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Studio FJRD Interactive has announced an unusual game called Among the Trees, which is melancholic, atmospheric and meditative survival simulator in the forest, fairly Recalling The Long Dark, in which the spring came and melted all the snow. the Developers promise a lonely hut in the wild forest often with construction, agriculture, crafts, resource extraction and, of course, the study of the surrounding spaces, which can include Islands, caves and mountains. Logging and fishing – are included. read More about Announced for survival Among Trees Comments

More news exclusivity. It seems that Rage 2 will be released on Steam, preferring to preserve the exclusiveness for the personal store of Bethesda, by analogy with the Fallout 76. This is doubly weird, because a few days ago Rage 2 was prepared for pre-orders on Steam, and now this possibility was removed, leaving only And if in the case of the same Fallout 76 this was understandable because we were dealing with a MMO that didn't want to put on other people's sites, here we have a strictly single player campaign. read More about it Seems that Rage 2 will not appear on Steam Comments

Devil May Cry – strictly single franchise, without network functions. So when Capcom announced that the fifth part will add multiplayer, many didn't like it. Well, of course: in recent years, the addition of multiplayer in the single player game was not so much a way to make the game, how to turn it in online service with micropayments and luchboxes, and at the same time to introduce additional protection from pirates. But in the case of Devil May Cry 5 all turned out a bit wrong. read More about Capcom explained the presence of multiplayer in the Devil May Cry 5 Comments

Here the ceremony ended with the Game Awards that gave us in the early frosty Dec real game feast, where in addition to announcements of new games and fresh display of games already known, handed out awards to the best projects. so, game of the year was the action of God of War. He received the award for best fiction Director and won the award for Best Adventure. But in General, the number of awards won by Red Dead Redemption 2. The game took the prize in the following nominations: Best Sound Design, best Music, Best Performance (whatever that means) and Best Story. read More about God of War was named game of the year at the Game Awards Comments

And again the news from the Game Awards. This time about action Ancestors: The Odyssey of Humankind, the gameplay which was first revealed to a wide audience, and that has made her a mixed impression. on the one hand we have a really unusual and ambitious idea: to show the evolution of man over millions of years. Tell us about the challenges it faced, the solutions it found, and how in General it is difficult to live in a world where everyone wants to eat you. read More about the gameplay Shows the first Ancestors of The Humankind Odyssey Comments

It Seems that Borderlands 3 is about to announce. Perhaps even on the Game Awards. Otherwise, it is difficult to explain the abuse of gamers who gave in Twitter Randy Pitchford, head of Gearbox Software. Mr. Pitchford in particular has made it clear that unlike Valve, knows about the existence of the number 3, which again feels like E3 that the list of things to do today he's got 3 things, and he has scheduled 3 meetings to 3 hours a day. Apparently, the universe wants something to say, but what is unclear. read More about the Head of Gearbox hints at the imminent announcement of Borderlands 3 Comments

Red Dead Online now let everyone, therefore, not surprising that pre-release advertising the charm lifted, and gamers began to notice the shortcomings of the game, some of which – unfortunately – turned out to be really serious. the First thing that was unhappy with many promises about earnings premium currency within the game, so promises remained as to earn it was very, very difficult. For this reason at Rockstar has just hit a barrage of criticism, and it is possible that this moment will somehow fix it. read More about the Economy Red Dead Online has called barbaric and stupid Comments

The release of the space X4 strategy: Foundations, which for many months waiting for fans of the genre 4X, as one of the most promising. whether they Received what was expected? It's hard to say. At this point, after nine hundred reviews on Steam, the game has a 71% positive ratings. The project is praised for the correct economy, interesting atmosphere, a big world without any additional downloads, music, intuitive control system and many nostalgic moments. read More on Strategy 4: Foundations are already on sale Comments

Research firm NPD announced that the commercial caught up a result, Xbox One X, which became the fastest-selling games console of the year, showing a much more abrupt than the same PlayStation 4 Pro. In this case, we are talking about the turnaround in the course of one console generation, which gave a positive answer to a simple question: are gamers to pay extra for the sake of gaming consoles with improved performance? read More about Xbox One X was named the fastest selling console of our time Comments

A Remake of Pathologic also known as pestilence. Utopia, transformed subsequently in Pathologic 2, decided to split into several chapters that will come out every few months to stretch the release for an unknown period of time. this was stated by the representative of the Ice-Pick Lodge, Nikolay Dybowski. He noted the presence of mass difficult to overcome the reasons that led them twice to postpone the release, and also complained that to make a game of this scale on the amount that they have collected on Kickstarter – it is impossible. read More about Pathologic 2 will release in pieces Comments

While the Witcher 3 has become for many the best way to say "horizontal" game Cyberpunk 2077 is threatening to become the best game among "vertical", promising phenomenal skyscrapers and travel up and down. CD Projekt RED seem to prepare us for the fact that the game world will not be record high. In any case, to the extent to which we are accustomed. Speaking about the record width of the poles do not want to, explaining that, measure the space and even height. read More about Cyberpunk 2077 promises verticality and parkour Comments

Something lately has gone heap. Hacker group, it seems, is not a joke took Denuvo, and it protects the game. And now after Hitman 2, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Assassins Creed Odyssey, A Way Out, and several games came Pro Evolution Soccer 2019, which was hacked a little less than 3 months, which, however, completely fits into the promises of Denuvo Software Solutions, where, it seems, set warranty 2 weeks money back, if the break will happen sooner. read More about Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 hacked Comments

To last summer where closer than the future, but news about the upcoming June E3 2019 have already begun to arrive, and the news is, I must say, quite discouraging. the fact that in the main game fair of the year refused to participate Sony. This was not expected, although the preconditions were. For example, at the last E3, the Japanese have already taken the rather strange decision to limit the list of displayed games, and now for the first time evolved to a complete failure. read More about Sony will not attend E3 2019 Reviews

Ubisoft declared that is hated by many a phenomenon as letbox created by the gamers themselves, and they not being here at all. to Make this statement they were forced disgruntled buyers of arcade action Trials Rising, which soon found that even this game is also present luchbox. Found, and started complaining directly to Steam. the Complaints seem to have been quite sensitive. So much so that Ubisoft representatives came on a direct link with the speech that luchboxes would not be, if they are not liked by the gamers. read More about Ubisoft believe gamers will love luchbox Comments

Cinematic Thriller Quiet Man, who first acquired a promotional trailer, called by many the worst game of the year is, and then he got the title of the games crash after the release, will get a patch, fundamentally changing the gameplay. the fact that the main character of the game is dull, belligerent guy who solves his problems in silence, that, in fact, offered to the players. And it is fine, only the sounds of battle – the saddest thing is that the plot also flowed through the fingers of those who dared to pass this game. read More about Quiet Man will return the sound Comments