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Tracker for musicians

Tracker for musicians

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Hip-Hop Brass XL Workstation VSTi this amazing new product from StudioLinkedVST, which combines the best sounds of brass in one powerful VST instrument . For this plug-in was created exclusive samples. All sounds ready for use in your trep and hip hop tracks.

Rob Papen Punch - drum synthesizer with decent sound quality, exciting the number of features and an intuitive interface of "New thinking". To create a drum sounds Punch uses elements of synthesis and sampling, with the possibility of the load of samples.

Multembralniy polyphonic synthesizer, created on the basis of modules of some modern synthesizers, United in one compact and intuitive interface. LuSH-101 - simple, easy to use, but extremely powerful tool... sounds Great in any genre. LuSH-101 has a unique sound that was achieved developers, mostly empirically: the countless hours of analysis of classic analog synthesizers, careful design, implementation of DSP algorithms and each of its components. The result is a synthesizer oscillators with uncompromising quality, filters with incredible natural warmth and character effects, every each of them at the highest level in its class.

TAL-U-NO-LX-V2 Completely rewritten emulation popular synthesizer, with a new engine and GUI. Modified filters, and precise adjustments - make this keyboard a good replacement of analog devices, with all the advantages of software plug-ins.

Virtual drum set. Unprecedentedly powerful and flexible environment for creating parties acoustic drums on your computer. Marginal realism and sound quality, fast and easy setup, full integration at the level of plugins with your digital workstation (DAW).