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It is really great. It turns out that you can view the complete version of the old Soviet magazine "Soviet PHOTO". Find the scanned issues and flip through them in a convenient form at Fans of the history of photography will be interested in this information. All digitized 437 magazines. They were produced between 1926 and 1991. In magazines you can find a lot of interesting, [...]

Photographers using the new wireless flash transceiver V6 the Cactus V6 II and IIs will soon receive a huge update. Cactus begins a series of firmware updates that will allow you to mix and match the cameras and flashes of different brands, without losing the ability to use TTL and HSS. New Cactus transceivers have promised cross-branded High Speed Sync (HSS) with [...]

Company Panasonic plans to abolish six of its units. The Department involved in the development of cameras will be put under the umbrella of another business unit to optimize cost. Panasonic will implement the restructuring of the six unprofitable projects. Production line of liquid crystal panels and semiconductor business in fiscal year 2017, which ends in March 2018 will reduce the number of employees. Reduction in digital cameras will be held this spring. [...]

"MENU" is a new series of photographs by photographer Robert Harrison and chef Robbie Postma. Both masters decided to combine food and portrait photography in a weird and creepy way. The photos Postma on my face places the ingredients from the menu. Postma is the chef in the dining room of the Dutch advertising Agency. After the breakdown of the menu items in their basic ingredients, the Duo has carefully selected [...]

Zeiss Recently started to spread in Instagram pictures taken with the new lens family Batis. The company does not specify what kind of optics, but it is obvious that it is already being tested by photographers. Zeiss mentions that the announcement will take place this spring. The Internet began to walk the rumor that the lens would get a focal length of 135mm and an aperture of F/2.8.

Chinese smartphone manufacturer OPPO released a new flagship model srednego price range. F3 Plus has not received the newly announced zoom lens, but it offers another unusual feature: double anterior chamber. One front camera module has a resolution of 16MP in a sensor size of 1/3 inch and the aperture optics F/2.0. The second module has a resolution of 8MP and a size of 1/4 inch, as well as super-wide-angle [...]

According to the latest rumors, the new microobjective for APS-C Canon DSLRs will get a built-in macro. Like we've seen optics Canon EF-M 28mm F/3.5 Macro. New optics will get a focal length of 35mm? Image stabilization and silent motor autofocus STM. Announcement lens is expected on 5 April 2017.

Adobe Research is working on quite interesting features for editing photos and videos. The research could revolutionize the field of photo editing. Imagine if Photoshop could automatically cut out complex items with second regardless of background. There is no need to use selection tools. The system already works, and the company showed examples of the algorithm. The accuracy demonstrated [...]

More than fifteen years of Vladimir on their own creates a unique cultural institution – the Yaroslavl Museum of photography. Today the Museum collection includes tens of thousands of slides. It presents a collection of photographs, daguerreotypes (the first photographs analogues) and colored holograms. Collection of technology contains over 300 cameras 100 cameras, lots of projectors and enlargers. It was proposed that, in addition to [...]

The exhibition presents more than 120 photographs and documents from personal and family archives of the participants of the war. There are more than 10 thousand. But officially they did not exist. The participation of Soviet military specialists in the Vietnam war for many years remained a mystery... the Soviet military-technical and material assistance to fighting Vietnam was huge and full: anti-aircraft missile [...]

Gabrieli Hitter (Gabrielius Khiterer) – 19-year-old photographer from Lithuania. In the courtyard lives a few stray cats. About a year ago he tried to take some photos. After some time, looking at these pictures, Gabriele realized that the stray cats look really interesting. They are not like ordinary domestic cats and lions. The young man began to search for stray cats and [...]

New site Lens vs Lens allows you to compare two lenses by the consideration received on a particular optics images. Lens vs Lens receives the sample images from Flickr. Such sites simplify the selection of optics. Recently we wrote about another interesting website What The Lens. Lens vs Lens is very convenient and easy to use, despite the fact that the information [...]

Chinese optic manufacturer Zhong Yi Optics has announced the release of new versions of its Turbo-adapter, which allows you to use full frame lenses Nikon for installation in compact system cameras Fujifilm X while maintaining the target angle. Turbo LL N/G-FX utilizes a structure which reduces the effective focal length of the lens on a 0.726 x that compensates for the factor of the cropped sensor APS-C. Compensation not working [...]

New camera AMO 360 offers rich functionality in a compact body. It's capable of capturing Full HD 1080p video and is paired with a companion app for smartphones that is compatible with Android and iOS. The camera can be mounted anywhere, be it a car dashboard or a selfie-stick. Camera features AMO: — the Product is designed and made in [...]

In an interview with Kenji Tanaka and Yojiro Joe acai from Sony talked about some of the plans and strategies of the company. They did not talk about specific future products, but they gave a more General overview of what technologies they are developing: the Best sensors don't leave the Sony ecosystem: Unusual advanced development of image sensors will not be sold to third parties. Only Sony could [...]