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Nvidia has released a video, which showed ray tracing in real time for one of the scenes in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. the video shows the first gameplay with ray tracing for Modern Warfare, and we see that the difference between the Ray Tracing is enabled and disabled there. This speaks of the new engine, which made shooter. You can also watch new footage from the story campaign, hitherto not shown in other trailers. read More about Showed ray tracing in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Comments

Not that Cloud Imperium Games has been a crisis, but a certain stagnation of ideas is obviously there. To finish your kozmaksan Star Citizen there's not a plan, but to earn as it is necessary. That is why in the last video dedicated to, like, the development, the public Defender showed the Banu – an exotic alien ship that became the highlight of the program, which asked for 185 $, and which, as seen, will initiate a new trend in the trading of such content. read More about the Creators of Star Citizen started trading alien ships Comments

Edition Wccftech has published an interview with unnamed representatives of the company Crytek, who praised the new console, especially to mention about SSDS, as well as alluding to the fact that such possibilities their company will be ready to please the audience: "If the visual quality of video games continues to grow at the same high speed, with the coming of new console generations we can see real change in the game worlds, which will help cloud save to get rid of the additional downloads due to crushing of downloadable content. read More about Crysis 4? Crytek praises the new consoles and promises of new achievements Comments

Was not Enough, Epic Games problems and reputational spots, so now, out of the blue, they have created another: the company was caught cheating players who double sold the same item in Fortnite. this is the new cosmetic thing – backpack called the Gunner, which looks dog. The developers clearly underestimated gaming memory, or overestimated his own. The fact that a few days before, came almost completely identical to the subject called Bonesy, who was also a backpack, which looks similar to a dog. read More about Epic Games cheating gamers, double-selling the same item Comments

In Killing Floor 2, it seems really bad, for raising funds to support the game in a healthy state, the developers will sell the weapons for some money. this was stated in the most Tripwire Interactive, where he explained that from 2016, the years supported your network shooter huge amount of free content, and that to continue the support, they need additional sources of income. Otherwise, they threaten to "significantly reduce the volume of add-ons". read More about Killing Floor 2 problems. The game is going to save the paid weapons Comments

The US President, Donald trump, decided not to dwell on the accusation of video games that de spoil the American youth, pushing her to the crimes. Having said A, he said B, accused of the same film, which Universal Pictures cancels the premiere of the film Hunting, whose authors explained that "unfortunate time". Specifically, Mr. trump said the following: "Talking about racism: Hollywood is racist. Those movies they make – very dangerous for our country. What creates Hollywood – is a huge threat to our society." read More about Universal Pictures cancels the premiere of the film adaptation of Battle Royale Comments

Digital Trends writes that the already known Microsoft patent that describes a controller, divided into two halves in the style of Nintendo Switch, will be nothing but a "removable module" input for smartphones, which in theory should turn your mobile device into a universal game station. Experts note that in the patent there are no direct hints on the Xbox, but the buttons on the thumbnail is exactly the same is known to the controller. And headphone Jack with support for wireless technology are also available. Although, the difference is: the device will have speakers. read More about Microsoft hints at the transformation of the smartphone in Xbox Comments

Continue to follow the "dangerous video games" and hysteria, promoted by the American mainstream media. This time the edition of the Washington Post seems to have decided to set a new trend: the games themselves are not to blame for the mass shootings, but gaming culture cultivates hatred. it Seems that this is an attempt to come out the other side. After it became clear that directly link video games and shootings in public places – will not work, started a new trend. read More about Washington Post accuses video games in the new sin Comments

For fans to play the third Witch in the original, i.e. Polish, we have already talked about the fact that the actor who gave the voice of Geralt – Jacek Rozenek – lost voice because of a stroke. And now we are pleased to announce that pan Rozenek on the mend and already feeling so good that he is ready to return to professional activity. And now he trains 6 hours a day and intends to increase the load. well, we wish him long, and once again hope that the fourth of the Witcher will have to wait a very long time. read More about the Actor who voiced Geralt recovers and restores voice Comments

When Remedy released the system requirements for the Control of action, many were horrified – they were so overpriced, despite the fact that the game itself is essentially corridor shooter, and doesn't look like something very special. In General, between the developers and the public for the misunderstanding: one does not want to work on performance optimization and others – to pay for new hardware to overheat the iron existing, and also play on minimum settings. read More about the Creators Control reduce system requirements, after criticism of the gamers Comments

The Fact that Riot Games make a fighting game, we knew a long time ago. For some time the company was even the recipient of such games. It was called Rising Thunder, and it was done by Studio Radiant Entertainment. Fighting were to be distributed on the shareware model, and everything was going smoothly, but the new owner, in the face of Riot Games, the development was closed. And now, the Radiant co-founder, Tom cannon, said that right now they make a new fighting game that will adhere to the philosophy of cancelled Rising Thunder, and what's more it's nothing to report on this subject can not. read More about Rumor: League of Legends will turn into a fighting game Comments

Something we are all about FIFA, Yes FIFA. But EA is still hockey. In particular NHL 20, which revealed a fresh gameplay "street" mode for three players, which – surprise – picked up a fair amount dislikes in YouTube. the Audience noted clumsy, jerky animation, and stupid comments offscreen, the in-game announcer, who – it seems – just found out what hockey is, and then was forced to comment on it. the Release will take place on 13 September on the same PS 4 and Xbox One. read More about NHL 20 shows the "street" mode 1x1x1 Comments

To the 28th of July, all comers to participate in the beta tests, I invite the creators of the Tribes of Midgard – cooperative, diablotones of vigilance about Vikings and Ragnarek. Invited to play in a group up to 10 people, with a collective raids and PvP, which promises in the future. Is not for everybody. And in General, as practice shows, this whole cooperative loses a good, thoughtful, single-player campaign. And then there's fantasy grindilka. Few people like to divide the spoils with their colleagues. the Release of all this promises to be held before the end of the year. read More about the co-op going day Tribes of Midgard entered into open beta testing Comments

At QuakeCon started to show the demons of Doom Eternal. Demons these difficult, and network mode. In fact seen I can say that visually it looks shoddy. Animation of free MMO shooter mediocre. Compared to how it looked DOOM in 2016 – the earth and sky. However, the audience, until that is satisfied. Perhaps due to some unusual mechanic, which was introduced by the developers. The skills of the demons that say, original. But how will this affect the game and make it more interesting – we will see. read More about the Creators of Doom Eternal showed all the demons at QuakeCon Comments

On Kickstarter appeared unusual device called RsQuake, whose essence is to enhance the gaming atmosphere due to the vibration, and proper lighting. Svetilka-drozhali in form represents something like a small loudspeaker, which monitors the gaming process, and powerfully vibrates in the right moments, when you shoot, beat, or Vice versa, when they hit you. Also a thing is able to isolate the basic colors pictures at the moment, and to illuminate the room in a matching tone. A very good gift can be for any PC gamer. read More about Vibration and illumination – an unusual device for PC-schnick appeared on Kickstarter Comments