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While some projects only ban for cheats, in others the case may go to trial, in principle, as it is observed in Fortnite. Epic Games filed a lawsuit against utuber Golden Modz, which in YouTube played with a cheat, and, according to representatives of the company, sold them. Another youtuber - Excentric, his partner, also fell under the scope of the company's representatives. In the end, both were accused of distributing and using cheats, which they vehemently aired in their commercials. read More about Cheaters in Fortnite awaits trial Comments

In the popular MMORPG, Icarus, the event was fired, which was called "Bodyguard for GM". It will last from 15 to 20 October, but will be available every day at 19:00. What's the point? Players will be divided into 2 teams where one is accompanying, the other forwards. The main goal is to protect all the forces of game masters. If the wizard is able to reach a certain point then all the defenders will receive awards. It can be as shape of the arms of glory and the crown, wings, costume. Issued for a period of 15 days. read More about Icarus the Developers have launched a new event Comments

Guide Ubisoft, contrary to common sense, still continues to insist on the historical accuracy of Assassin's Creed: Odyssey. this time there decided not to waste time on trifles and at once came up trumps, telling about the hired professionals and their contribution to the development of the game. the Total number of hired consultants is not reported, but the company hinted that there were a few dozen, and they closely communicated with 2015, the year when, in fact, began the development of the game. read More about In Ubisoft spoke about the impact of historians on Assassin's Creed: Odyssey Comments

Chinese developers Snail Games released the first, and most importantly, free add-on for its popular project in the genre of MMO, Dark and Light. DLC called Shard of Faith. Its main feature is a brand new location Garardeth's Shard through which the game world will expand 2 times. The map is divided into 5 different zones, and users will be able to start in one of the 4 points. Each point is a separate Outpost. read More about Dark and Light has released a Supplement Shard of Faith Comments

Due To the fact that not much time remains before the American holiday, Halloween, many developers are launching themed events in their games, and Overwatch is no exception. Started an annual event called "Horrors of Halloween". What do we see? First, is the addition of PvE-mission "Revenge of Krasenstein". If you played Overwatch in the past year, we have encountered it. Secondly, cosmetic items in the theme of the holiday, only they added some more skins for the following characters: Moira, Soldier 76 and McCrea. read More about Overwatch started the event "Horror of Halloween" Comments

Places have been reports that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will receive a patch the first day to 50 GB without which the game starts. Just for installation you will need 112 GB of free space, despite the fact that in the prescribed form the game will take about 55 GB. And it just so happened that a bad Internet – the problem is not only domestic gamers. In the West, in the UK and the USA, people every time they come in terrified that they will have to download the patch for 20, 30 or 40 GB. Well, there are as many as 50. read More about Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will sell a day early, because of the patch 50 GB Comments

The Old rumors that Microsoft is interested in buying Obsidian Entertainment, was confirmed once again. most Reputable Japanese gaming publication Kotaku, citing its own sources, reports that the deal is almost complete. Left to settle some details, and the company that created Fallout: New Vegas, Neverwinter Nights 2, Armored Warfare, Tyranny, Pillars of Eternity and released a bunch of other games, will be the property of Microsoft. read More about Rumor: Microsoft almost bought Obsidian Entertainment Comments

One of the Directors of Sony, Kenichiro of Ishida, in an interview with the Financial Times confirmed the existence of a PlayStation 5, calling it "a necessity." Specifically, the following was stated: "At this stage I can say that to have the hardware of future generations – is a vital necessity". This was said in the context of the discussion PlayStation. While Mr. Ishida did not indicate directly the name of this hardware, but everyone understood that. read More about Sony consider PlayStation 5 "need" Comments

Assassin's Creed: Odyssey will be a system of micropayments embedded into the in-game store where players can spend real money. Ubisoft offers to buy costumes for the characters, maps indicating the location of the treasures, ancient writings, with valuable records, the sets of weapons and different kit for vehicles. All of this will be bought for in-game currency called helix, which will be purchased with money. read More about Assassin's Creed: Odyssey will be sold skoracki pumping Comments

The Hard life of fans PUBG. They first several months were required from the developers, so they introduced the game to a regional restriction, because the Chinese cheaters go play on the European and North American servers, which greatly annoy the local inhabitants. In Bluehole very long resisted, explaining that it's a bad idea, but then changed his mind, and with the latest update introduced this very same geographic lockdown, forcing everyone to play in his sandbox, and not to go to the neighbors. read More about Fans PUBG dissatisfied with regional lock, which is required before Comments

No luck Electronic Arts covers for FIFA. While there put a picture with Cristiano Ronaldo in the form of real Madrid, as the player moved to Juventus, which immediately demanded the hasty alteration of a variety of materials in the FIFA 19. Even more difficult situation was with FIFA 17 when the alleged cover Lionel Messi stepped in to the tax scandal with a court sentence and the conditional jail time, what changed it for Marco Reus, approved in the vote. In General, never been here again. read More about Ronaldo can be removed from the cover 19 FIFA over allegations of rape Comments

Pulled up the details of Football Manager 2019 games, which might want to join those who are disappointed in FIFA but still love football. To begin with, the developers have announced a new chart. They added a system of studying video replays, which was first tested on the World Cup in Russia, in General improved appearance of the field, updated the interface, and paid attention to the animation of the players. Then they have added even more psychology. Now to talk to my players more often, and these same conversations will have a much greater effect. read More about the Creators of Football Manager 2019 promise a unique training system Reviews

The Director of action, Days Gone, John Garvin, said, what can be compared to his game, and what exactly they were inspired by during development. it was Found that Days Gone is most similar to the film 28 Days Later with the young Killian Murphy in the lead role, who miraculously survived the beginning of the cartoon, and tried to break out of quarantine. According to Mr. Garvin, Days Gone, it is appropriate to compare it with this film, rather than, for example, AMC's the Walking Dead, because in the game, and in that movie the zombies were right, and not just frightening walking mannequins. read More about Days Gone compared with 28 Days Later Reviews

In a card-trading game Artifact that Valve Software will release at the end of November, found an unexpected racism that forced the developers to quickly make changes. this is the map whose description indicates that it modifies the black character, as well as its neighbors, adding to their strength +2, after which they will be able to attack the enemy. And all anything, but the fact that the map is called to crack the Whip, and it depicts a creature from these the whip, very similar to the slave driver who persecute others in the attack. read More about Artifact found racist Comments

Show called PlayStation Experience was established in 2014 year. Since then, it has gained immense popularity and became one of the main events in the gaming life at the level of E3 or Gamescom. However, this year it will not conduct. this was stated by one of the Directors of Sony, Shawn Layden, explaining the rejection of the event by the lack of new games that I would like to show. While new games are being made, but meanwhile to show them to the public would be premature. read More about Sony criticized for abandoning the PlayStation Experience Comments