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Not Yet published Cyberpunk 2077, we can say that CD Projekt RED is the company of one of the game – the Witcher, since all her other projects, if not fail, then perform very poorly. Following problems Guinta, it was found that the Blood Feud cases are also not very good, and the sequel, the developers are not going to do. In any case, this was announced by managing community, Paul Bourges in the last session of questions and answers (43 minutes). read More about Blood feud: the Witcher. History is not will continue Comments

The web was a rumor that Sony supposedly doesn't want shared play between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. That is no necessarily krossplatformy. In the sense that if a game with Four, can and will run on Five, then on the contrary – no. Anyway, if you do not want the developer, and make a separate version. this was told Kotaku editor, Jason Schreier, who explained that he was not aware of all cases of Microsoft, but he knows what I want to do a full cross-platform between Xbox One and Xbox Scarlett. Sony in this case will go the other way. read More about Rumor: Sony doesn't want shared play between PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 Comments

Ubisoft has published the results of a survey among fans of Ghost Recon: Breakpoint for the desired changes in the game. And, I must say, the results were not surprising. More than 70% want more story content. More than 60% want new weapons, more than half wished advanced settings, characters and allies bots to play by themselves. More than a third of respondents wished the best intelligence of enemies and the ability to play offline. The developers have stated that the number of requirements is already in operation, and that in the near future the game will be much better. read More about Ghost Recon Fans: Breakpoint want new weapons and story Comments

Edition of Nintendo Enthusiast, albeit very late, but still sounded the alarm about the fact that the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett would be a threat to Nintendo Switch. the Concerns of the author of the material, if the new PS and Xbox will be really so powerful, as they say, the game is designed for them, it will be very difficult to port to mobile Nintendo console. This is already causing great problems, and the same Red Dead Redemption 2 is almost officially refused to reschedule. But what will happen then? read More about PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett called threat to Nintendo Switch Comments

Mike Pondsmith – the Creator of the universe of Cyberpunk, which was shot many great films, and created many good and not so good games, while in anticipation of the launch of Cyberpunk 2077, spoke about the disparity between the appearance of Keanu Reeves and johnny Silverhand. Mr. Pondsmith recalled that johnny actually was blonde, but it's going to endure something that Keanu Reeves is not so. Question about repainting hair, albeit a virtual one, apparently, was not even, because then the actor would be more difficult to learn. read More about the Creator of Cyberpunk said that will endure the appearance of Keanu Reeves Comments

Announced last year, the 2D plane Unto The End long gone out of sight. And now, after many months, the developers finally broke the silence. As stated by the boss of the Studio 2 Ton, they're a young team and they needed time to get to his feet. And now that troubles are over, they can say that the game will be released next year on PC, and the "big" consoles. Fans of Salt and Sanctuary, Blasphemous, Dead Cells and Hollow Knight is highly recommended to put this project on the pencil. read More about Unto The End – a 2D action game with innovative combat mechanics will be released next year Comments

Edition TSA sadly notes that only a third of owners of Modern Warfare has completed the single-player campaign. Anyway, in the version for PlayStation 4 – sure. this became known after the study of the "captured" data. Now, to fully complete the campaign bothered only 33% of owners. At that time, the trophy for completing on the maximum and previous maximum complexity, and is only 2.4%. And have completed all available missions in a cooperative mode Special Ops – only 0.3%. read More about Only a third of owners of Modern Warfare have been the campaign Comments

Red Read Redemption 2 on PC will soon have an interesting mod called Undead Nightmare 2 is working on two community modders themselves, and which, after its release in the near future, populated expanses of the Wild West thousands of aggressive zombies, which will look and behave as befits aggressive zombies. When the modification is fully prepared – yet unknown, but what changes it adds to the game – you can see now. read More about Red Read Redemption 2 will add zombies Comments

That the alteration of Sonic in the upcoming film adaptation, will result in millions, it was clear once, but now know how much. According to the publication CBR, only design work had to spend $ 2.1 million, and in General all related costs associated with the delay resulted for the Sonic in Cinema in additional 35 million, which exceeded the original budget of $ 90 million, which are now required to recoup at any cost, otherwise Sonic's career is in danger of collapse. read More about it Became known, how much cost to remake Sonic Comments

Former Manager of Sony, Phil Harrison, told an interesting story. It turned out that Sony really wanted to release its PlayStation 3 together with Xbox 360, but this was not possible due to the absence of the laser diode for a disk drive that has not been delivered in time. This, in fact, the crystal does not have time to produce the proper amount. In the end, the cost of the item and 5 cents, has delayed the release of the PlayStation 3 for a year, and its launch release was overshadowed by a price tag of 600 $. read More about the Release of the PS 3 was detained for a year, for items for 5 cents Comments

The story of the cartridges from Sony got to the finals: the company has officially confirmed the existence of such devices: "This is an informational media that can be recorded various information such as animations, sounds, or programs. Connecting the cartridge, you will be able to read all recorded data". So that the version of something of the type of replacement external drives turned out to be true, despite the fact that leaked online photos and patent drawings allegedly, the new PlayStation 5, no connectors something of the sort was found. read More about Removable media: Sony has confirmed the patent on the cartridges Reviews

In an interview TrueAchievements, CEO of Xbox Game Studios, Phil Spencer, stated that the world needs more role-playing games, and what Microsoft is going to give them. It was said that this genre has proven itself in the past few years, and that it is played most readily, and that in the future the company will develop this direction. That is why the company has made existing purchase, and will continue to do so in the future. read More about Microsoft wants more RPG Reviews

On the official YouTube channel of the Studio Arts Blackrose appeared gameplay video action VALHALL, which finally reveals the details of the Battle Royal, which is what this game is. so, have to fight over the hammer of Thor, that mighty God, whether accidentally, deliberately dropped from the heavens. Hammer picks one, and the remaining 49 evil Vikings trying to butt the owner of a valuable relic, and they can do this with the use of bare fists. The owner of the hammer can not only use it to annihilate the enemy's head and throw it in a special way according to the type of boomerang. read More about the Creators of VALHALL revealed the details of the Battle Royal Comments

Representatives of edition of Video Games Chronicle has discovered a new patent from Sony. On the accompanying drawings shows a controller very similar to the DualShock, and it may well be that we have the same miracle gamepad for the PlayStation 5. as shown, the analog sticks are a bit smaller, the triggers and the touchpad, on the contrary, became more. Also at the top of had discovered a hole, which may be a microphone. It looks like the description published earlier portal Wired, who talked about the possibility to give voice commands. read More about DualShock 5? Sony publishes a patent for a new controller Comments

Ubisoft continues to play in last year's game with hints of a new part of Splinter Cell. At this time the distinguished Spanish branch of the company, in which Twitter has an image of Sam Fisher. At the same time, Twitter accounts of companies from other countries: Russia, USA, Italy, Germany, France and others, so anything not noted. To the picture was the text comment: "You need to understand the darkness to confront her." It's pretty boilerplate message. In particular, previously Ubisoft had said that the darkness is your ally, but an inner darkness – the real enemy. read More about the New part of Splinter Cell? Ubisoft shows once again Sam Fisher Comments