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One of the best turn-based strategy, which will be able to play the gamer of today – Battle Brothers – it's a welcome addition Blazing Deserts, bringing with him new cards, new scenarios, new enemies, new Eastern nation, and firearms, and in a literal sense, a weapon. the Burning Desert right now on Steam earn 90% positive feedback. Everything is just fine, albeit with some complaints. read More about Battle Brothers come guns, a new nation and a bunch of new content Comments

Under the pressure of criticism by fighting to a video game only had female characters, Ubisoft has unveiled a revamped trailer for Assassin's Creed Valhalla, where Avora replaced Avarice. In fact, viewed the need to say that Avoria in the trailer and Avoria in the game – they are two different people: in the game her facial animation in General was below any criticism. Nevertheless, the adherents of the struggle for equality of the sexes happy. read More about Ubisoft presented a reworked trailer Valhalla with a female character Comments

Racing action Fast and Furious, appeared on the Russian market under the ambiguous title the fast and the furious Intersections, thunder on Steam so that the game is a great record, threatening to become the lowest priced AAA project of the year. Why without fail AAA? Because the PC version of this game please 2000 and 3200 rubles for the Basic and Deluxe edition, respectively. So may be worth just what claims the status of a big-budget blockbuster, so ask with the product similarly. read More about Fast and Furious smash on Steam. The game is on a negative record Comments

Activision sends streamers of black boxes, which are most likely to contain the collector's edition of the new Call of Duty. Each drawer has a lock. To open the lock – you need to enter the code, which the publisher will send out on Monday. Apparently, when we will see the announcement of the new part of the shooter. So.......... This just arrived from Activision. “Do not open this crate until August 10 at 12PM ET.” read More about Call of Duty 2020 will soon show. Streamers get a secret box Reviews

Edition Dexerto dug funny, and at the same time, an interesting rumor that Rockstar supposedly prepares the development of GTA 6 that will be in the game city of Vice city, and that specially for this project, the company has commissioned music in the style of Sintav – he's Retroweb – what kind of club experience, but in the atmosphere of the 80s mixed with cyberpunk. it all Started with the fact that playing GTA Online I noticed on the map 6 teasers with the number 2021. Of course, all assuming that we are talking about the announcement, something associated with GTA, ideally with the sixth part, and a new hearing on this subject has only fueled the public. read More about Rumor: Rockstar Piper calls the tune for GTA 6, which will be Vice City Comments

The Creators of World of Tanks has received an unusual gift from the Belarusian metallurgical plant, whose workers, among whom there are, by the way, veterans of this tank simulator, made of a monolithic logo of this game, weighing 200 pounds, 65 of which have the logo, and 135 on the ground. In response, the PR Director of Wargaming, Ivan Zhivitsa, heartily thanked the Steelworkers, stating that their logo is often presented under the guise of molten metal forging, but it was just computer graphics and it's a real thing. read More about Belarusian steelmakers have produced a giant logo of World of Tanks Comments

From FIFA 21 removed two celebrations that the community finds offensive, and which players often use to annoy their opponents. In both cases, it shoots to the side of the box closer to the camera, and gesturing with his hands in front of face: once the finger in the mouth with a proposal to shut up, and the second time the intricate movement – corporate celebration of the English midfielder the Case of alli, showing the gesture "Ok", with one eye peeping through the hole between your fingers. read More about 21 Of the FIFA removed the "offensive" celebration Comments

The creators of action Marvel's Avengers is now under serious pressure from gamers around the world who disagree with the fact that Spider-Man, which will come as a separate character in the next year, will be available only on PlayStation. This point and decided to comment on the head of Crystal Dynamics Cattle Amos. the Whole speech of Mr. the Director was actually trying to divert the anger of the fan community from the Studio, towards the Sony, because the idea of exclusivity – personal idea of the authorities of the company. read More about the Creator of Marvel's Avengers responded to the accusations in "antipatriotism" with respect to Comments

It Became known that in the Marvel's Avengers one exclusive Spider-Man is not limited. The official announcement States that the owners of PS 4 and 5 will receive an exclusive access to "certain social tests" for the achievement of which the PlayStation community will work together to achieve a common goal and receive rewards. It seems that we are talking about cosmetic items that will be distributed after the collective perform some of the tasks. read More about Marvel's Avengers will be more exclusives for the PlayStation Comments

Again I had to think about Scalebound – cancelled Microsoft game from Japanese Studio PlatinumGames about a young man fighting with dragons. Chapter PlatinumGames, Atsushi Inaba and creative Director, Hideki Kamiya, called Scalebound absentee fans in particular and fans of their company in General, to write letters to Phil Spencer with a request to resume the development of the project, whose source Studio still keeps on its servers. read More about Scalebound Creator calls require Microsoft see the game Comments

In Take-Two still gave the explanation for the rise in prices for games to be released during the consoles of the next generation. The company's CEO, Strauss Zelnick, responded on this issue as follows: "for a Long time we have not had price increases for the most important gaming publications, despite the fact that their production has become much more expensive. And we believe the value and quality offered by us games justify their price increase. Providing exceptional quality is the pride of our company." read More about Take-Two: our games are more expensive because of their exceptional quality Commentary

Experts at Digital Foundry have conducted an amusing experiment, by connecting a regular PlayStation 4 Pro a rather unusual SSD 8 TB to find out the capabilities of this version of the console. to Connect decided 870 QVO from Samsung, which is currently one of the most expensive SSD with a price tag of about 80 thousand rubles. The Pro version was selected due to its SATA 3, and when it worked, the new capabilities of the consoles started to learn on the job. read More about PS 4 Pro with SSD 8 TB. Digital Foundry talks about the results Comments

The Creators of Project CARS 3 released a new promotional trailer for this racing action with small patches of gameplay footage, after which the Prime Minister was running the fans who had prepared the game of cons, the result shows that the video received on dislike for every "like" on Monday night. the Game was blamed for cutting down physics and proclivities towards the arcade, from the realm of Forza or DriveClub. In the comments complain about the fact that the project had to be called something else, and that shows like Need for Speed without cops. read More about Project CARS 3: system requirements, the campaign for 40 hours and the criticism of the fans Comments

French Carrefour shopping have opened pre-orders for the PlayStation 5 and the peripherals for this console. At the moment, for the disc and digital version of the new Game Station asking 500 and 400 euros, which translated into plain is 43 000 and 35 000. Telecommunication remote, headphones, charging station for controllers, he extra controller, and a special HD camera cost 50 euros or 4300 rubles for each name. read More about 43 000 and 35 000 rubles for the PlayStation 5. In France has opened pre-orders Comments

Officially declared that after Hawkeye in Marvel's Avengers will come Spider-Man. Maybe not the fact that next, but the hero will still arrive. It will happen next year, sadly only on PlayStation 4 and 5. This seemingly good news, expect suffered over bumps. Sony threw stones in the form of many angry comments, which amounts to the fact that such a dastardly trick unworthy of a true samurai. read More about Marvel's Avengers will come Spider-Man, but only on the PlayStation. Fans furious Comments