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After the demonstration of all the beauty Mortal Kombat 11, which looks by far more realistic and believable than ever in its history, much to the frustration of those who praised about this Unreal Engine 4 was that the game was collected on legacy of Unreal Engine 3, which, in fact, was created as the last part. This issue is finally clarified itself Netherrealm Studios, where he explained that the capabilities of the old engine is not yet exhausted, and that they had confidence that a new part of the Deadly game they really will be able to visually transform. read More about Mortal Kombat 11 did on the old engine Comments

After Activision made a paradoxical effect: firing 800 employees, adding that last year was a record profitable, the company began to slack off, as ordinary gamers and major gaming publications. Journalists noted that it would be scary to imagine what would happen if the financial year for this company were not good enough, suggesting also that now the remaining staff will do everything to such a successful financial years at Activision was less, for it to be dismissed very few people want. read More about Journalists Troll Activision, comparing it with the Ubisoft Comments

Well-Known Director and writer, Neil Blomkamp is the author of several famous science fiction films – showed what side he was involved in BioWare in General, and in Anthem, in particular. it Turned out that he was responsible for producing the promotional trailer of this game, which looks like a real trailer for a real movie. It involves real actors, lots of special effects, there are several references to the plot, and in General, felt the signature style of Mr. Director, when special effects are so realistic that they are very difficult to distinguish from reality. read More about Neil Blomkamp took kinotrailer about Anthem Comments

On sale one of the most unusual games of the year, and with it, one of the most medidative, relaxing and mild. We are talking about Eastshade the simulation of the artist, wandering around the picturesque island, who paints pictures, and vymenivali have written to local residents fat, vodka, tobacco and a variety of tools with which to raise the level of artistic skill to new heights so that you can draw more complex and beautiful painting that could be exchanged more fat, moonshine and tobacco. read More about Eastshade – released simulator of the artist Comments

Codemasters has announced that it will prepare for DiRT Rally 2.0 "best in the world of virtual reality." However, this does not happen immediately. DiRT Rally 2.0 is preparing to release 26 th of February. Well, VR-expansion the game will get in the summer. Specific terms are not specified, but in General the time frame is clear, so fans of racing simulators with virtual reality helmets and unhappy with the fact that normal games are there for them, you can put DiRT Rally 2.0 on the pencil. read More about DiRT Rally 2 For preparing the "best in the world of virtual reality" Comments

Amid the loud announcements of the new era of cloud computing, Sony shifted uneasily, saying that all of this poses a certain threat to traditional console gaming. to Admit this decided financial officer of Sony, Hiroki Totoki, who said: "the growing popularity of cloud technology will make it so that the hardware will be unnecessary. Some will continue to resist, but the issue is, I believe, will take more time. It will take a very long time and a lot of work, and it will try to reduce the revenue share of other platforms." read More about Sony sees in the cloud a threat to consoles Comments

Mobile Command & Conquer: Rivals, apparently, successfully failed, what we had predicted. Harsh criticism after the first announcement, have seen a dramatic boycott of the game, which in the end could not. It's now official, because Electronic Arts said the following: "From the start of the premiere, the game unfortunately hasn't gained the popularity, no matter what we all want. And at the moment we are working to increase the number of players, trying to attract new people." read More about EA hints at the closure of the project Command & Conquer Comments

It Seems that the bosses of Electronic Arts, thinks that the reason for the failure of Battlefield V lies in the excessive focus on multiplayer and neglect the single player campaign. In any case, this idea was expressed by General Director of the electronics, Andrew Wilson. as a result of rough brainstorming, many sleepless nights and lengthy consultations with analysts, Mr. Wilson spoke as follows: "Decision DICE to prioritize to the detriment of the single player game may have played a role in a commercial situation with the release." read More about EA think Battlefield V failed because of the multiplayer Comments

Shaggy Rogers continues the conquest of the universe. After adding it in Mortal Kombat 11 voted currently 328 thousand people signed a petition took the floor fans of the Red Dead Online, which also wanted to get this character as, at least, NPC. it All started with the fact that Shaggy was photoshopped in to Red Dead Online, and posted on the web. And in view of the fact that the character recently turned downright into a real meme, people immediately began demanding to have him added in this cowboy shooter, for that matter. read More about Red Dead Online also please add Shaggy Rogers Comments

Never such was and here again! Video game caught in the deterioration of the charts! Light the torch and grab the pitchfork! It's time to finally deal with those who are satisfied with the graphics downgrade. this time the angry gamers I propose to deal with BioWare, whose Anthem visual range nerf, leaving only a part of those beauties, what were games in the past. The reason for this was provided by the engineers at Digital Foundry who, as befits honest and incorruptible journalists took, and dumped the video comparison that was on display at E3 2017, and that was in the same free demo. read More about Anthem caught in deteriorating graphics Comments

On sale urban simulation Foundation, which on this occasion got four hundred reviews on Steam. currently the game has a 73% positive ratings for a game in early access is pretty good. Buyers note perfect performance, the picture with great attention to detail, a large number of various resources, unusual mechanics of construction, the ability to choose the appearance of the buildings and sane Russian localization. read More about Steam In the urban simulation Foundation Reviews

Released a couple of days ago action Kingdom Hearts 3 finally got a proper number of assessments from the press. so, on Metacritic the game received 86 and 79 points for the version for PS 4 and Xbox One, respectively. Those who liked it, told a great visual style, changing from mission to mission, and from location to location. About a hefty serving of nostalgia, a clear and simple control, great graphics, interesting story, filling the hitherto empty space Saga about a great soundtrack and an interesting combat. read More about Kingdom Hearts 3 gets the rating from the press Comments

The Creators of Path of Exile have announced that the March update 3.6.0 will not work with operating systems Windows XP or Windows Vista. According to the developer, the number of active users of XP and Vista is only 0.1% of the total user base of the game: "Microsoft, Steam and most other games companies have already stopped supporting these operating systems and we plan to do the same. It will also free up technical resources for other more important tasks." read More about fans of Path of Exile please go to the new version of Windows Comments

76 Fallout continues to amaze. This time its poor sales, which individual stores have gone on quite original solutions. for example, the managers of the German retail chains Saturn invented the following: add disk with the Fallout of 76 in the set with the special edition Xbox One X, which the game already has: "we Buy Xbox One X version Fallout 76, and get another Fallout 76 in the present" - as a hint to us marketers of Saturn. read More about Fallout 76 give those who buy the Xbox One X with Fallout 76 in set Comments

By Tuesday morning the number of signatories to the petition Appendix in Mortal Kombat 11 Shaggy Rogers character from the cartoon series Scooby-Doo, exceeded 90 thousand. The noise was pretty loud, so the head of NetherRealm, ed boon, could not resist and commented on this requirement. one of the messages on Twitter, he asked fans to give him time to understand how it will work. Apparently, he meant as a Comedy, in General, a hero, not famous for military exploits, will join in the harsh universe Deadly Duel. read More about the Creator of Mortal Kombat 11 responded to the request to add a character from Scooby-Doo Comments