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Tracker for musicians

Tracker for musicians

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Country EDM Vol 4 continues the series of murderous kits that mixes country music with electronic dance music. Inside you'll find acoustic guitar, a massive section of drums, energetic synths, organ and more to create a devastating hit in the spirit of Avicii .

Country EDM Vol 5 continues this extremely popular series of products that mix country music themes with EDM . This ever popular style made popular by Avicii , and currently storming the world. This set includes 5 sets with acoustic guitars, massive sections drums, energetic synths, harmonica and many other material.

Drum Collider: Kong Presets this amazing collection just created presets for drum synthesizer Reason Kong . Fill your percussion Arsenal with 10 full sets, from deep email to configured in the style of Trap .

Aegan Music Amp Vision gives You limitless tones instantly in a convenient package, excellent working with Your virtual Studio. 28 ampere, 12 effect pedals, cabinets, custom library of presets and categories, internal 64-bit double precision processing.

Steinberg Virtual Guitarist - one of the most exciting product line Steinberg . A variety of electric guitar in a live performance! Simply press the desired note and the program will offer you hundreds of drawings and parties in different styles and directions (in this case, funk, metal, pops, rnb, soul, rock and others), the Program automatically plays your song + weight settings sound of the guitar down to adjust the pickups, and the distance to the microphone.

Absynth 5 is a unique synthesizer with limitless sonic possibilities. His specialization is endless range of unusual, developing sounds created using the powerful, hybrid architecture synthesis and complex systems of modulation effects - resulting in sounds unlike everyday

ReFX Nexus - capable of many things, but the more capable you are - from complex storm sounds to powerful dance leads and Gregorian choirs. Its function is freely programmable arpeggiator, flexible Trance-Gate , optimized 4 GB library, which includes more than 650 presets, built-in effects including reverb Arts Acoustic, and a small resource requirements of the computer.

PPG Wave 3.V is the reincarnation of the legendary PPG synthesizer Wave , which, undoubtedly, is one of the most respected synths top class 80-ies. Developed by Wolfgang Palm(Wolfgang Palm) , this instrument has countless records, he inspired a whole generation of producers, composers and listeners.

Reissue rated ' excellent ' series instruments SAM Horns, SAM Trombones, SAM Trumpets and SAM Solo Sessions . Known for its spatial cinematic sound of the Orchestral Brass Classic is something without which can not do any one composer.

ProjectSam - True Strike - is a cinematic sample library with the best orchestral percussion which is perfect for composers of film, television and games that require real, powerful percussion drum parts . True Strike is the first volume in the series, which should evaluate every true composer.

Symphonic ensembles for film production. Various effects along with exclusive Legato instruments. Symphobia 2 is in no way duplicates Symphobia 1 . Both libraries are a standalone product with its own instruments and samples.

ProjectSam - Orchestral Essentials - the library provides the basic sounds of the other products ProjectSam (series Symphobia series, True Strike Orchestral Brass Classic) . Presents the sound of the full orchestra, string and brass sections (brass and wood), classical and ethnic percussion.

K-Size FX Edition contains 1400 high-quality sounds and fragments of sound. All folders well organized and distributed their own categories in K-Size style. All sounds are organized into the following categories: Atmos, DownSweeps, Hits, Impacts, PreArrangement, Loops, Modulations, Noise, SingleShots and UpSweeps .

Synth-Werk offers a wide range of various computer and electronic sounds (like calculators and pocket translators), vocoder and synthesized voices, sounds of the life of the organism, drums and some exotic musical instruments. In short, Synth-Werk is designed for those musicians who create music in the style of the band Kraftwerk.

GALAXY X is a new virtual instrument with a new sound,1000 tone played instruments, 2000 sound effects and more than 5000 loops. Galaxy X is perfect for creating many styles of music - Ambient - Chill - Trance - Electronic Music - Dance - Pop - Progressive - Experimental ...