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Tracker for musicians

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8dio were Epic Taiko Ensemble is the most comprehensive and in-depth collection of samples of ensemble Taiko on the market. The library was recorded in the Cathedral and comes with the two positions of the microphones (close and distant) ... Epic Taiko Ensemble follows the same principles established in our other epic percussion libraries from the perspective of articulations, velocity layers. Articulation has up to 8 layers.

Is a powerful library of samples for Kontakt designed for voice movies / games, for composers, producers and musicians who need great pads, dark soundscapes, rhythmic sound sketches and creative instrumental effects.

Omnisphere is the flagship synthesizer of Spectrasonics instrument outstanding power and versatility. This award-winning plug-in integrates the many different types of synthesis in one amazing-sounding instrument that encourages constant creative search.

ADAGIO is a library symphonic strings samples created by the composer Troels Folmann and conductor Colin O'malley . Series 8dio were Adagio String Series is a new generation arcadrome sample libraries, and the most expressive collection of carefully samplebank string. Adagio Violas Vol. 1 contain three main groups of violas: full anaml violas (7), divided violas (3) and solo viola (1).

8dio were - EDM Drumstep is one of the most comprehensive tools for creating Drumstep & Dubstep music. This tool is designed for producers and composers, and DJs. The style library is mainly focused on Drumstep, which is a mixture of Dubstep and Drum n' Bass music.

8dio were Solo Frame Drums presents you with a sample library one of the most widespread and versatile families of drums with a history passing through the middle East , India, Rome and various Islamic culture. Library 8dio were “Solo Frame Drums contains 2 types of Irish tambourine, one African tar drum and a North American tribal shaman drum. All the drums are recorded with a "dry" sound with traditional and expanded playing styles and articulations.

Guitar Rig is a software emulator of the processes occurring in guitar tract. Was developed by company Native Instruments . The program is a virtual guitar processor, and is based on special algorithms for simulation of processes occurring in different physical devices, electronic signal processing of the electric guitar. The formats of inclusion as a VST plugin , RTAS . Allows you to play almost in real time, in the absence of modern sound cards. the Program emulates many sound effects such as distortion, reverb, delay, compressor, various types of cabinets, and many others, allowing you to assemble them in a different order. Also contains a set of auxiliary tools such as a tuner, metronome and means for recording audio.

Company Synapse Audio released the first version of Dune back in 2010. It was a powerful software synthesizer that combines traditional methods of generating sound with some innovative features. Now we present to your attention Synapse Audio Dune 2 . New VST/AU synthesizer has even greater range of sounds. The program has received new oscillators, new filters, effects, graphic envelope. With Dune 2 you get maximum 8320 oscillators at full polyphony. Thus, the plug-in provides a huge potential for creating unique sounds.

Image-Line FL Studio Producer Edition - most recently in access to Fl Studio 12 , which prepared a lot of pleasant surprises for the fans of this sequencer. Users will be able to appreciate not only the new and improved design and major change in the mixer,but also adding in pianoroll and step sequencer new features.

Ultra Analog VA-2 takes the unique warmth and character of analog circuits. The basis of Ultra Analog are the best oscillators with standard forms of waves, sync, sub oscillators and integrated envelope in pitch. Ultra Analog also features multi-mode filters, appointed for envelope generators and synced LFO, for an exciting and dynamic analog sound.

"Xclusive-Audio has introduced a new plug-in "New Era 808 & Bass Module" (VST/AU) . According to the developers, this is one of gernsbacher modules 808, is very suitable for producers working in the style of Hip-hop, Trap, EDM and so on. The company spent months recording quality samples with the help of modern and vintage processing: pure samples, analogowy distortion, saturation, film.

The Influence of traditional African grooves on modern Western music inspired the specialists of the company Native Instruments for the creation of a program/sampler libraries “West Africa” (Discovery Series) . The tool is intended for those musicians who wish to use traditional poliritmiya African grooves in their music.

The Company Native Instruments introduced the latest addition to its Discovery series , menubar Kontakt , which "deepens" in various places around the world. Discovery Series - Cuba dedicated to Havana, with its melodic and rhythmic features of Rumba, salsa and merengue. Discovery Series - Cuba offers a set of carefully sampled instruments organized in melodic and percussion ensembles. Eight melodious and nine percussion ensembles organized in an authentic combination of tools that are compiled to reflect the diverse musical styles of the "landscape" of Cuba, and are suitable for both classic and modern pop and dance productions.

Studio One is a Full — fledged sequencer(DAW) for creating music that makes audio recording, MIDI sequencing and audio mastering simple, providing the user with many professional features. The program is equipped with not only all professional functions that may be encountered in other similar programs, but also new developments that distinguish Studio One from other similar applications. the work of Studio One is a mechanism to automatically switch between the resolution of computing 32-bit and 64-bit floating point, which occurs in real time. Which allows to obtain excellent sound quality and compatibility with audio interfaces ASIO, Windows Audio, and Core Audio, including the entire range of products PreSonus. The program allows you to do the recording...

Accordions - library of quality instruments accordions. Tools Best Service - Accordions were recorded with all the subtleties of the sound of accordions. In Accordions are 8 unique, deep-sounding accordions, such as: Bandoneon, Concertina, Single reed Piccolo Accordion, Single reed Musette Accordion, Single reed Bassoon Accordion, Double reed Musette Accordion, Bass Accordion (left hand), Styrian Accordion.