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Tracker for musicians

Tracker for musicians

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Applied Acoustics Systems has released Strum Acoustic GS-2 , new modeling synth acoustic guitar, which brings a fresh solution to the producers and composers to create tracks of acoustic guitar. Based on the latest technology AAS physical modeling, STRUM contains a collection of acoustic guitars with steel and nylon strings. Complex voice module automatically plays the chords played on the keyboard, as if You played them on a real guitar. Ways of producing sound simulates auto-strum, special keys, or MIDI loops. EQ, multi-effects and reverb included in the package.

Chipspeech vintage speech synthesizer which recreates the sound of famous voice synthesizer-based chips ' 80s. It has 7 different voices, each with its own characteristic timbre. It is specially designed for musical needs - just type your words and then play on your MIDI keyboard.

Sunrizer is built on a familiar subtractive synthesis, but with individual character and many unique features. They begin with two oscillators and two sub oscillators, which produce all the major signals and "supersaw" perfect emulation of the JP-8000, with a wide pulse, frequency and ring modulation plus mode juicy unison. The signal from the oscillator is fed to 2 powerful filter using serial or parallel routing, offering traditional low, high and mid-frequency modes, as well as ridge, resonance, Waveshaper algorithms shifting frequencies - and much more.

Virtual guitar, Ample Sound AGP is an instrument based on samples that emulate the sound of guitars PRS Artist Custom 24. Ample Guitar AGP uses modern smart technology and samples of high quality. To obtain high quality and not processed effects, dry samples, Ample Sound chose the traditional, classical way of writing instruments...

Minibit is a virtual synthesizer that simulates the sound of audiochip chiptune, which stood on gaming consoles and retrokompyuterov 80-ies. The synthesizer includes an oscillator and subocellatus with 12 waveforms for two. Using the built-in BITCRUSHER , you can create even more noisy and retro sounds.

Welcome to 8dio were Natural Acoustic Series - a Studio collection of premium carefully samplebank acoustic instruments. Progressive Metal is the complete collection of phrases brutal 7 and 8-string rock guitar in the style of Djent. The library includes 67 patches with more than 1,500 phrases, organized for songwriting (eg. Intro, verse, bridge, chorus, ending). This library was recorded with the help of the best guitars, preamps and amplifiers.

MusicLab RealEight - virtual instrument 8-string electric guitar. MusicLab RealEight provides incredible playability based on the easy to use keyboard layout, as well as the advanced key / pedal / shifter system, allowing the musician to perform guitar in a whole new level of realism and expression.

MASCHINE is a revolutionary system for creating grooves for tactile, creative beat-making organization with recognized sound library. Create quickly and easily with MASCHINE with software to create beats, combining the power and flexibility of software with the tactile immediacy of hardware. Its sequencer-based patterns, high-performance sampler, incredible Suite of professional Studio instruments and effects, exemplary drum synths, and acclaimed library present to you a complete system for fast and professional creation of grooves.

Majestic, eternal, legendary! An exciting realization of the classical pipe organ. EZkeys Pipe Organ sound library of samples of the great organ, was found in Swedish historic churches of the 13th century Täby Kyrka. The library was developed in EZkeys format and includes the most characteristic sound of the pipe organ. In addition, it comes with a rich selection of presets that allows you to take advantage of this legendary instrument, its most picturesque traditional sound and to create new creative musical landscapes.

Native Instruments The Giant is a unique, virtual keyboard instrument with a new sound from the company Native Instruments . This masterpiece was created by the renowned concert instrument Klavins Piano Model , which is widely known among professional musicians. If you ask what it is, we know that this beast of a height of about three meters and weighs more than two tons. Yes, these things had to apply for a unique, beautiful sound on stage. The tool is embedded in the wall, which in turn played the role of the resonator.

Welcome to a series 8dio were Legacy Piano is a collection of professionally samplebank piano world class. This library is you zasemplirovany a Steinway Grand piano , made in Germany in 1928. His sound is ideal for composers of soundtracks, musicians, and those looking for an emotional and resonant sound of the piano. In addition, the instrument recorded by means of two set of microphones (middle/internal / environment/artist), so that the user can customize the sound to your liking. The tool also includes a lot of knobs (volume pedal, the volume of the release, noise reduction, equalization, etc.) and visual editor velocity.

LinPlug - CrX4 4 will mix your samples in real time so that it does not do it any other tool. If you start with the sample barrel, eventually you might obtain interesting that the pad from her and also not be surprised if you receive a sample of a vocal punchy drums. Samples are food for a versatile and unique engine CrX4.

FL Studio (formerly Fruity Loops) - DAW (Digital Audio working Station) , a sequencer for writing music. Music is created by recording and mixing audio or MIDI material. The finished composition can be written in the format of WAV, MP3 or OGG. FL Studio is a track (pattern) sequencer, where the creation of music is in the Piano Roll, Step Sequencer, and then assembles in the Playlist window. There is a large set of ready-made tools and a variety of effects that can be used in real-time. FL Studio handles the sound using the internal 32-bit algorithm with floating point. It supports sampling rates up to 192kHz using WDM and ASIO.

Studio Abbey Road modern drums world - class Modern Drummer . Two premium drum kits, registered in the legendary Abbey Road Studios , deliver a strong, versatile reels for modern rock and pop styles - well-rounded, detailed sound, with the upper edge of the air and perfect, formed by the lower level of a large number pagbasa. Command your own drummer in session, shaped well is equipped with a universal Library of Groove, and accurately adjust Your pre-mix with a Mixer Section and effects Studio class-A

Native Instruments ABBEY ROAD VINTAGE DRUMMER - vintage drums for KONTAKT the Company Native Instruments today introduced ABBEY ROAD VINTAGE DRUMMER - a new instrument for KONTAKT , recreating the sound of two drum sets in the 1940-ies. the First set consists of the 26" bass drum Leedy sample of 1940 and the two volumes of the late 1930s, which once belonged to the legendary percussionist James Blades. This combination provides an open sound that is well suited where required unfocused sound with a powerful low-end. Classic Slingerland Radio King (1940) was also sampled for this library. A set of 22" bass drum Slingerland Tom and two volumes (13" and 16") has a tighter sound than installing James Blades, but produces a warm tone that will appeal to anyone...