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4 months after the appearance of the map Miramar, Bluehole announced that PlayerUnknown''s Battlegrounds will receive a choice of cards, and save the players from accidentally landing sometimes go where they are not wanted. talking about the addition of this tool was carried out for a long time, and a lot of people expect to have choices, but their hopes were dashed. And now, when comes the release of the new map jungle with underground tunnels and water-filled caves, the opportunity to choose the location for the future combat enters. read More about IN PUBG it will be possible to choose the cards Comments

Activision has taught a robot to Amazon Alexa comment on the battle in Call of Duty: WW2, which ultimately turned out to be not so useful, but fun, and at times controversial. the Essence of the method: Alex monitors, and analyzes statistics of the player. Then, after a battle, the gamer can ask the robot a question, asking something like: "Alex, tell me how I spent my last match?" to which he will give a General evaluation, pointing out weaknesses, and suggest how to improve their skills. read More about Robot Alexa learned how to insult fans of Call of Duty WW2 Comments

Hideo kojima, which is sure to bring on the coming E3 first gameplay action Death Stranding, did the ambiguous and intriguing statement about what is supposedly in store for its fans a big surprise associated with a previous franchise on which he worked. immediately on the web rumors that kojima and Sony leadership met with the Directors of Konami a few weeks ago, and that during the meeting, allegedly, Sony acquired the rights, Silent Hill, Metal Gear, and that, and more. read More about kojima hinted at the revival of the Silent Hill or Metal Gear Comments

Arrived new details about Avengers action from Square Enix, which was announced last year, and about which little was known. But broke through. The breakthrough came after the publication of the Japanese ads open vacancies, where it is clearly mentioned that the candidates will have to work on these same Avengers. The game promises to be a network third-party action, campaign, bosses, raids, mini games, social interaction between players and famous heroes from Marvel. That is a kind of copy of Destiny. read More about Avengers from Square Enix is a game in the style of Destiny Comments

A New week traditionally starts with learning gaming charts last week, in order to know what is now in the trends. so, on the tenth line slipped The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR, though, the fact of getting games in the top ten would be an achievement. the Ninth place is for Warhammer: Vermintide 2, which is at times steeper first part. Depreciating by 50% The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition takes the eighth place. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, despite problems with the sale of pelts and the dominance of cheaters, successfully takes by storm the seventh position. read More about TOP 10 most popular games on Steam last week – 9-15 April Comments

The web was a rumor that Bethesda is preparing a remaster, or a remake of The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. this can be seen on an ad in LinkedIn, in which the managers of the company addressed to his former employees, who worked on Ancient Scrolls as well as just those who ever participated in the creation of the remastered versions of old games, with the adaptation of these to modern operating systems and hardware. Moreover, the announcement was given so like them I want to consult, not to take on the job. read More about the Hearing – preparing the restart The Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind Comments

In the Japanese press there were first news about the PlayStation 5, after the representatives of the authoritative edition of Kotaku spoke with Sony engineers working on the console. Looking ahead, it should be noted that the chances of reaching PS 5 in the next year is small. So, in any case, I think the ones who make the console. Specifically, the following was stated: "In the case of many years of development many things can happen. All calculations come from the actions of competitors, and choose the perfect moment. A surprise move from Microsoft or other competitors may accelerate our plans." read More about the Japanese press announced the PlayStation 5 Comments

Electronic Arts decided on the timing of the event EA Play, which will precede E3. It starts 9 June at 20:00 GMT and will close on the evening of 11 August. it Also became known that during this time the electronics will show a new FIFA 19, Madden, NHL, the third part of the Garden Wars, Battlefielf 5 and Anthem. 6 games over three partial days will be enough. Therefore, most likely, we are waiting for surprises. Although, if you remember last year's EA Play, which was extremely dull, can be without surprises at all. Became known More about the games that will be shown at EA Play 2018 Reviews

Dozhilis! In a Network there was a virus that requires the victim to play video games. This is the coveted virus that needs to wait for all whose parents are forced to turn the computer off, and sit down for homework. the virus is Called Ransomware. The virus is not simple, but blocking the Windows, but not demanding money, as it opened at a decent virus of such a plan. Instead, he needs to play PUBG. After a couple minutes of the game, the lock will be removed, despite the fact that the virus requires to play at least an hour. read More about Virus blocker requires to play PUBG Comments

No wonder promotional video shooter Radical Heights grabbed dislikes in YouTube. Now the same is happening on Steam, good game that has provided hundreds of evaluations in the first few hours after the release. in short, the game met with very bad. At the moment it has 48% positive reviews, and most of the criticism of optimization, quality of textures and interesting gameplay in General. It is obvious that the project was done on the knee in a hurry and even for an early version it looks very bad. read More about Shooter Radical Heights picked up minuses Comments

Chapter Warhorse Studio, Daniel Varva, in communicating with reporters, said that he and his team afraid to make a new game after Kingdom Come: Deliverance. Said that this was meant in a humorous way that, say, we shake hands and begin a nervous TIC when it comes to working on a new project. Reason – gaming anger, because people simply will not understand if we can throw Kingdom Come, will cease to improve and fix this game, declaring that everything is way, and take, for example, Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2. read More about the Creators of Kingdom Come are afraid to do new game Reviews

The release action Extinction, which is very serious and unpleasant surprise. he asked in the first place, the correlation between ratings and rates. The fact that this, in General, unpretentious, crazy arcade, and more suitable for mobile devices, action, hung insane price tag: four and five thousand rubles for ordinary and Deluxe version, respectively. It is not surprising that the game, a few hours after the release on Steam, only 5 reviews. read More about Action Extinction came out with a scandalous price and reviews Comments

PlayStation Now – a great service that allows you to pay a monthly fee to play PC games designed for the PlayStation. However, so goes the theory. In practice, all somewhat different and not so rosy. At this point in the service PlayStation Now, you can find approximately 600 games for the PlayStation 4. But, after the first series of exclusives, and dizzy with happiness, pipeline distribution delicious slowed down, and now completely stopped, and subscribers of the service for several months now, they don't get any AAA exclusive. read More about the Subscribers of PlayStation Now Sony is blamed for the greed Comments

In the Network laid out a global, field HD pack for Stalker, which aims to improve the image of the game through the ubiquitous updates textures. the Whole package called Stalker Two-K is 5 GB, and contains Packed textures for Shadow of Chernobyl and Call of Pripyat. After installing it, the game will have new lighting effects, new textures of different surfaces, from roads and walls, and ending with weapons, new grass, new effects of anomalies and even reworked the sounds became more vivid and clear. read More about STALKER got a pack of HD textures for 5 GB Comments

Home for Overwatch, Jeff Kaplan, said that he loves PUBG, and is currently playing on your account "hundreds of hours", but nothing like the Overwatch Battle Royale from him should not wait. Obviously, this statement was made after a rumor that Battle Royale will appear everywhere, where possible, including this online shooter from Blizzard, but according to Mr. Kaplan, it should not count. read More about Jeff Caplan likes PUBG but it is not going to do Overwatch Battle Royale Comments