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Tracker for musicians

Tracker for musicians

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Superior Drummer 2.3 - the flagship company Toontrack Music . This professional drum sampler with excellent sound and a phenomenally realistic acoustics, including an extensive list of features, and is the standard for modern virtual percussion instruments.

Magic Vox is not an emulator guitar and it is not intended to replace real guitar. Instead Magic Vox uses beautiful properties guitar harmonics (harmonics) as the basis for the creation of completely new expressive musical instrument...

Industrial Tones this architecture as Ambient Keys , i.e. Industrial Tones uses a number of industrial forms waveforms/samples instead of "others". And Industrial Tones there are a number of banks filter that seem to be different in comparison with banks filter in Ambient.

New module to the contact player orientation on the electronic music genre. Includes sets of drums,loops,effects and sequences. Good gift for electronics engineers,the minimalists,transmusicales and not only.

Virtual instrument Foundation , the plugin format VSTi , a powerful tool for playing loops REX2 format . Eight tracks can be played back at the same time (each has stereo output), is an interactive control system in real time, the parameters of the volume, pan, solirovanie or pitch.

Audio Future Workshop Circle is an easy to use full synthesizer for high-quality sound designate the intuitive interface, you immediately after you install this tool on your computer, begin to create your own sounds, of which, in the process of creating a musical track...

ReFX Vanguard is an instrument with quality and powerful sound, hardly needs an introduction, the company reFX . Vanguard has been known for several years, successfully ûzaetsâ musicians all over the world. This TRANS synthesizer is pronounced trance, progressive trance character.

Plug-V-Station format VST (PC) and Audio Units (Mac) is made on the basis of instruments series K-Station and uses the same technology simulation of analog synthesis of Liquid Analog . Has 200 preset and 400 custom patches, compatible with A-Station and K-Station .

Drumformer is a multi-plug-dynamic processing for use in professional production of sound recordings. Drumformer was developed to create integrated solutions for a wide range of tasks concerning the processing of sound, allowing you to easily implement almost any dynamic..

Voxengo Shinechilla - experimental, creative effect, which will allow you to create and mix of 2, 3 and 4-th harmonics with the original, raw sound. Shinechilla is quite unique plug in the market because almost creates intermodulation distortion.

Breeze is simple, effective and high-quality reverb from the company 2CAudio . The plugin offers a simplified graphical interface, which consists of 9 regulators and 4 sliders. Breeze carefully optimized to reduce the load on the processor, and uses so many resources...

Devil-Loc Deluxe - compressor-distortion based on the classic processor Shure Level-Loc . This plugin is quite compresses the signal, adds sand, dirt and distortion, turning the drum into a nightmare. Since the time of the release of compression depends on the input level, it is difficult to predict...

New Sonic Arts Granite is granular synthesizer capable of generating developing, organic, textures, atmosphere, and soundscapes. Granite offers a wide range of transformational capabilities, and can create a wide range of sounds, including organic and basses...

CurveEQ - quality equalizer based on splines for professional audio production. CurveEQ shows you the actual response of the filter that you create using the spline (smooth curved line), so you can see that equalizer does with sound.

Orange Tree Samples - Evolution Acoustic Guitar: Steel Strings - sampler library acoustic guitar, which will change Your perception of what is possible for BASED ON MIDI modeling guitar.