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Kodak prepares its own version of a cryptocurrency called "KODAKCoin", which will be focused on photographers. Kodak says that KODAKCoin will be the "photo-centric cryptocurrency, which can be used by photographers and agencies, offering them greater control in managing the rights to the images. Currency will provide photographers a new income stream and offers a secure platform to protect their works. The concept sounds similar to the services [...]

Many say that the practice helps to attain perfection, so photographer Jason M. Peterson should be very close to perfection. Over the last 25 years, Peterson creates black-and-white photography, constantly pushing the limits, and his ongoing artistic efforts earned him a whopping 1 million followers on Instagram. "For me, my photography is not about black and white at all," said Peterson. "I'm trying [...]

I was shooting model tests for models in Los Angeles, the main task was to shoot a portrait or beauty for presentation to the client. I cooperate with modeling Agency LA MODELS, and offered me this model. Beautiful girl of 17 years. Baby face, wide-eyed. We discussed with the makeup artist my proposal and decided to focus on hair and easy [...]

Filip Eremita from Macao sick photo. His second passion is nature. He especially likes to take pictures of mushrooms, these tiny, little "creatures" that live on the forest floor. They seem so mystical, sometimes magical, that found a special place in the heart of Philip. Even more inspiration: Facebook, Vkontakte and Telegram

Being a professional conceptual photographer Vatsal Kataria from India creates a variety of concepts for their clients. However, he is engaged in a personal project to preserve the activity of the creative part of your mind. After everyday commercial work Vatsal remaining spare time is his series of photos called "DRAMATIC SERIES" in which he makes a diorama of some well-known logos in the drama. The [...]

Once you start creating pictures you begin to see the world completely differently. It becomes more mysterious and beautiful. We have lost the ability to notice the beauty around us because it is all around us every day. Because of this, everything beautiful became ordinary. However, the camera teaches us to see the world differently. Trying to find something beautiful, you can see [...]

Photographer Marcin Diering always adhered to the rules and standards, but one day his friend said he needs to be more unique, creating your shots. Marcin always wanted to mix photography with graphic design. One day he was sitting in front of a computer with a graphic tablet and began to paint pictures with different colors. It is possible to create interesting pictures, which relaxes and amuses [...]

Memistore is a new accessory for cameras, which became the world's first solution of this type. It offers the ability to store extra memory cards format SD directly in the camera body. Memistore will work with any camera having a hot Shoe or ¼ -inch thread for mounting on tripod. Also Memistore can be mounted between camera and tripod. Memistore [...]

Toshiba announced the first hard disk with a capacity of 14 TB. The new drive is part of a series Toshiba MG07ACA. "We have raised the bar with the new MG07ACA consisting of 9 drives containing helium inside," says Akitoshi Iwata, Vice President of the division storage Toshiba. "Using innovative design, we continue to improve the benefits of disk storage high capacity". In addition to a massive 14 Terrabyte 9-disc [...]

2017 was an amazing year for units of Sony cameras. Camera series Sony A7 and A9 raised full-frame buttercake to a new level. Sony is developing very fast, and every year bites a large chunk of the world market. Now Sony is the only company that makes full-frame image sensors with reverse zastocki (BSI CMOS), and the Sony A9 is the world's first camera, [...]

Image Panasonic camera GH5s again flowed into the network. And this is not the first time the camera is in the pictures. All of these images do not allow to clearly see the device, but in General you can get an idea about the design. The announcement is expected in the next month. Also, according to rumors, a list of possible characteristics Panasonic GH5s Number of effective pixels: Total pixels 10280000 of [...]

For girls Alin G photography is a hobby. Sometimes when things are not going well, it tries to relax and get away from the problems by creating something new. Her new idea was the creation of images in Photoshop of my old photos by combining minimalist and complex shapes. Even more inspiration: Facebook, Vkontakte and Telegram

Photographer, hiding under the name @izabrella in Instagramm mostly shoots portraits, but her attention is drawn to the architecture. After she began building, she began to notice geometric shapes and Parallels in everything. Even more inspiration: Facebook, Vkontakte and Telegram

The Annual contest of Siena International Photo Awards takes pictures of the most beautiful and unique places, people and events on Earth. The images are divided into categories and selected the winners in each theme. Among the categories "Adventure", "Interesting faces and characters", "Fragile ice", "Monochrome" and others. Look at the stunning images that won this year. Even more inspiration: Facebook, Vkontakte and [...]

Lifeprint is a company engaged in the production of photo printers for mobile device with built-in augmented reality technology. Already presented two models. The second version can print on larger format paper. The new printer can print image size 7.62 x 11.43 cm compared to the original model of 5.08 x 7.62 cm with the Wi-Fi function you can remotely send the image to [...]