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Tracker for musicians

Tracker for musicians

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This library flute ,energetic solo capable of transmitting a wide range of expressions for melodic ballads, vibrato fully modeled on a real flute , allowing to control the depth and velocity in real time.

Iconic Bass Jaco - live fretless bass guitar from Orange Tree Samples . With this guitar, you can achieve maximum realism sound, and get all the beautiful thing that can be heard from the living fretless bass guitar. Listen demo track that would understand that it can be done on this bass guitar. It is very comfortable to play and have different settings to get the desired sound. Listening to the guitar can immediately evaluate the time spent by the company Orange Tree Samples to create one. The work done and the results will speak for itself. The library was created with the participation of world-known producer Greg Slapper . According to him library Iconic Bass Jaco is the best thing that has ever produced this company.

Video course is not for beginners electronic musicians and especially not for complete dummies, I think many have guessed by the title. If You've been using FL Studio to create their music and want to improve your skills,this course is right for you. The word “Rotated”, authors - Yevgeny Rozhkov and Konstantin Konovalov mean those who are devoted to FL Studio and constantly improving their skills this program.

Grand Rosewood - zaimportowany piano Yamaha C7 . Yamaha C7 is a popular choice for classical, jazz and rock music. Its excellent tones and excellent quality make it a leading choice pianists in the world.

Vienna Concert Grand from Native Instruments - known concert piano professional quality which has a definite highlight in comparison with familiar to us "grandees" from Native Instruments . The sound of the Vienna Concert Grand several sophisticated and more full of the brightness of a living instrument. Vienna Concert Grand VSTi has a soft and pleasant voice that adds some zhyvynka. The creation of the Vienna piano Concert Grand was carried out with the use of new method of sampling. All eight octaves piano recorded separately, with each note was recorded in 10 variations. So this tool can be ideal to replace sound natural live piano.

New York Concert Grand from Native Instruments - a high-quality reproduction of the most famous modern concert Grand piano Big Apple . This concert piano optimized for easy manner of performance. Even with a very easy keystrokes we get impressive easy sounding, all the nuances of the game with all sorts of variations. Ideal for solo piano, jazz, classical music and many other styles.

Mixosaurus Kit 1.1 - complete tool for use in computer environment musical production. It comes as a standalone program and as a multichannel plug-in VST+AU+DXi+RTAS formats for Mac and PC and uses powerful technology Native Instruments Kontakt. unlike other products, the developers who made the idea of making "all in one" (cymbals, drums, etc.), Mixosaurus Kit 1.1 consists of one shock, which was created in order to bring the sound to the sound of real instrument!

8DIO Legacy Piano - a collection of professionally samplenanny piano world class. 1969 Steinway (Model D) provides you with a library of samples concert Grand piano with a rich, full, light and airy tone with the magic nature that can fit in everything from classical piano pieces to rock and pop. The tool is sampled and played with 6 different perspectives stereo microphone (Overhead, Keyboard/Player, Dampers, Spot, Ambient and Room) . 1969 Steinway Concert Grand Piano has various advanced settings (such as volume pedal, the volume of release switch, equalizer, reverb) and the visual editor velocity does. In addition, the library contains 12 additional mixed patches that combines the sounds of a Grand piano with various tools (glockenspiel , the range of...

German company Bitwig , based in Berlin, shook the music industry with its new professional product for Studio recording and creation of musical compositions - Bitwig Studio , which is remarkable support for the Linux platform. And this is not only because of the uniqueness of the developers - the main developers of the new program were made by former employees of the company Ableton . Bitwig Studio combines tools for recording and arrangements with tools for improvisation, creation of sound effects and prepare compositions. For work are multiple profiles with different types of interface design. There musician is integrated set of tools and effects, as well as connection support VST-plug-ins with the implementation of external instruments and effects.

Dmitry Sches Diversion - professional synthesizer high quality, designed mainly for use in the genres of electronic music. Diversion fully enjoys the modern processors to present You perfect sound quality, which meets the standards of a hardware synthesizer.

Arturia are located on the first line with your hardware analog synthesizers of the past couple of years, but let's not forget that it is also the company producing the software. In fact, they made his name when creating plugins-emulator of the old tools, and now we have another one - Vox Continental-V .

Uncle Sam - advanced virtual version of the famous module Oberheim SEM . It has all the advanced features that would be too expensive if they were implemented at the hardware level at that time: 3 oscillator, polyphonic ring tones, ring modulator, block effects and so on. Under the hood is the same emulation analog circuits, which we used in the predecessors "SAM" to get known and warm analog sound.

Virtual instrument Pianoteq , formats VST plugin that uses simulation to obtain the sounds of the piano. Simulates the interaction of strings and pedals, especially stocktogo SoundWorks, the resonance case. Optionally, you can add samples mechanical noise. Polyphony up to 256 voices (depending on the speed of your computer. You can edit the parameters of the model (screen size, stiffness of the hammers, configuration, dynamic response, voice). Supported incomplete pedals. There are graphic EQ and reverb. AUDIOPRO 32-bit floating-point sample rates up to 192 kHz. The complexity of the model is adapted to the capacity of the computer

Angular Momentum Groove & phrase Synth v2.0 - is a professional e-VSTi-tool from the company Angular Momentum . It is all you get first-class analog sound, comparable to the sound expensive analog instruments. Groove & phrase Synth v2.0 includes sound generator Sounfont Oscillator , which allows to load and to develop your own sound banks and to create unique music.

QuadraSID is much more than a simple emulation SID chip (real chip, which was used synthesizers). Enriched with many new features (for example, ' arpeggiator, four LFO waveform), this software tool allows unlimited audio capabilities, and are able to surprise even the most experienced professionals in their flexibility. Each sample loaded QuadraSID , emulates four SID chip simultaneously with four separate stereo outputs and managed MIDI controllers.