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Tracker for musicians

Tracker for musicians

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In the library 9 guitars: E-Guitar Clean E-Guitar Blues, E-Guitar Chorus, Jazz Guitar Plectrum, Jazz Guitar Finger, Steel Guitar Plectrum, Nylon Guitar Finger, Banjo, Mandolin (40.000 samples!) . Up to 13 level "velocity does". Each guitar more than 30 articulations, the ability to play solo/chord, 6 sound effects.

EZKeys - Mellotoon . As you might guess from the title, we are talking about another "virtual Mellotron". The Mellotron is a very unique tool, which appeared in the early 1960s ; in fact, it was the ancestor of all modern samplers, with the only difference that no digital media was not in it, and used a magnetic tape...

Altus is a unique solo vocal library, reminiscent of the voice of the pastor Jose Hernandez, countertenor with great expression and a truly beautiful and unique voice. Using the library Altus can easily create your own ultra-realistic tones, without using any phrases. Altus offers a powerful and innovative word builder, which combines 26 words (136 items, including words and their syllables) with 5 realistic Legato and portamento vowels (a, e, I, O, U), everything is in your hands in one patch!

Mystica-the vocal library world-class, Eduardo Tarilonte continues his incomparable vocal music libraries. This is a classical chamber choir consists of female vocals, providing a unique, enchanting sound without comparison.

MOTU Digital Performer for Windows is a powerful, professional sequencer, which contains inspiring opportunities that will ignite your creative Muse, combined with modern Studio technology, designed for the most demanding Studio work. For the exquisite design of the graphical interface lies an uncompromising commitment to quality and high standards of sound.

Latest sample library for creating dance music in WAV format . Producer Utku S. and Loopmasters has released a Maximal Electro is a new library which contains the electronic textures, glitches, drums and musical loops.

Model-C from Puremagnetik - clavinet for Kontakt/Ableton Live 7 . The clavinet is elektronicheskii keyboard instrument manufactured by the Hohner company. This is essentially electronically amplified clavichord, similar to the electric guitar. Its distinctive bright staccato sound, appeared especially in funk, disco, rock, and reggae songs.

Due To the great success of their debut plug-Beat Machine , we decided that we had to make the same fantastic quality in our next product and here it is. Bass Engine was originally developed in connection with our disappointments in the bass synths are already on the market. In this plugin we have collected some of our favorite bass sounds.

In this lesson, we consider a very interesting and effective method. Using the steps described in the tutorial method, you can create as self-sufficient party of the first plan and minor parties. In good combination with the General rhythm of the track, this method works perfectly.

In music production, as in any creative activity has a huge number of different techniques, methods and secrets. Some well-known techniques, however, most musicians and they are not used, but very effective. This situation we don't really like, so we want to show one of these popular and very effective techniques that use all top musicians and DJs such as Avicii, Arty, David Guetta, Hardwell, Axwell and many others.

In the popular House music uses a lot of live instruments. They sound, of course, interesting and good, but they are severely lacking in power and pressure, as synthesized instruments. Modern sounding very full of electronic instruments, and therefore the sound of live instruments is heard as a more sparse and less saturated.

Ethnic Flutes and Woodwinds is an amazing collection of samples and loops ethnic flutes and whistles, full professional musician Snake Davis (Snake Davis), who has worked with such notable musicians as George Martin , sting , Tom Jones , George Michael and Tina Turner . the Style varies from East Asia, Africa to traditional and Celtic folk, samples available in the form of loops with duration of 2 or 4 stroke, long phrases, single notes and trills. You can use this collection in styles Cinematic, Ambient/Downtempo, Hip Hop, Deep House and Ambient Dubstep .

Frontline Producer is The Chord Collection Studio Tools - professional tool for all who need the chords. Vintage keyboards, acoustic, electric and bass guitar in several variations, giving you a collection that works in any situation. Create your own progression with these well-recorded samples, or use your own sounds with MIDI files. This collection is designed to provide maximum inspiration, and is suitable for House, Electro, Hip Hop, Funk, TV soundtracks and many genres.

DrumMic'a! library of acoustic drums from Sennheiser. Each point can make a wide variety of microphones, there are built-in EQ, Trans Designer, Compressor, there is a set of MIDI grooves for different styles, presets, switchable midi map under GM, EZ, BFD, AD, Sup, V-drums .

VULCAN is the third collection of sound effects in the new MACROPACK series from Glitchmachines . Macropacks is a series of high-quality sound effects equally focused on music production , multimedia and game audio projects. VULCAN 300 includes sound effects from Ivo Ivanov . Epic spirit of this package of samples suitable for projects requiring ominous, bold and aggressive material. Here you will find the atmosphere of world-shaking force apocalyptic consequences, brutal metal collisions, dissonant catastrophic drones, huge atmospheric distortion and complex composite effects of premonition.