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Tracker for musicians

Tracker for musicians

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Perception Cinemascapes - extensive collection of construction kits, atmospheres, drones, percussion loops, whistles, strikes, explosions and other things. Library can be used in different genres of cinema, TV soundtracks, advertisements, games and dance music.

Zero-G and Xfonic are Vocal Factory - more than 4 GB of audio content and more than 3700 vocal samples in one massive library. Vocal Factory Combines three different libraries, including successful and recognized Forge Vocal and Vocal Foundry , as well as a new library ethnic vocals Vocal India . All three libraries recorded with the participation of professional artists.

Maximum Force - sample library for musicians, composers and Saint designers who need powerful sound effects for radio, TV, promotional, or trailers. Library contains sandwich elements, shocks, long and short effects, noises, whistles, lasers, electronic sounds, sound landscapes.

Zero-G Odyssey - extensive multi-format library cinematic sound effects of a high quality. Combining 8 the latest products, the OUTER LIMITS, AMBIOSIS, ELEKTROLYTIC, ASL, AIRWAVES, BEATALOGUE, DRUMALOGUE, RADIOPHONICA) , it is an excellent tool for writing the soundtrack for films, computer games and for writing dance music.

Luminoso - library played live phrases violin. Library on 15GB , thanks compression technology NI - 6GB (a total of 4300 samples). 47 patches for Kontakt. If we talk about the content, the library includes various types of chords and arpeggios, different rhythms, phrases. Custom scale of performance: from one to 12 violinists. Independent offset microphones (Close and Room). On Board are the effects: convolutional and algorithmic reverb, filter, delay, compressor. Next - three types of instruments - Live (original sound), Mutated (processed designer) and the Mod Wheel Filter (this is the same Live version, but with controlled filter through the modulation wheel). The library was recorded with the participation of Martin and Kate Richardson - violin world...

Ample Guitar G is a virtual electric guitar with the guitar sound Gibson Les Paul Custom R8 Guitar (5000 samples, 4.26 GB, 22 frets) . All samples are recorded with natural sustain (up to 28 seconds) and resolution 24-bit / 44.1 kHz. The tool allows you to simulate common ways of execution (slides, muted, natural and artificial harmonics, suspenders, Hammer On & Pull Off , Legato, staccato, and so on).

U-he ACE (Any Cable Everywhere) from u-he is a synthesizer with high audio quality at a competitive price. A convenient choice of modules and clearly made the layout ACE are the perfect tools for the beginner, immersed in the fascinating world of modular synthesis. An almost infinite number of ways to connect module, according to the developers, you will soon feel far better to make your own sounds in the u-ACE he 1.2 , than in a non-modular synthesizer.

BLUE-II this is the second version of the popular synth from Rob Papen, which provides a modern, creative and musical approach to creating sounds. BLUE-II combines several types of synthesis, including subtractive, FM, Phase Distortion and Wave Shaping, has 6 oscillators, two analog filter with 27 views, great possibilities modulation and processing, sequencer and powerful arpeggiator

Nitroflex - table-wave synthesizer designed for cnbktq House and Deep . Contains sebae 4 oscillator, 196 table waves, 2 filter, 2 envelopes of modulation, envelope volume, LFO, FM section for the two oscillators, unison, PWM, effects 4 wavetable oscillators.

Oxium - synth-oriented design, offers both classic analog sound and modern voices with a fantastic opportunity modulation, allowing you to play the synthesizer, in ways that you couldn't even think. Oxium has a simple user interface for quick and easy maintenance.

Released virtual synthesizer Equinoxe , formats VST plugin (Windows)intended for sounds that were used by Jean-Michel Jarre. There is also a model Equinoxe Extreme HD , notable for its delivery set another option is optimized for large displays (minimum resolution of 1920 x 1200).

With a full set of plug-ins Plug And V.I.P Mix to get great sound became even easier. Just download the plugin and turn the knob to the instant gratification of sound. This series of plugins that provide the same professional sound you expect from other major developers of plug-ins, but they are much easier to use. Producers and actors necessary professional-sounding plug-ins that are still easy to use. Very often, precious Studio time is wasted because it is too complex audio plug-ins. Plugins needed to achieve your potential, not inhibit it.

Plugin Mu Voice format VST [Windows, supported by technology, SSE, and AltiVec] is designed to handle vocals: correction of intonation, adding polyphony [up to four votes, mode choice or chords, create your own scales/chords] and special effects. Uses its own technology of spectral analysis and synthesis.

De La Mancha Bathtub v1.0 - multi-band compressor with the widest opportunities. Used as a professional compressor, limiter or maximizer. It is possible to work in mode of two-way parallel or two-way linear compressor by frequencies (high/low) or for the entire frequency range. Adjustable split point of frequencies. Many independent settings.

IK Multimedia AmpliTube Live is a program that emulates a guitar amp and effects processor. AmpliTube Live allows you to combine 3 different models preamps with equalizers with 3 models classrooms, in addition to this offering 4 classical guitar effects of reverberation, wow, wow, delay, Overdrive. There is also a guitar tuner.