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Against the background of the horror in which Microsoft turned the Battletoads franchise, fan-made project with a long name Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Rescue-Palooza, it looks like a diamond in a pile of known substance. how to revive old hits of the 90s showed a guy with the alias Merso X, laid out in free access severely altered and augmented action game about the adventures of many beloved teenage mutant Ninja Turtles. read More about Fan-made action game about Ninja Turtles made available Comments

A Little politics and economy, directly hitting igroproma. by the United States trade war, may very seriously affect ordinary gamers all over the world. For example, Nintendo has had to bring the production capacity of the Switch outside of China that could negatively affect the value of the next generation of the console. in addition, a 25% duty on the import of goods from China may similarly affect the cost of a future the Xbox One, which, as you know, consists almost entirely of components manufactured in China. read More about Trade war the United States intervened in the development. Iran and Syria without League of Legends Comments

Intel decided not unexpected move, announcing a 15% reduction in the cost of the processors of the 8-th and 9-th generation. This has already been notified stores and other partners, uses parts of the company. Why such became possible, and there isn't a catch? Can be Core i9 is not as good as he smells? Maybe, but the reason seems different: as reported by DigiTimes, who told us about this intention, this is done in order to compete with the new AMD processors. read More about Intel cuts prices on processors, due to the pressure AMD Comments

Keanu Reeves, who appearance at E3, has finally secured the glory of the most important "cyber" the actor commented on his attitude to video games, their development and interaction of film industry and gaming. in short, Mr. Reeves does not believe that video games need help of Hollywood actors. According to him, everything should go your way and times when movies are unilaterally influenced the game gone. And now the game also have an influence on the movies. read More about Keanu Reeves: video games don't need Hollywood stars Comments

Arrived just two pieces of news regarding Marvel's Avengers. First, it became known that the characters face no redo will not, and secondly, that the co-op thing is optional, and in the final players will have to fend for themselves. as to the first, the criticism of persons and not canonical, in their own way interpreted the costumes, the main development, Sean Escayg, said to alter the appearance of the characters is not planned. At least not yet. But the animation they corrected. read More about Marvel's Avengers – no new faces of the heroes, and loneliness in the final Comments

Tactical stealth strategy Desperados III has not yet received a release date, but in the network appeared the first exclusive review of the game that became possible as a result of close cooperation between German Mimimi Productions and publications Spieltimes. it is worth noting two things: the game has not been assessed, which is not correct to put an early version, and the article, for obvious reasons, turned out to be quite laudatory. However, investigators can learn from it many new details. read More about Desperados III – the first exclusive review Comments

It Seems that Infinity Ward went a little overboard in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Inflection happened in the scene where the Russian soldiers detaining a little girl going to take her to his commander, saying that "he loves young". a Similar attempt of dehumanization caused revulsion even overseas. Those who happened to see it at E3, protested, and, as reported by Kotaku, this scene will be removed from all versions of the game before its release. Immediately after this alarmed those who had silent: how so? After all suffer from a similar narrative part of the game! read More about the Scene with "the pedophile" has been removed from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Comments

Became known release date shooter My Friend Pedro – 2D-variations on a theme of Max Payne. The game will be released on PC and Nintendo Switch is already the 20th of June, on which occasion the developers have prepared a separate promotional videos, gutta-percha where the main character moves briskly through the cars of a long lineup, waiting for shooting his enemies. But, despite the apparent ease of passage, it actually shows that My Friend Pedro is an extremely complex game, where you will have to show remarkable reaction. read More about My Friend Pedro is preparing to release Comments

Usually, if a game hearing reaches a wide audience, he tells us that someone, somewhere, doing something. But sometimes it happens and Vice versa. In particular, Jason Schreier of Kotaku said that there is no Splinter Cell, no Ubisoft doesn't do: "I asked a bunch of people because everyone wants to know, will there be a Splinter Cell. But everyone I spoke with said "no" because they know that Splinter Cell no one does". read More about the Disappointing rumor: Ubisoft makes the Splinter Cell Comments

The web was a rumor that Ubisoft will soon show a new game called Ortheus. This told Jason Schreier of Kotaku, adding also a few interesting details. In the first place, that Orpheus is a role – playing fantasy shooter inspired by the Legend of Zelda. And perhaps this is all good news on this score. After some time Mr. Schreier went out again to the public apology, saying that this game is not as big as he initially thought, and that in fact it is a rather modest role the project, which, however, really like the last part of Zelda. read More about Myth: Orpheus is a new game by Ubisoft, is inspired by Legend of Zelda Reviews

Unexpectedly Destiny 2 showed up on Steam. And not just in the Steam, and at the top on the main page, where there are only the most high-profile projects that deserve global attention. the Game appeared in pre-orders with the release of the 17th of September. On her page proudly stated that the developer and publisher stands Bungie – Activision no, the footsteps were finally removed from the game. Ask for shooter 1200 and 2000 rubles for the plain and Deluxe version, respectively. read More about Destiny 2 appeared in the Steam Comments

And again on Google Stadia. The service has not yet reached consumers, but some have already started to worry. To the revolt, they made the traffic information message used by this service. The fact is that for a run of 65 hours of gameplay in 4k, the provider will need 1 terabyte of traffic, which is pretty serious even for gamers living in large Russian cities, where with unlimited data and high speed Internet no problem. But the gamers are from the USA where Internet big problems, gradually despair. read More about 1 terabyte of traffic for 65 hours of gameplay. Google Stadia scares Americans Comments

Google co-Founders Stadia posted a list of compatible service games, but apparently it was incomplete, and very soon it will be joined, something interesting. the fact that some observant people have noticed the streaking in the course of the advertising display, the logo of a Rockstar, but in all of this, not a single game from this Studio wasn't on the list. And here is the beginning of the theory, chief among them is the theory about adding a Red Dead Redemption 2, which, together with this will be available on PC. read More about Google Stadia with the game from Rockstar. RDR 2 on PC can get closer Comments

Square Enix officially announced the upcoming showing of The Avengers Project at E3. The game will bring a pleasing gameplay, and perhaps announcing a release date, because this project has been in development for at least 3 years, and knowing the principle of operation of this company where not used to doing protracted, it can be assumed that at the shops the Avengers will fall soon. However, the screening will take place in an extremely inconvenient time – at 3 a.m. from the 10th to the 11th of June, and even on a weekday, but who and when it stopped? read More about The Avengers Project will be shown at E3 Comments

The web was a rumor that The Last of Us 2 will be released next year. This was reported by Jason Schreier of Kotaku, who in his Twitter wrote the following: "The Last of Us 2 was supposed to appear this fall, but Sony decided to move the premiere to the beginning of 2020". that the game was supposed to come out in the fall, Mr. Schreyer wrote not just. A few weeks ago that he spread the rumor, citing its own sources, that the continuation of the adventures of Ellie companions will be released in the fall. Well, now, apparently, the source decided to make adjustments. read More about Rumor: release The Last of Us 2 will be held in 2020, the year Comments