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We are receiving interesting information that Steam can integrate either the entire customer Origin, whether the game from there. according to the publication TheNerdMag inside Steam seen suspicious activity, something very similar to a test run within the Origin client by Valve Software. Evidence of this found in Steam DB – store database. They were signs of a launch action Saboteur, only available in GOG and Origin. There were discovered traces of a test run of Dragon Age 2. read More about Origin integrated into Steam. Games Electronic Arts can become more accessible to Comments

In Albuquerque, in new Mexico that in the United States, was shot and killed 21-year-old Kyle Campos, who was behind the wheel of a car, late at night, with her boyfriend, drove up to one of Pokeschool, where he witnessed an armed robbery of someone who also came to catching pokemon. The girl immediately tried to escape by pressing on the gas, but the offender opened fire, causing Kyle was shot in the head, and her car lost control, crashed into a tree. Arrived on the scene, the doctors tried to save the victim, but they failed. read More on Fan Pokemon GO dead. Police warns of robbers ambushes Comments

Developers of Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 has managed to move his game three times. the fact that the Vampire originally 2 had planned to release before the end of this year. Then he said that carry the release early next, and then outlined a more streamlined time – the first quarter of 2020. Even had time to appoint date: 22nd March. And now it turned out that this information is not true, and that generally for a release in the first quarter should not count. read More about Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2 port, due to technical problems Comments

According to German newspaper PlayFront, the future DualShock 5 will be able to work without the PlayStation 5. It can be assumed by the discovered Sony patent, which States that the controller, once connected to wifi, can go online to join the cloud service with a subsequent connection to other devices that can work with streaming technologies, read - with TV. But there is a problem: the fact that the same Google Stadia fenced so-called policy constraints in the United States, which limits access for, like, non-licensed devices. read More about DualShock 5 will be able to work without the PlayStation 5, but there are problems Comments

While in the world of PC-schnick resides peace and confidence in the future (thank you console gamers for beta-testing Red Dead Redemption 2), in the environment of the latter - anger. There has fallen with criticism Obsidian Entertainment and especially Microsoft, which, in the opinion of many, betrayed the PlayStation 4 Pro. the Scandal erupted after it was announced that The Outer Worlds will be able to offer an improved version for Xbox One X, but will not be able to do that for PS 4 Pro. Publisher action announced 4K pumped for the Xbox and the complete lack of improvements for PS pumped. read More about the creators of The Outer Worlds were called traitors, because of the refusal of support for PS 4 Pro Reviews

We have already talked about the fact that World Wrestling Entertainment 2K20 showed the public just obscenely outdated graphics, almost the times of PlayStation 3, but the matter has not ended, and right now the game is making great strides towards becoming a global meme, not worse than Fallout 76. the Reason for the sloppy animation found in the first gameplay impressions. The most interesting that where now everything is funny or just bad, in the last part was OK. Apparently, as is the case when the economy is on the development was too obvious. read More about Gamers mock animation WWE 2K20 Comments

Riot Games, known for League of Legends, struggling not want to be a group one song and are ready to confirm your desire job. became known, right now were doing a card-trading game called Legends of Runeterra, which will be free, and which have been able to play many testers. But that's not all: you are also doing network tactical first-person shooter, currently has the code name Project A. the Game already looks good, but more details about it will come next year. read More about the Creators of League of Legends make a shooter, RPG, fighting game and card game Reviews

Canadian actor Steven OGG, who became famous primarily through his role as Trevor in GTA 5, announced the imminent release of the sixth part. he Said this at a games show in Brazil, where he said the following: "the Game will be released in the near future. The creation of such takes 7-8 years that count". Has Mr. OGG some specific information, or is it a personal guess – is unclear, but the theory that GTA 6 to come soon, got another prop. read More about the Actor who played Trevor, announced the imminent release of GTA 6 Comments

In early access on Steam appeared global strategy Rebel Inc: Escalation, from the creators of internationally acclaimed Plague Inc: Evolved is a simulation of various viruses that want to destroy humanity. The game, despite its unfinished look, apparently, was excellent: 88% positive feedback and flattering comments about the variability of gameplay. However, a Russian localization is present only nominally, and huge chunks inside the game is still not translated. read More about the Creators of Plague Inc: Evolved released strategy Rebel Inc: Escalation Reviews

The Creative Director of Ghost Games, Riley Cooper, said about the cops in Need for Speed, which, as he put it "raise to a new level." According to Mr. Director, the franchise has always been famous for the police chases, and in the same Most Wanted, they chases were great, but in the future part of them will no longer limit narrative framework, with the result that the police will get unprecedented freedom and will be able to fully give the players the most important thing – the feeling of speed. read More about Police chase in Need for Speed: Heat "will raise to a new level" Comments

Studio Peakway Software first introduced the gameplay of its ambitious project called Isles of Adalar. the Game looks like a much improved Skyrim with decorations, clearly gleaned from Morrowind. The picture is not of the imagination, but an early alpha version, of course, looks quite decent. the Developers offer an open fantasy world, switching between first and third-person, full-fledged single-player campaign, the passing in co-op, split screen mode, construction, agriculture and many similar "sand" mechanic. read More about Shows the first gameplay Isles of Adalar: fantasy roleplaying in the open world Comments

From the field reported that Microsoft has patented several interesting devices will probably be completed with future Xbox Scarlett. the First device turned out to be something called VR-pad. Its main task is marking the edges of the map, which moves the operator wearing on his head a helmet of a virtual reality. Very useful thing for those who are afraid to hit on the elements of the interior. read More about Xbox Scarlett? Microsoft patented VR-pad, the stylus and the motion controller Reviews

On Kickstarter appeared a very funny video game that is not a fact that will be able to live up to its release, because of the total, although talented plagiarism. the fact that a project called Project Heroes is a nearly complete copy of the third part of Heroes of might and Magic. The game has a peculiar art style, it seems, is also copied from turn-based RPG Darkest Dungeon. read More about On Kickstarter appeared a rip-off of Heroes of might and Magic in the style of Darkest Dungeon Comments

Last night simultaneously held two events: State of Play from Sony and Microsoft's Inside Xbox. The latter has been very insidiously: on the background of talk about the fact that we love our competitors and are glad, when we compete, Microsoft waited for a date of announcement of the fair from Sony and decided to stick at the same time its Inside Xbox, apparently, to distract the audience. The latter is assessed and accepted for discussion. read More about Gamers compare the State of Play and Inside Xbox. Opinions differed Comments

Action game about a school bully Bully 2, not as popular as GTA. However, he has admirers, who day and night seek in this world a new proof of the development of the second part. And sometimes they do it. the adherents of the theory of the creation of the Bully 2 are happy to discuss the cap posted for sale in the company store Rockstar. It says: "Property of the Academy of Bullworth" schools, which have tried to study the same wayward rebel Jimmy Hopkins – the main character of the first part. read More about followers of the development of Bully 2 has found a new proof of his theory Comments