to use them to prove the innocence of the former Minister. Ultimately, the court verdict still softened - Ulyukayev lifted the ban to hold positions in state institutions after his release. "Gazeta.Ru" watched the hearings online.