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Despite the fact that for the project No Man's Sky came Supplement which adds multiplayer mode, many players with weak characteristics of computers. They mostly arise with vehicles when simply impossible to fly. Enthusiast moddel designed my mod that allows to increase the performance of PC by 30%. According to the developer, this method is only suitable for the weak computers. If you have a powerful PC, then the installation of the modification will only worsen the situation. read More about No Man's Sky, you can improve performance by 30% using fashion Comments

As you know, Epic Games has decided to opt-out of Google Play and distribute the game Fortnite for the Android operating system from their official website. Or rather, started to spread recently. Guide Epic Games probably already have an idea what Google will lose and what will be the revenue from the mobile version of Fortnite. In 2018, the search giant will lose about $ 50 million. The estimated proceeds from the game will be 175 million dollars before the end of the year. read More about Know how much you will lose Google if Fortnite doesn't appear in Google Play Comments

Engineers Digital Foundry checked the Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, which now is at the stage of closed beta tests, and I must say that the check was not good. More precisely, the tests succeeded, but that game let us down. this is the version for the PlayStation, which, as it turned out, suffers from a lack of productivity. Frame rate mercilessly sags that could be normal, e.g. for step-by-step strategy, but for an extremely dynamic shooter, most would find such unacceptable. read More about Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 problems with FPS Comments

Became known release date network vigilantia SCUM. Release, albeit in early access, will be held on 29 August. In honor of this event the developers have even released a new video, which was shown the horrors of survival in the terrible TV show with huge robots, flying drones and... zombies. Oddly enough, the game will these guys, despite the fact that until now this one is not mentioned. it is understood that the zombies will turn those who are killed, that would probably make the spectator mode more interesting than the competition. read More about SCUM will be released in late August Comments

Amid allegations of financial analysts that last part God of War was the best selling game for Sony's history of PlayStation, it is not surprising that Microsoft also want to get something similar, so entice Crystal Dynamics – the Studio that developed the new adventure of Kratos and Sons, Darrell Gallagher, the former her boss, who now will head the newly formed Studio called Initiative, which Microsoft apparently have high expectations. read More about Microsoft wants its God of War Comments

The announcement of the game called Bee Simulator, which received an unexpectedly epic promotional trailer, showing that the bee's life is not just routine work, a daily journey, full of new challenges and grave dangers. the Developers promise a real drama where the dialog and quests, and building and gathering and fighting, and even racing. For example, players will have to compete with other bees in speed, collecting every tasty with the flowers growing in the Central Park of new York. read More about the Announced simulator bees Comments

Quite an interesting statement was made marketing Director of Capcom, Antoine Malan, who said that choosing between high sales and high ratings, they will choose the latter. Specifically, the following was stated: "In some cases, getting very good ratings in reviews for Capcom as important as a high rate of sales of the released game. We'd rather make a game that will get nine in reviews, but will sell worse than the one that will get six, but disperse large quantities". read More about Capcom, high sales preferred high ratings Comments

Contacted CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, who commented on the attitude of those enormous profits that accrue to Fortnite, due to the integrated system of micropayments. Specifically, the following was stated: "the Success of Fortnite – the best type of financing that can get a company. Micropayments from happy customers – that's fine. We actively reinvest a portion of their earnings to make the game even better, and, for example, over the next 12 months we will pay awards for competitions in the amount of one hundred million dollars." read More about Epic Games are pleased to receive money from happy fans Fortnite Comments

Serious surprise prepared in Bethesda, announcing that Fallout 76 will not appear in Steam. Instead, the spread of the game will the developers using the service through which is distributed The same as The Elder Scrolls Online and Legends. it Seems that the game developers decided to use to promote your own shop. However, the chances that Fallout 76 still appear in game. Suffice it to recall the history of the Fallout Shelter, which was released on Steam a year after release. read More about Fallout 76 will not appear in Steam Comments

Closed tests Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 complaints about bias in the balance. Specifically complain about the armor, which increases a parameter called Time To Kill, that is, the unit of time required to kill. After the game armor, each enemy need to put 2-3 bullets more that such a dynamic shooter is a big problem. In the end, you have to either aim only at the head, or just accept the fact that the number of kills per battle is significantly reduced. read More about Fans of Call of Duty: Black Ops dissatisfied 4 armor Comments

Soon to be released game called Sword Legacy: Omen, which is something of a cross between fantasy role-playing and tactical, turn-based strategy. She will have the 13th of August. Responsible for the development of Team 17, which we know the world famous TV series about combat worms, and Brazilian Firecast Studios. the game takes place in the atmosphere of the early middle ages England, with its myths of king Arthur, the sword in the stone, wizards and evil monsters. In fact, the main character just did and will have to find the sword Excalibur, what will prevent the forces of evil. read More about the Coming release of turn-based RPG Sword Legacy: Omen Comments

In early access on Steam appeared network varivestis called Rend, which the developers promise to finish within a year, but which now looks quite think of anything, comparing favorably to most of the network "Turkey", getting on store shelves with a huge bouquet of technical problems. At this point the game was estimated at 77% positive reviews. Of positive gamers noted a large and interesting world, an unusual system of leveling, mounts, a few dozen potential enemies, interesting PvP and PvE battles, and pretty graphics. read More about Network varivestis Rend already in Steam Comments

PUBG just recently introduced a new feature matchmaking - custom server where you will be able to set cards, number of players and other conditions for the game. At the moment, this option is only available in the beta test, but soon it will be release, and many players are wondering: will the custom servers paid or not. And if earlier it was just a rumor, but now it is confirmed by the Brendan Greene, the Creator of PUBG. read More about Custom servers in PUBG free no Comments

You are a fan of the online shooter Warface? Then you will be pleased to know that the developers have launched a closed beta test of the game for consoles PS4. The first phase will be completed on 30 July, that is in a few days. If you want to participate in the PTA, you will need to key on the official website of the project. Just keep in mind that the number of keys is limited, so you may not have time, if you will wait. One of the incentives for participation in the PTA is the gift that awaits each attendee - it's an ice pick. It is only used in melee. read More about Warface comics on PS4 Comments

In August, according to Ubisoft, kicks off the 7th season For Honor, who will delight us with not only new maps but also improved the rating system. The seventh season received the name of Storm and Fury, and at the start will give all players a new map "Hidden fortress," which will be available in the following modes: Duel, Battle, Destruction, Slaughter and Gifts. But it's not the most interesting what players can expect. We are also expecting the update for the two characters: the Guardian and Valkyrie. read More about the details of the start of the 7th season For Honor Comments