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Little archaeological news, which found an unexpected response in igroproma. In the West of Norway archaeologists have dug up something that was eventually called a Board game. Not the oldest, but for the edges is the oldest. the Find is dated somewhere in the third century of our era, and it is similar to popular in Ancient Rome, a game called Latrunculi – something like checkers, only easier. True, some believe that this variety of backgammon, but the fact is that in this game, just played the Vikings. read More about archaeologists Found ancient Board game please add to Valhalla Comments

We live in an age of paradoxes, when the digital copy of the game costs more than the physical, when the army start to appreciate the gamers, and when a professional racing driver, in the course of professional tournament ban for cheating. okay, the tournament is, as cheating turned out a kind. The highlight of the program was 27-year-old professional German racer Daniel ABT, known to fans of Formula E, where races involving race cars similar to the cars of Formula 1, only with one major difference: it's electric cars, which, however, also know how to accelerate. read More about Professional racing driver was disqualified for cheating Comments

Joseph Phares – chief Hazelight Studios, known for the cooperative, and in some cases even innovative action A Way Out – may soon introduce a new game, whether that will manifest itself in the form of announcement, or will already be fully ready. reported by GamesBeat reporter Jeff Grubb, who tweeted under the frame with the speech of Mr. Perez at the Game Awards, where he was in rough shape expresses his opinion about the gaming industry, has written that the public should prepare for the expectation of something new. read More about A Way Out 2 ? In Hazelight Studios can prepare their own announcement of a new game Comments

Gamers are older games whose youth fell on the 90s may remember the action adventure Legacy of Kain, embodied in a series, which however, was closed in 2003, not counting the already defunct in the Bose MMO Nosgoth, which was located in the same universe. now, it may well be that Legacy of Kain will restart. Restart, if you believe the hearing should be generated by the efforts of Japanese Bluepoint Games, despite the fact that the original answer was Crystal Dynamics, known for the Tomb Raider series, and which now makes a shooter Avengers. read More about Rumor: Legacy of Kain remake may be in development Comments

In early access on Steam on the 27th of may, will be the strategy called Rising Lords, whose gameplay time has passed since the famous indie-hit Battle Brothers. In addition to the specific figures presented in the kind of busts without legs, the game is similar in many respects, ranging from "sand" of an entity and ending with the atmosphere of the dark ages. But there are differences. This is a more advanced role-playing component in the form of dialogues, and adding a card battle system. Yes, but also Rising Lords, unlike the prototype, equipped with Russian localization. read More about Rising Lords – fantasy on the theme of Battle Brothers is preparing to enter Comments

From the field indicate that the Network is already long enough walks code the first Xbox, which technically opens up the possibility of hacking and the console itself and games for it, with the addition of mods, cheats, and more. How will this affect the future of Xbox, and how code engine of the new console will be different – we will learn about it someday, but judging by the fact that Microsoft has made an internal investigation, it can be assumed that this leak was quite painful. read More about Cheaters on Xbox? Sharing has posted the code of the console, Microsoft Comments

Suddenly turned out that in Assassin's Creed Valhalla will rap battle. This was told by the creative producer of the game, Ashraf Ismail, who spoke about the new gameplay mechanics introduced to the game: "When you confront someone or when Avoro challenge, they are insulting him. Eivor will have to find the answer. So, before you will several options and you will need to find one that fits the insult, one that has the correct context. We've had some fun inventing it. There is something more. From this you will make more than usual. read More about Assassin's Creed Valhalla will rap battle Comments

Yesterday's a hint for Gran Turismo 7 to the end of the year, got continuation. Next Level Racing, which gave to understand that this game will be released soon, officially apologized, explaining that the message was a mistake. And not so much a bug, but rather was "misunderstood" by society. Well, he got the stupid gamers, as usual, misread the publication of the Gran Turismo logo with the number 7. It is believed that the game still exists, and there occurred an unexpected false start. No More info about Gran Turismo 7. Next Level Racing, apologizes for Comments

Such a large company like Ubisoft, in addition to listening to the fans and the game development, there are still many other problems. For example, the problem of the struggle with all sorts of different imitators, who, without a license, a copy of the game. In particular, mobile shooter Area F2 was one of those. Area F2 is surprisingly good mobile clone of Rainbow Six Siege, which was to gain such popularity that its creators sued lawyers Ubisoft. The reason – full, according to the plaintiffs, a rip-off of Rainbow 6. read More about Ubisoft fights with plagiarism Rainbow Six Siege and the winner is Comments

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, in addition to political scandal, a glorious scandal patchevi. This game is like no other, and likes to get patches and updates to dozens of gigabytes. Pay attention to the size of Mafia 2 remaster? The graphics have remained almost the same and sometimes even worse (no clothes physics, buggy pairs out of the sewers and close while riding drawn right in front) but the game weighs 7 times more than the original. read More about the Creators of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare to justify the huge update Comments

As you know, that hit the Internet stays there forever, but Naughty Dog continue to fight this rule, battling with leaks of plot and gameplay The Last of Us 2. In this role, developers are reminded of the captain of a sinking ship, handing out commands for sealing holes in the hull, which is more like a sieve than a body, but apparently, the company believes that the weak result is better than none, so right now they are doing that jammed people in social networks, giving them the right words. read More about Naughty Dog jamming gamers. The creators of TLOU 2 I'm afraid of spoilers Comments

Gone are the days when one symbol igrostroya was the franchise Half-Life, the second part of which has become a model of smart, beautiful and interesting shooter, which is not only shooting, but also a plot filled with intrigue, philosophy, and meaning. Now in the era of the Royal Battle – that there are problems. But at the time Half-Life 2 could get a sequel in the form of the fourth episode, which – alas – was not to come out, but the details of which now surfaced online. read More about Half-Life 2: Episode 4 – first gameplay and the plot of the canceled game Comments

Scandal DOOM Eternal, whose fans are furious from the addition of anti-cheat system Denuvo, detrimental to performance, was a logical sequel: the developers have promised to remove this add-in from the game, explaining that this is a temporary measure and that in the future we can not exclude its return. We're currently working on PC only Update 1.1 for Eternal DOOM that will remove Denuvo anti-cheat and address a number of crashes. read More about the DOOM Of Eternal will remove Denuvo anti-cheat. Temporarily Comments

Serious Sam 4, as promised by the developers, found something like a full-fledged premiere, with the opening of the gameplay, enemies, weapons, and other details, including exclusivity. It is unlikely someone will like, but as they say, nothing personal – just business: Serious Sam 4 will be a temporary exclusive for Google Stadia and PC. Moreover, we are talking about a few months of game release is scheduled for August release on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One will be only next year. read More about Serious Sam 4: temporary exclusive for the Stadia, the gameplay and the reaction of the fans Comments

Sony CEO, Kenichiro Yoshida, who recently spoke about 3D sound future PS 5, was not satisfied with the message, deciding to indulge in all serious, saying that PS 5 will be 100 times more powerful than the PS 4. He added that the future of the Game Station "revolutionaire gameplay" allowing "you to navigate through game worlds in an instant". And all this will be possible thanks to a very special SSD-drives. read More about Sony: PS 5 will be 100 times more powerful than the PS 4. John Carmack agrees Comments