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Hideo kojima, in another interview, answered a reporter's question about criticism on the part of his admirers, among whom not everyone likes the use of star actors in Death Stranding. Specifically, it is called "the process of legalizing the use of famous actors in the gaming industry". Many do not care that this particular character was removed from the famous Hollywood personality. Gamers, he says, is far from the movie, so they don't like that huge amount is spent on fees to these guys. read More about kojima responded to accusations of the use of star actors in the Stranding Death Comments

Project Wight – one of the most enigmatic and secretive of the games today, what little about it who knows, well, who knows, probably waiting for a full presentation which, very likely, will take place very soon. the fact that the Network appeared the picture of a monitor on which, according to the insider, you can see the main menu of the game, which sort of serves to show at E3, and which, supposedly, has an incredible soundtrack. If the game and show, then most likely, the PC Gaming Show, which opens on 12 June, in the night from Monday to Tuesday. read More about Project Wight is prepared to show at E3 Comments

Despite the fact that children – flowers of life, parents often want to break from them. Therefore, the alloy thereof in the village to the grandmother or to summer camps, where they want to go not all. Now, if these camps were arranged for those who are between 20 to 35, I think, from those who did not rebound. Well, as for children, they usually don't want to go and want to stay at home with your favorite tablets, computers and consoles. For them and came up with the camp of gamers, where it can be much more interesting than at home. read More about Europe opened the first camp for gamers Comments

We already wrote about the fact that the main character of Assassin's Creed Odyssey will be a Spartan son of king Leonidas. The man who commanded the three hundred soldiers in the battle of Thermopylae. But that was the rumor, and now approached officialdom. In accordance with the description in the PlayStation store, it really is Spartan, exiled from his city, perhaps because of the machinations of the nobility, which indirectly confirms its noble origin. So he has become a mercenary, and gradually turning into a legendary hero, to uncover the truth about his past. read More about the Main character of Assassin's Creed Odyssey will be exiled Spartan Comments

While Sony and Naughty Dog out of the spy game, Australian retail outlets are taking matters into their own hands, laying on the shelves The Last of Us 2, which according to them should be out before the end of the year. two store from Australia noted similar, to post this game in the list of those that should be expected in 2018. it is Noteworthy that the official Twitter account of PlayStation has also recently reported that The Last of Us 2 and Ghost of Tsushima will be released this year, but then, however, the message is deleted, referring to a wrong translation into English. read More about Hearing – The Last of Us 2 can come out before the end of the year Comments

The Former head of BioWare, Mike Laidlaw seem to put an end to disputes on the subject, which is better: Dragon Age: Inquisition or the Witcher 3, saying that the world of the Inquisition was empty and monotonous, and if he started to do this game now, it would make the world as it was in the third Witcher. oddly enough, in gaming circles, at one time a seething dispute between fans of these two games, which proved that one better than the other. And so, while the camp CD Projekt RED no one said that the Witcher should have been done in the style of Dragon Age, in the opposite camp in that desire admitted. read More about the Creator of Dragon Age Inquisition regret not made a game like Witcher 3 Comments

Last week on Steam unprecedented happened: for the second time in its history, was overturned with a first place age-old, hackneyed winner. And, did it not already known, one might even say, an old candidate. However, everything in order. so, in tenth place was suddenly Assassin's Creed Origins. All thanks to the life-giving discounts. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is the ninth line. On the eighth place is varivestis The Forest. Stellaris set Distant Stars Story Pack is deposited at a decent seventh position. read More about TOP 10 most popular games on Steam last week, may 21-27 Comments

Paradox Interactive has announced that thought about the resurrection Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines – the legendary action, which is considered the best video game about vampires. Said about this Paradox CEO , Fred West, who said: "this game felt right, it must be created the right people. And this is what we think now". I mean, wait, that second part will show soon – not necessary, but the fact that such reasoning was already happy. read More about Vampire The Masquerade – Bloodlines is going to resurrect the Comments

High voltage action film adaptation of Monster Hunter. so, the main role in the film takes Milla Jovovich that Capcom took the old memory in honor of cooperation in the framework of the film adaptation of Resident Evil. The shooting took place in Cape town, the capital of South Africa, and the special effects meet the same guys who did the last part of resident Evil. in Fact, after the shooting, the citizen Jovovich immediately, without a smoke break, go to star in the next Resident Evil, where she is despite the years of battle, defeated not all of them. read More about the film Adaptation of Monster Hunter show in August Comments

Something in the run-up to E3, as from a cornucopia poured transfers. After the hyphenation Point Phoenix, Borderlands 3 and Metro Exodus, about the transfer of naval action Skull & Bones announced Ubisoft. Apparently, the game was planned to release before the end of the year, but now its release will take place between 1 April 2019 and 31st March 2020. That is not the fact even that the game will be released next year. Not that we're all waiting for her, but fans of Assassins Creed: Black Flag probably was not against to repeat past nautical experience. read More about Skull & Bones carry into the unknown Comments

Rumors in recent weeks about Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 was correct: no single-player campaign, a complete focus on multiplayer, Zombie mode, Battle Royal and a new approach to leveling. But if to be more precise, single mode. Instead of a full plot developers will offer several solo missions, such as those which were in the first part of Star Wars: Battlefront, which was subsequently recognized as an error by the same developers who gave up under pressure from dissatisfied. read More about Call of Duty Black Ops 4 – the Royal Battle and single missions instead of campaign Comments

Data-miners found in the internal file information indicating that Fortnite in the future should appear competitive modes. Meticulous citizens found a folder with such telling names as Playlist_Comp_Duos and Playlist_Comp_Squads, which, however, was empty, but in a folder called Solo was, any files that may indicate that the first Fortnite may receive a single mode, like Deathmatch, or something like that. read More about Fortnite In found new modes Comments

Game developers don't like scenes with a large number of characters. They are much more willing to take up the game where enemies in front of the hero arise dosed: one-two – no more. If there is a crowd, then immediately begin performance issues. here, the authors of Days Gone decided to show that they have this performance will be a full order, laying out a Network scene with the simultaneous participation of three hundred zombies. And, a bit later promise to fit another one, but 400 characters. read More about Days Gone can support up to 400 characters in one scene Comments

Arrived the rumors with regards to upcoming performances of Sony's E3 ignoarance. Show there expect a lot of games, but will focus on only four, and will play, and the private shows will demonstrate and developers will give to speak. Games these are the following projects: Stranding Death, Ghost Of Tsuhsima, Spider-Man and The Last of Us Part 2. All this in Sony called "breaking traditions", but no need to worry about the total number of shown games. There will be many, but it will be strictly a third-party game studios. read More about E3 – PlayStation fixed at four games Reviews

In anticipation of the hot E3 rumors get hotter by the day. This time pulled up the information that, allegedly, until the end of the year will release a Halo 6 and Gears of War 5. Told this by none other than our favorite financial analyst Michael Pakter, who said that the Xbox Two, or whatever it will be called, it is certainly very good, but before that Microsoft will release several AAA games, and he was very surprised, if, before the end of the year will be released Halo 6 and Gears of War 5. read More about Halo 6 and Gears of War 5 unable to get to the end of the year Comments