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Diablo 4 suddenly got a pre-publication review from GamesRadar. It said that the environment will strongly engage players at the expense of attention to the small details that the main character will have to do, at times, not the good deeds to overcome evil more dangerous that the game will be a system of operation that the system of runes from the third part abandoned, and that the game world will be "the most social", that is, there is an even greater bias in an MMO. When the game comes out, nobody told. read More about Published a preliminary review on the Diablo 4 Comments

It Seems that the most important gaming news of the week, in any case, judging by the reaction of the audience, was an unusual mention in the official Mass Effect Twitter account, BioWare. the Reference happened in the form of a small and mysterious video: first few seconds are the lines from the first part of Mass Effect, which describes how humanity invented the technology of interstellar jump, and then spread across the cosmos. After few seconds the famous opening song in the background of the cover of the game, and then the hashtag "Mass Relays", I mean Mass Stream. read More about BioWare says Mass Effect Comments

Niantic Labs has released a heartfelt video about the fan Pokémon Go, which this game could change your life, dropping the extra weight. the hero of the story, the British Tommy, one day realized that weighs almost 160 pounds in record growth, and that this had something to do. As medicine guy picked mobile game Pokémon Go, which, as best as he could study at the University of Greenwich and began to play. Well, we all know that there the gameplay involves the most that neither is an active pastime. read More about Pokémon Fan Go shared how she lost 45 kg, thanks to this game Comments

Prosecution in antipatriarchal politics – quite dangerous, especially for North America where periodically flash protests against the actions of certain companies. For example, last year got pretty Nintendo, which offered to return the controllers from the console Switch in the mail at the buyer's expense, and after the mass perturbation refused this rule. This time the wave gains height in the direction of Sony, which, they say, too aggressive policy of exclusives. read More about Sony accused antipatriarchal policy Comments

Suddenly turned out that the rumor about selling in Amazon Assassin's Creed, Ragnarok, was a forgery, whose author, confessing, explained that they did this in order to catch the lazy incompetence of journalists. He stressed that he harbored no illusions about smaller publications, but in large it was frankly disappointed. the Essence of the claims is that journalists pick up information that is not cited as proof Twitter is the author of hearing. Moreover, some even pretended that the information they found personally. read More about Assassin's Creed Ragnarok is a fake. The recognition of the author in hearing the Comments

PlayStation 5 will not have time to go and have already put their first record. Fortunately, this is not a record for the maximum value, and only world minimizacija logo, a picture which became the most popular material in Instagram gathered more than 5 million likes during the first two days. Prior to that, for the same period in the crossover Avengers: Endgame with Fortnite has collected 2.7 million hearts, which was considered an absolute feat. And, for example, the presentation in the same social network, new Xbox, only got 1.8 million for the first 48 hours. read More about PlayStation 5 puts the first record. Logo console has become a worldwide meme Comments

In the gaming industry took another big takeover: Chinese mega-giant Tencent bought the Japanese Platinum Games, which gave occasion for his fans worried about the future of video games. Specifically we are talking about purchasing a 37% stake in the Japanese company which develops a new part of Bayonetta, and also rumored to be preparing either a remaster of the first part of action Nier, or the production of something fundamentally new in this franchise. read More about Platinum Games became Chinese. Bayonetta under threat? Comments

Former game Director at Naughty Dog, Bruce Straley, who worked on Uncharted 2 and The Last of Us, gave a great interview with GamesIndustry, which called Nathan Drake, the protagonist of the Uncharted franchise – a mass murderer. He touched on this theme when talking about the so-called "leonardivna dissonance", that is the story of disharmony in video games, which is, and which is perceived by the audience for granted: "Nathan Drake looks generally decent guy, but he also killed thousands of people, and it seems that this fact doesn't bother him, nor those who plays him". read More about Former Director of Naughty Dog said about the "mass murderer" - Nathan Drake Comments

In the Steam Hardware there is a new analytical report for December on the Steam stats, where they found some very interesting facts. for Example, no matter how puffed out his cheeks in AMD processors neither this company nor its video cards are not even close to the leaders on the market: from July 2018 to December 2019, more than 80% of graphics cards have Nvidia, with the GTX 1060 leadership, which own almost 21% of all gamers. The share of AMD dropped below 11%. That to processors, then the absolute leadership of Intel: 84% vs 16% at AMD. read More about the New Steam Hardware report: leadership Nvidia, Intel and Chinese language Comments

Forbes directly announced that sales of Xbox in Japan has failed. This is for anybody not a secret, and even Microsoft have repeatedly said that, despite everything, will continue to promote its console in the Country of the rising sun, but, nevertheless, a public statement from the pages of such a respected publication – that's a pretty bold step. But what is the reason? According to the author, the problem was the reluctance of Microsoft to adapt to local market conditions, and in the absence of proper games that would be of interest to the local public. read More about Forbes explained the reasons for the failure of Xbox in Japan Comments

On Reddit posted a couple of videos showing the deadly office chair in St.-Petersburg in Modern Warfare. In both cases, the character was killed when he touched a rotating chair. Rotate it, characteristically, just not fast, however, this was sufficient to produce such deadly effect. It is noteworthy that when the chair was at rest, no murderous tendencies, it did not show. read More about Modern Warfare have discovered the deadly chair Comments

Despite the fact that Andrzej Sapkowski doesn't love game adaptation vadimcha the universe, and certainly in the circle of friends speaks negatively about the show, not to deny the obvious: this expansion is extremely positive impact on the sales of those books, koi Mr. the writer loves so much. In particular, as reported from the field, on Amazon books Sapkowski, after the premiere of the series about the Witcher, raised himself to absolute hits. Apparently the fact that people want elementary to understand what was happening, because the storytelling in the series, needless to say, crumpled and fragmentary. read More about Books Sapkowski fly after the premiere of the series about the Witch Comments

Edition of Time decided to touch the gaming industry, naming the 10 best games of the decade. They were the following projects: League of Legends, Minecraft, Portal 2, Dark Souls, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto V, Pokémon Go, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Fortnite and Disco Elysium. The impression that was called not the best and the most profitable, then although the presence of Disco Elysium – all a complete mystery. Well, Yes, the third Witcher is not here, so, it is believed that the list was a little more than very controversial. read More about the Time named the 10 best games of the decade Reviews

It looks Like Microsoft will start the race in the letters And in the designation of budget video games. For example, we all know that the acronym AAA is a seal of quality denoting that the game invested tens of millions of dollars, and that it worked on by dozens or even hundreds of people, workers for several years. However, Microsoft decided that the letters A lot, which is why they are now allegedly preparing a project that, according to the rumor, they themselves took to the contraption AAAA. read More about the First AAAA game in 2020. Microsoft promises the game with unprecedented quality Comments

Henry-now Cavill in a recent interview addressed the issue of video game, telling about how he loves spending time at home playing video games, and now it turned out what exactly he plays. the most imagined him sitting on the sofa in front of the console, but we now know that Mr. Cavill – PC-schnick, and consider this platform the best. On the question of favorite platform, in an interview with Alex Flood, he said "PC", making a big face, say – it's obvious. He added that computer games have involved his father when he was very young. read More about Henry Cavill called the PC the best platform Comments