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World Cup Fortnite has attracted a huge number of cheaters. All because of the cash prize: weekly Epic plays of $ 1 million, so get a couple of thousand - is quite real even without occupying very high places. And it is for this reason, the question of catching cheaters has become more topical. the administration said that caught 1163 persons who citelli during the contest. But while many of these cheats have not helped. Of the above total candidates, only 196 were able to get to a no cash rewards stripped from them. read More about Cheaters deprived of money on the tournament Fortnite Comments

Creator of the literary universe of the Witcher, by Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski, went out, and gave a nearly one hour interview, during which he told many interesting things about how he is now living how difficult could be writing destiny, and that he really is not as evil as its made to draw in the press. But the most interesting was his statement about the upcoming series about the Witcher from Netflix, which will premiere at the end of this year. read More about Andrzej Sapkowski called "far from books" series about the Witch Comments

Amusing thing happened in the U.S. city of Las Vegas, where police arrested 26-year-old Michael Mikowski for chat Heroes of the Storm. while Playing this MOBA, Mr. Mikowski open up on the prospects of shooting at a local school where he once studied. Specifically, he stated the following: "someday, when I have enough money to buy weapons and ammo, I am shooting in local school. Imagine that I go in primary school too. Is high or high school. Just imagine. I'll buy a gun and shoot everybody". read More about Heroes of the Storm helped to neutralize the terrorist Comments

Went on sale In the shooter's Trigger God – game inspired by Hotline Miami, only with much better graphics and new mechanics. At the moment in Steam, it has 91% positive reviews. Customers praise the judges for the picture, a large assortment of weapons, the presence of any story, the locations, interesting bosses, a convenient, intuitive controls, the presence of two characters, which can be changed in the course of transmission, the possibility of leveling, co-op and the musical accompaniment that adds interesting. read More about the release of God's Trigger Comments

PUBG, after his disgrace in India and the ban in Nepal, receives another blow: the government of Iraq voted unanimously to block this game in the country, while taking more and Fortnite, which is also either closed, or will close soon. As reported by Reuters, these shooters are banned because of their harmful effects on the population, and specifically, "because of the negative impact of some of electronic games on health, culture and security of Iraqi society, including the social and moral threat to children and young people". read More about In Iraq banned Fortnite and Playerunknown''s Battlegrounds Comments

Still no news about Age of Empires 4, drove a rumor about the upcoming release of Age of Empires: Definition Edition 2, whose description appeared on the website of the ESRB rating of the resource. what does this mean? In the first place that the project is almost ready for release, and that Microsoft is trying to keep it on the re-issue of the classic parts of age of Empires. On the site ESRB says that the game received an age rating of 16+, and so far it exists only in the PC version. read More about Age of Empires: Definition Edition 2 is preparing to release Comments

The head of Respawn Entertainment's Vincent Zampella, has announced that Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order will not have microtransactions, no multiplayer, very happy and surprised part of the gaming community. However, those who questioned this statement, received an argument in favor of his suspicions. the fact that the new part of Star Wars still would have sold cosmetics. This was told on Twitter by Jay Ingram, a specialist in public relations at Electronic Arts. He stated that the game will not receive additions, and that it will be cosmetics. read More about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order can still be micropayments Comments

Echoes of the revelatory article Kotaku is still an expectorant, among the leadership of BioWare that, as it turned out, held a meeting of all employees in which they promised a better life. All this occurred against the background of statements by the developers that "we do not believe that articles in the press, to attack, have a positive effect on the industry." After this, to criticize BioWare has taken even those who had previously remained on the sidelines. And here came the first information about future changes in the Studio. read More about the BioWare Employees were promised a better life Reviews

About your kozmaksan Starpoint Gemini 3 decided to remind the guys from Little Green Men Games, which released a new ad, laughed at the war Epic Store and Steam, and stated that the game will be released before the end of the year. Starpoint Gemini 3 space of first-person shooter without multiplayer, with a single campaign, a special combat system, modular pumping fighters, a bunch of NPCs with quests and a huge world with three star systems. read More about Kozmaksan Starpoint Gemini 3 will be released before the end of the year Comments

Became known release date of a post-apocalyptic, hellish shooter Remnant From the Ashes. The game will be released on 20 August on the PC and big consoles. the Project is a dynamic third-person shooter, whose protagonist travels through four worlds, where destroy all kinds of otherworldly creatures, which are in the range of more than a hundred different species, not including more than two dozen bosses. read More about the post-Apocalyptic shooter Remnant From the Ashes will be released in August Comments

What made films and did play – come true: a mysterious millionaire gave the announcement of the hiring of those wishing to participate in the Royal rumble on the island, which will be held for three days. this was reported edition of Hush Hush, which States that in the submitted Declaration from a wealthy customer said he needed a hundred people who agree to participate in a duel for 100 thousand pounds, which will get only the winner. read More about the Millionaire decided to make a real Royal Battle on the island Comments

About the Anthem you can say a little is good, but the facts are that this game has earned more than a hundred million dollars, and it's a hit and did not, but certain goals were reached, so from the point of view of Electronic Arts, this project looks pretty successful. So do not be surprised that Dragon Age 4 also can be a multiplayer game in the style of Anthem, in which the main emphasis will be on teamwork. It was reported by Japanese publication Kotaku, which continues to impress deep penetration in the kitchen BioWare. read More about Dragon Age 4 may be a network game in the style of Anthem Comments

Electronic Arts has once again made a strong bid for victory in the competition for the title of worst gaming company of the world. All because Battlefield 5 electronics not just introduce a premium currency, but also add exclusive items that give an advantage in multiplayer battles, including a Battle Royal. it would Seem, only-only the reputation of Battlefield 5 started from the bottom, as you premium money, which you can buy cosmetics, counters save time and so-called elite heroes. read More about Battlefield 5 enter the premium currency and pay heroes Comments

In the near future in the sale of a device called Feelreal whose creators are going to flip the sphere of virtual reality by releasing a helmet that significantly extends the range of impressions received by the operator. most Importantly, what can Feelreal – to convey the smells, the bumps, and these implicit things, like the wind. The device itself looks like something between a torture device and muzzle. It is just a VR helmet, but having a complex system of vibro-motors, and an additional module responsible for the odors. read More about Feelreal – VR-helmet with the smell of the dragon, and zombie is up for sale Comments

Great news from the mill Epic Games, where he changed his mind not to lure games that are not just going to come out on Steam, but is already out. At the end of March, at PAX East, Director at Epic Store, Steve Allison, made a speech in the spirit of "we won't", explaining that he understands the anger of gamers that see the same Metro Exodus disappeared from Steam, and want to say that in the future this practice will not apply. That is, games whose creators have already announced to the public about the release on Steam, the object of interest will be Epic. However, a week later, everything changed. read More about Epic Games breaks a promise not to poach game from Steam Comments