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Tracker for musicians

Tracker for musicians

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Virtual bass processor Ampeg SVX made together with the company Ampeg - known manufacturer bass equipment. There are four modules: tuner, the panel floor effects (six at the same time, synchronized to the tempo, eight options: chorus, delay, Octaver, wow, shaper envelope filter, Overdrive, compressor), power (four options: SVT Classic, SVT 4 Pro, BA 500 and B 15 R) , a study (six options: B 15 R BA 500, BXT 410 H, SVT 410 H, SVT 810 H and PB 212 H) with selectable MIC (six options: Condenser 414, Condenser 87, Dynamic 421, Dynamic 57, 20 and Dynamic Dynamic Vintage 20) and its location. Use modeling technology DSM (Dynamic Saturation Modeling) . It is possible free combination of the amplifier with the Cabinet (a total of 24 variants), save the General...

Many of us have difficulty listening in an environment free from standing waves, undesirable reflections, with the ideal reverberation time, perfect placement of speakers with a flat frequency response , and without any influence from outside. With Isone Pro for now just use headphones high quality. Virtual system of reproduction emulates many famous monitor systems, including . In addition, the reverberation time virtual listening room and the distance to the virtual speakers can be fully customised.

Upgrade samples slide guitar for N.I. KONTAKT . Lap steel guitars are very flexible and versatile tools and very complement to different styles of music: folk, country, and pop, as well as great sound with distortion in rock and Blues tunes.

Contrabass , which have a characteristic "dust", a little broken sound. Perfect for jazz . This is an updated version of a library is optimized for low CPU load, built a new script and interface.

Minimal System Instruments Nebula . Reverb is one of the most frequently used effects in musical production. And each manufacturer's available has to be an array of different reverb effects. Developed over the last nine months plugin Nebula , according to the developers, have absorbed true love Minimal System Instruments for their work, which is reflected as a plugin, both from the point of view of the sound, from the point of view of management and visualization.

Minimal System Instruments Tri-Comp - multiband dynamics processor. Just imagine the possibilities three 1176 United compressors, each of which is managed and handled by three independent bands. Each band manages compression and restriction, with the possibility Mid/Side processing. With Tri-Comp, You will get full control over the dynamics of the mix, excellent clarity of the sound.

Vintage compressor from NI and Softube . Native Instruments Vintage Compressors Bundle - three painstaking emulation, the most used compressors in the history of Studio recordings - VC 76, VC 2A and VC 160 . They all have modern, streamlined and user-friendly design, designed primarily for intuitive use. Each of these compressors have their own inimitable sound. And thanks to the embedded sidechain and parallel compression these plugins will actually improve their originals.

Cakewalk - VX-64 Vocal Strip (vocals) - one of the most recent effect plug-ins for processing vocals. New algorithms and results of the effects will gain a deep, crystal clear vocals. Cakewalk - VX-64 Vocal Strip has many effects for professional work, namely: Input - quality predominately with softener sound; De-esser - delete high frequency distortion and whistling sounds; Compander - vocal compressor expander; Tube EQ to give the sound of nature and colors; Doubler - effect stereo dallinga; Delay - the effect of delays (repetitions) with the ability to sync with the tempo of the music; Output - control saturation using soft-clipping filter.

Sonoris Mastering Compressor is a broadband compressor for mastering formats VST, and AU RTAS . The compressor has no nonlinear distortions inherent in all modern compressors. To reduce the effect of residual noise, with the help of the program can be improved sampling audio to a maximum of 8 times.

AudioFront DSP Trigger - a Converter that converts audio signal coming from the drum pad, in the MIDI signal. This thing will significantly improve functionality of Your drum module. If You are not satisfied with sensitivity, dynamics, time of the response pads and others that are very important indicators and features of Your module, even if You have no dram module, but You want to connect their drum pads to the computer, the Trigger is all You need.

In 2002, Rob Papen turned to Peter Linsener of LinPlug with the idea of creating a synthesizer, which could dream of every saunas-designer. A few months later was born ALBINO . This unique synthesizer won the hearts of many musicians for their quality sound, ease of use and a large number of inspiring presets.

Addictive Drums is full of drum Studio. It includes the complete sets of various drumkit and for different genres of music: Retro/Modern Jazz-Sticks/Modern Jazz-Brushes/Funk Metal/Punk Rock/Ballad Grooves/Sloppy Grooves . And a lot of additional drums and cymbals. The samples contain all the nuances shock: from weakest to strongest, as well as many options shock (for example, to the hihat - 12 options, snare - 6). All sampled sounds drums/cymbals recorded in multi-channel microphone installation, just as would be recorded real drum set.

Native Instruments the Company , the largest developer of virtual musical instruments from Germany , is the ninth generation of the software package Komplete . A set of software Komplete 9 Ultimate contains the maximum set of virtual musical instruments, effects, plug-ins, utilities and much more.

Transient Master was inspired by modern popular Studio processor, and provides a unique and effective method for processing drums and sounds of percussion instruments, by generating a signal envelope. Using the options "Attack" and "Sustain" , Transient Master can add...

AudioMaxx - plugin for optimization and finalizing the level of the tracks. With AudioMaxx you can increase the perceived loudness no significant changes in the dynamics of the sound being processed. AudioMaxx based on a complex internal scheme, but has a clean and intuitive interface.