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Edition Gamerant drew the attention of the American audience, for a project called Gatherings with live Geralt of Rivia, who is a Russian Studio Mind Simulation. the purpose of the project is to create an artificial intelligence Geralt, with whom you can communicate in a text chat. Representative publications like the simulation, which he called "impressive," noting that the Witcher says with a robotic voice that spoils the feeling, but your partner is similar to the present, and responds to questions pretty quick, not confining himself to a stupid and meaningless phrase. read More about the Americans discuss Russian simulator of Geralt of Rivia Comments

Apparently the authorities Sony did not like the honest statement of the chief engineer of PlayStation 5, Mark CERN, that the backward compatibility of the console will be limited, and that soon after the start of sales will be available around hundreds of games with PS 4. Now Sony claim that the compatibility will be better. Moreover, the Network has spread the rumor that persist in the work even with the previous platforms in the face of PS 3, 2 and even 1. read More about the Sony changed my mind about a "limited" backward compatibility PS 5 Comments

To final form crawled Russian fan project called Fallout: Sonora, whose author is also known for Fallout of Nevada. In fact, this fantasy isometric classics with a nonlinear story about the farmer who had to embark on a difficult adventure in the Sonoran desert, with hundreds of quests, a new map of the world at 19 locations and special meetings, new music, new video, and text 1.9 MB, despite the fact that the first Fallout was 1.7 MB. In General, fans of the classics can join, unless, of course, they have a lot of free time. read More about Out fan-made Fallout: Sonora Comments

The Witcher 3 has received perhaps the most unusual mod, functionally change gameplay. the Modification called Hearts Of Card, that is, Hearts of Stone, was first published a couple of years ago. She replaced any time the parties Guinta. And all anything, Yes here only the author abandoned his project. However, it was removed from oblivion another moddel, who worked for many months to lay out in free access to quite a modification that will certainly appeal to those who loves to play Quint than to fight with swords. read More about Quitman 3: Heart of the Cards – ready to replace battle card game Reviews

Edition of CCN lashed out at Doom Eternal, which launched on Google Stadia. The author of the experiment said that the only way not to be annoyed from the obtained effect is to reduce your expectations. the Journalist writes that he was promised the shooter in 4k, but all the nuance is that it is not real 4k, but scaled, that is artificially stretched to the desired resolution. At the time, this trick was the reason for the lawsuit at the creators of Aliens Colonial Marins, and now repeat it in Google. read More about Eternal Doom disappointed at Stadia. Journalist trashes platform Reviews

Finally, ended the auction, which sold a Nintendo PlayStation. The console, write some publications, is not unique – there are other copies but they are so few that in the end the lot was broken up to 360-thousand dollars. It is noteworthy that even before the start of trading, the owner of the consoles said that a collector from Norway promised him 1.2 million, but he refused, preferring trades. If this is true, then, of course, the seller specifically bargain. But, whatever it was, the Nintendo PlayStation was still officially the most expensive game console in history. read More about Nintendo PlayStation sold for 360 thousand dollars Comments

The Author of the detailed story about the sixth part of the elder Scrolls, touched and kozmaksan Starfield, which was named "the favorite child of Todd Howard, in which the rest of the team also gradually fell in love". His campaign runs for 70-120 hours, the quest was called "incredibly interesting" and "undermining the idea of quests" and have all the RPG mechanics give the feeling that "features of your character will really work". Such, according to the source, Bethesda has been bad, except maybe Fallout 3. read More about Rumor: Starfield – "beloved child of Todd Howard" campaign for 120 hours Comments

Analyst IHS piers Harding-rolls, in an interview with MCV, said that future PlayStation 5 and Xbox will go on sale in November. This is the second case, when the representative known financial structure calls November as the approximate date of start of sales of consoles. He stressed that the conveyor will begin to work at full capacity in the second quarter of this year, and the idea of problems with the supply of components to Assembly plants should not be. read More about PS 5 and Xbox in November? Analysts predict AMD soothes Comments

It may be that Uncharted 5 is already in development. the Reason for this conjecture is given some grace Victoria posted in her Twitter a photo of where she stands arm in arm with Nolan North. To the picture was the comment: "Working with Nolan North on a secret project." Who knows – inform: Mr. North is the actor who voiced Nathan Drake in all parts of the series Uncharted. What to Victoria grace, she played a girl named Yara in the second part The Last of Us. read More about Uncharted 5 in development? Nolan North working on a new project Comments

On Reddit someone posted a powerful story about The Elder Scrolls 6 begin with that would not want to lose his job for leaking information, but he understands what the fans languish in the dark, so I decided to tell you about this game. According to him, fans correctly guessed the area: events sixth part will develop in high rock and Hammerfell – land that has not been examined since Daggerfall. War is not necessary. Through dialogues and other skills, the game also will be held, so that the warrior can not swing. read More about the Rumor about The Elder Scrolls 6: Redfall – high Rock, new magic, new quests and policy Comments

Yesterday, the network of dispersed new details of the remake of Resident Evil 3, the most shocking of which was the news that the main bad guy – Nemesis – maybe, unlike the Tyrant of the second part, to break even in the safe zone. now, However, it became clear that the safe room, to which Nemesis does not make it, still will be. However, his intelligence was considered as more advanced than the intelligence of the Tyrant, so players can count on "sequentially increasing threat" from this character. read More about the Remake of Resident Evil 3: smart zombies and open world Comments

One of the main themes of the day's play was released on the web the image of Gordon Freeman from supposedly a remake of Half-Life 2. And the main intrigue of the images that she created on the Source 2 engine – which, again, judging by a recent hearing or was going to, or already do, this is the remake. the Main problem is that the picture posted on the 4chan online where to pop up and mega-plum super-secret information, and the most incredible fake and just a joke. Why include this work – is unclear. read More about Gamers discussing the image of Gordon Freeman of the possible remake of Half-Life 2 Comments

Frictional Games still labored mysterious game, which we have already changed the mind all that is possible, but what is the sequel to the horror game Amnesia – could not believe quite. However, the Swedes were able to surprise everyone by presenting a project called Amnesia: Rebirth. Despite the fact that figures 3 in the name, actually this is the third part, as part of No. 2 is also its legitimate figures not received. Well, the word Revival is the name of the game – probably means a return of the franchise to life, which has been put on pause in 2013-m to year. read More about the Announced Amnesia: Rebirth Comments

Rockstar continues to amaze. After the publication on the official website of the mysterious picture with female robot and champagne, now there appeared a new image: we were shown the company logo in the background, something resembling a vinyl cover in the style of the 60-70-ies of the last century. So now the most popular theory stems from the fact that the company is prepared to announce something new in the style of retro-futurism. Network even crawled comments in the style that GTA has outlived itself, and that people want something new. read More about Might not even be GTA 6. Rockstar rebranding in the direction of retro-futurism Comments

Wireless controllers all would be good, if not sometimes occur loss of connection and discharging at the most inconvenient moments battery. And it may well be that the latest problem is Sony decided to fight. the fact that the Network found the patent of this company to wireless charging of the controller, which may well be the controller for the PlayStation 5. On the website of the world Intellectual property Organization has information about the proprietary Sony wireless charging technology for game controllers. read More about the PS 5 can have wireless charging Reviews