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Creative photographer and photographer Victoria Krundysheva created a new photo series "Dollhouse". These images show the desire of some people to beauty and the ideal, to narcissism and status through the elevation of its brightness. But in fact this doll that many people are on the shelves for beauty, nothing more. Even more inspiration: Facebook, Vkontakte and Telegram

According to the latest rumors, Canon announces a camera with a resolution of 6K in 2018. The camera will be called the Cinema EOS C900 and will probably be announced at the NAB show in April. As usual the camera will receive a special full frame sensor and image processor Digic DV Triple 6 or 7. Other characteristics are yet unknown, but, as stated in the hearing, [...]

Hasselblad has announced an adapter that will allow owners of the old film cameras XPAN mount in the new mirrorless medium-format Hasselblad analog X1D lenses. Release adapter took place with the release of firmware update v1.2 for X1D, which adds crop mode XPan viewfinder and display. The adapter is purely mechanical and does not send any data to the camera. It is suitable for Hasselblad XPan lenses [...]

Nikon Is a manufacturer of projectors? Partly. More than a year ago, the company stopped production of the line Nikon camera Projector, and the last model was the Nikon Coolpix S1100pj. Now in the network appeared the patent camera Projector, which demonstrates the differences in design from existing compact cameras in this series. The patent was registered on 19 September 2017. This means that Nikon is still working on [...]

London photographer and former biathlete Dominika Cuda brought together professional athletes, dancers, equestrians and representatives from many other sports to create beautiful and unique calendar that will be sold for charitable purposes. The shooting took place in Warsaw, Poland. The images are collected to form a 300-page diary and planner in 2018. Also in the notebook will be a place to record [...]

Kit-lenses suitable for a large number of subjects, but, alas, the portrait is not one of them. With a maximum aperture of F/5.6 at the long end of the zoom range they just can't give you the depth of field that is really needed for portraits to blur the background and isolate the person. The best solution to this problem is the use of high-aperture fixes. For full frame cameras Nikon [...]

CopyTrans has released a free plugin that brings support for images, High Efficiency Image Format (HEIC/HEIF) in Windows that allows vladeltsam personal computers to view the images taken in the new format. Windows does not natively support image HEIC. Instead of HEIC convert to JPEG when you transfer pictures from devices running iOS 11, you can simply browse the pictures. Some [...]

If you frequently shoot near water and move around in a humid area of the marshes, waterfalls, lakes and rivers, a new project on Kickstarter will be of interest to you. Inrigo is a waterproof backpack for camera and photographic equipment. It has a built in humidity monitor that connects with your smartphone via Bluetooth and alerts the user if the detected humidity inside. Backpack offers protection [...]

If you wait for news from Canon, we have something for you. Hearing published on CanonWatch website. It says that Canon 7D Mark II will be replaced by "until the summer of 2018". Sales of new cameras will begin in July or August. 7D Mark II APS-C flagship, the Canon, was released in 2014. Now is the time to upgrade. [...]

Manufacturer of cable systems High Sight unveiled the latest addition to its lineup of products. Mini – system was developed with a focus on portability and ease of use, based on the experience of the development of larger and more complex products. Unit operable can use a gimbal, for example, Osmo DJI and similar models. Mini uses have been designed to be fully Autonomous. According to [...]

NASA Space probe Juno, which orbits Jupiter, taking photos of the giant gas planets during the year. In the recently Juno made a number of great photos that look weird. They are similar to the work of artists-Impressionists. The pictures indicate the pattern of clouds in the Northern hemisphere of Jupiter. Even more inspiration: Facebook, Vkontakte and Telegram

Sony World Photography Awards is one of the largest annual photo competitions in the world. Before the closing of the 2017 season was one month. Until the winners are announced, presented a list of 19 best works. Even more inspiration: Facebook, Vkontakte and Telegram

Pixel Mode-Shift was implemented by many companies, but for some reason Sony A7R III drew the attention of the public in its approach to this technology. The camera was not able to collect is made with offset images. For this you need to use a computer and special software but the result is worth it. Website Photons to photos conducted a study of the dynamic range of a picture taken in high resolution mode. Dynamic [...]

New project launched on Kickstarter. Similar products have been implemented in different forms, and the Chinese got into the habit to build the camera in almost all their smart watches, but Cleep – it's not a watch. This is a camera with a small but high-quality image sensor, whose resolution is 13mp. The initial cost of the Cleep on Kickstarter is €129. For the money violacea a. capable of [...]

Laibox Cam is a new modular action camera which is now trying to find support on the website Indiegogo. A small camera can be equipped with interchangeable lenses, allowing you to use optical zoom, wide-angle optics and a survey on 170 degrees. In addition to a folding display camera offers work with companion app available for iOS and Android. The image sensor has a resolution of 14 million pixels. Also a change [...]