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Bookmakers offer their players a brand new product - bets on virtual sports. To call it revolutionary, of course, the language does not turn. But already, without a share of the doubt to say that the popularity of this business segment is growing rapidly.

On September 21. 19.00 in Moscow, see the bet365 website broadcast of the match Manchester city - Chelsea, the main match of the 5th round of the EPL 2014. Forecasts Vladimir Stognienko to other games of round 5 here.

In late July of this year, Vladimir Putin signed amendments to the Federal law 244 F3 "On state regulation of activities of the organization and conduct of gambling"that would legalize online betting. found out from one of the Prime movers of these amendments, the President's First self-regulatory Organisation Bookmakers (the First SRO) Oleg Zhuravsky, when, how, and on sites which bookmakers you will be able, finally, to do online betting legal.

On 18 September in Scotland will be the third since 1979 referendum on independence from the UK in which Scotland is officially since 1707. Projected bookmakers William Hill), the turnout will be 80.01 - 85.00%, and voters will vote against separation from the UK. This was also indicated by public opinion polls, made five poll-centres of the United Kingdom. According to BC Ladbrokes Edinburgh will become the city with the highest number of votes to detach, while the majority of the inhabitants of Glasgow, on the contrary will vote For Scottish independence, although one of the residents of the city and the client William Hill in July put 200,000 pounds that Scotland will not get independence.

September 13 starts 4 Matchday 2014. 15.45 will match Arsenal - Manchester city, tactical preview of which you can read here. Below is our English expert any barries View calls 10 interesting facts from the statistics of the EPL this season.

New EU sanctions against Russia will be introduced today in the evening, according to RBC. Sports journalist Maxim of Allayarov specifically for asked whether the EU sanctions to deprive Russia the 2018 world Cup football.

Thanks to everyone who sent us a preview on the 5th round of the Premier. The winner was chosen, as it was reported in the rules, by comparing the number of unique visits on 3 published articles 22 to 28 August. Source - Google Analytics. Suspicious activity and the same ip address we found. The participants shared their articles in a great sports blogs, as in the forums stawicki, prognose, intelbet at home, VKontakte, etc. Texts were published original, and we have not progressed.

On 30 August with a match Chievo - Juventus begins the Italian championship football 2014. Nobel Arustamyan, despite the major bookmakers favourites Juventus, Roma, Napoli, this opening in the new season of the Series And expects from Lazio.

From 25 August to 8 September in new York passes U.S. Open tennis (or better known as the US Open) - this is the fourth and final Grand Slam tournament, which is played in two weeks and on a hard court. Among the bookmakers favourites to win, as usual Djokovic, Novak and Serena Williams. Hopes are high, and Maria Sharapova, who won the French Open last year, but still earn more on advertising than on the victories in major tennis tournaments.

Two Central match of the 2nd round of the English Premier League Everton FC - Arsenal and man city - Liverpool), to look which is exactly, but it is not necessary to put. Often the cause of failure rates is the lack of information here, perhaps, an excess of it. The result can be affected by too many factors.

Thank you for the excellent preview and predictions 3 and 4 rounds RFPL, Slemou even in verses all painted. Over the next two months we will install on the website the upload form text with pictures (so nothing on the road is not lost) and a voting function for registered users only (the plus/minus).

Football. English championship 2014/2015. Who is going to leave the higher echelon? Who will be the most successful team in the EPL? Who coaches destined to be the first to lose their jobs? Their predictions and preview for the whole season is about to begin to do sports commentator Russia-2, Vladimir Stognienko, in his blog on bettingexpert, and in this article our expert, David reed, (Paradigm Picks) offers 5 bets, which should "go", for the upcoming season of the English Premier League.

"Trust your intuition when making bets" - said the winner of the July Tournament forecasters, 23-year-old Kirill from Dnepropetrovsk (nick on the website DarenKLL). We learned from the best forecaster of the past month, which he places and where he spent the earned 400 Euro.

English bookmaker Paddy Power has already begun betting on the name of Russia's next President, elections to be held in 2018. Vladimir Putin is still the favorite to win the analysts bookmakers (his chances estimated at 1.44), but if you put on a candidate under the name of Another (from English. - "The other"), you can make good money factor to win nebutina - 2.62. That is, set 100 rubles for the victory of Putin, the net result is only 44 of the ruble, while the rate on Another candidate in case of his victory, we will win a lot more - 162 rubles. But is there any chance someone else become President in 2018? To understand this bettingexpert helped journalist Andrei Loshak, former Deputy Prime Minister of Russia and now a businessman, Alfred Koch and... start paying for review round of the Championship of Russia on football. For the most readable overview of the tour, the author receives 100 euros. And so, every tour. The idea is simple - you prisilaite overview on each tour, we publish the top 5 lyrics, after the tour was paid to the author the most readable material fee - 100 Euro. To participate in the competition can all registered on the users. For the beginning of the contest is required not less than 3 members. So, write yourself, call your friends.