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Tracker for musicians

Tracker for musicians

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Session Horns Pro is a versatile and extremely useful sample library section of brass instruments KONTAKT sampler that will instantly enliven your tracks. The library provides you with two trombone, three saxophones, three trumpets, trumpet and flugelhorn zasemplirovannye in perfection and represents a rich, authentic sound, which is now available to everyone. 38 presets preset sections for popular styles will help you get started.

Native Instruments The Gentleman - sample library of classical piano, which has a balanced tone, wide dynamic range and surprisingly rich sound. the prototype of the Native Instruments The Gentleman is piano 1908, a tool that has been preserved to perfection, so you can hear his character at the turn of the century.

Session Strings Pro , based on Kontakt, consists of four string groups - each includes four violins, three violas, two cellos, and two double bass. The warmth and balance of the ensemble, revealing the result of this meticulous selection of tools for this library. In the development of Session Strings Pro, two factors were of particular importance: first, a simple and intuitive management of the programme and, secondly expressive and warm string tone that is suitable primarily for pop music and classical music and soundtracks. Violinists who participated in the recording Session Strings Pro , one of the leading musicians of Europe, and each separate tone was recorded at the highest level of expression and perfection. We have not made absolutely no...

Design with incredible accuracy, includes subtle details, such as mechanical noise, specially designed induced resonance, and even the sound hitting your fingers keys (optional), this unique tool provides a large number of living reality,so much in fact that Alicia Keys herself used it exclusively for the last album. Alicia Keys was recorded in his own Studio ,under the guidance of Ann Mincieli . the Tool is taken from Yamaha Alicia Keys '™ C3 Neo Grand piano . This unique tool was built in honor of the 100th anniversary of Yamaha in 2002 and is the top line of the Conservatory collection. Exquisite and unique sound C3 Neo has been carefully developed by Thomas Skarbye, Kontakt wizard Nils Liberg and engineer Ann Mincieli . The use of microphones and...

Kinetic Metal creates an unusual sound sources inspirational tools - all air from textures to delicate tonal percussion. Kinetic Metal is your compass in exploring uncharted sonic worlds. This instrument for Kontakt includes over 200 unique multi-layered instruments created using a wide range of unusual metal sound sources. the Wheel Forge continuously transforms the transition between the sources of the sounds. Each position of the wheel provides one of a kind texture, thus providing an intuitive, responsive and exciting sound design. The wheel FX will allow you to immerse yourself in the sound deeper still Use the 4 basic settings to start your journey through the endless variations of the sounds of each instrument.

POLYPLEX provides a fast, fun way of creating your own Drum Kit . There is no need to experience sound design - randomisierte all, to get the perfect new or use thinner randomization, then you will find a sound that you like. POLYPLEX contains 18 premium effects. Apply dynamics, reverb, distortion, and other effects - up to four at a time. Powerful routing section allows you to combine effects in a new, creative way. POLYPLEX - get incredible sound.

Innovative phase modulation synthesizer with impressive features synthesis, which gives life every note. KONTOUR is the latest synth from the founder of Native Instruments Stefan Schmitt - ultra-responsive synthesizer that responds to even the slightest change settings. This tool allows you to create stunningly organic textures. KONTOUR - incredible performance synthesizer.

Virtual drum machine Tremor uses for sound production simulation of analog synthesis technology (DCAM modeling of individual components of the circuits of analog devices). There are eight zvukogeneratore, each contains the oscillator produces a partial tones corresponding to the vibrations of the drum heads; supports synchronization and modulation), suboscillation, noise generator, multi-mode filters, three envelope generators, three LFOs, Overdrive, three effects processor. the Tool has a polyrhythmic an eight-track step sequencer, three General effects processor, advanced modulation options (General, two LFOs, step sequencers, microcontroller), nine outputs.

AGM - virtual guitar, created on the basis of acoustic guitar Martin D-41 with more than 3,800 samples and larger than 5 GB. The tool has natural sustain and resonating sounds of the guitar, without looping. Also AGM includes several playing techniques, including slide up and down, mute, palm, natural harmonics, Legato with various long and many others.

Legendary analog monophonic synthesizer, the Korg Ms-20 (1978 ) has excellent analog "raw" sound and great sound design. When recording tool was applied equipment: UBK Fatso, Otari 1/4 inch tape machine, Great River Harrison EQ32, A-Design EM-PEQ, Boss Dimension C, E-MU E4XT, Mutronics having mutator.

Native Instruments RISE & HIT - this is a new amazing tool designed to create a harrowing, stunning cinematic effects. Sample library contains more than 8 GB of exclusive material from a wide and diverse range of sources. You will easily be able to find the desired sound, then just set the layer to edit and apply the desired effect (standard reverbs and delays , plus 26 separate filters for complete perfection.

IZotope RX4 is the most complete set of tools on the market for the restoration of sound, which allows you to remove noise, hiss, hum, eliminate clicks, to restore clipirovanie audio material, visually select and suppress unwanted sounds, resentational lost sound and much more.

IZotope Stutter Edit is an Advanced program for Studio and live processing of musical compositions.The product adds various effects and settings to the music mixes,adds dynamics, tension, drama and artistry even for the simplest of paths and loops.Is a great addition to programs such as Ableton Live and other hybrid applications,quicken their remixes.

IZotope Ozone is a complete and functional application that can be called a complete system to perform the mastering. In one integrated plug-in contains all the necessary tools that are needed for post-processing of various musical compositions. iZotope Ozone is the ideal option that provides each musician is absolutely innovative and perfect tools. Using this app, which is characterized by its flexibility and functionality, you can quickly and efficiently handle any musical composition, bringing it to perfection and making it sound better, perfect and unique sounding.

Plugin iZotope Vinyl DirectX format, designed to simulate vinyl. Modeled noise and the roar of the engine, the background network, wear, contamination, level and shape deformation of the plate, the number and depth of the scratches, year player. There are regulators for the input and output levels with indicators, switch stereo/mono.