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Tracker for musicians

Tracker for musicians

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Lush collection of sun-drenched synth loops and MIDI files for Chillwave, Trip Hop, Ambient, etc. containing 48 super-harmonic progressions, fuzzy pads, side-chain patterns. Get ready for instant inspiration - with this super harmonic set of 48 warm, shipped and skillfully played chill-out chords, including 48 fully flexible MIDI files.

This unique percussion synthesizer, and drum machine. With built-in 16-step sequencer, and a full 8 stereo pairs. The sound in Sonic Charge Microtonic generiruesh in real time, and completely synthesized, no pre-render waveform or samples. Easy, and absolutely intuitive in its use.

Ample Sound - ABP - new electric bass instrument based on samples guitar Fender Precision Bass . Ample Sound reproduced the exact sound of classical instruments in a virtual software with precision and pristine clarity. Ample Sound ABP contains a library of samples 3.6 GB, which, of course, recorded on each fret. Destructive editing and dynamic processing was not applied (we left more opportunities for modification by users).

AGM - virtual guitar, created on the basis of acoustic guitar Martin D-41 with more than 3800 samples and larger than 5 GB. The tool has natural sustain and resonant sounds of a guitar, without loops. Also AGM includes several techniques of the game, including sliding up and down, mute, palm, natural harmonics, Legato with various long and many others.

Ample Sound makes accurate reproduction of the sound of classical instruments in a virtual software with precision and pristine clarity. ABJ contains a library of samples 3.6 GB, which, of course, recorded on each fret. Ample Bass J has 14 bass articulations: Sustain, Palm Mute, Natural Harmonic, Hammer On & Pull Off, Legato Slide, Slide in & out, Pop, Slap, Tap, Accentuated, Staccato and Dead Note . Articulation Legato can be used to achieve Legato notes of any length, height, and polyphony.

Egoist is a groove tool. Download any audio file and squeeze it from the groove. Additional bass, beat and fx modules do Egoist ideal tool for creating sketches in the Studio and on the road.

Addictive Keys is a powerful tool for musicians, producers and composers, setting a new standard for virtual keyboard instruments. With its audio capabilities, flexible workflow and fast loading times, Addictive Keys is suitable for all styles and genres of music.

Addictive Drums is a complete drum production Studio. It includes the complete sets of various drum and for different music genres: Retro/Modern Jazz-Sticks/Modern Jazz-Brushes/Funk, Metal/Punk Rock/Ballad Grooves/Sloppy Grooves . And a lot of extra drums and cymbals. The samples contain all the nuances shock: from weakest to strongest, as well as many options shocks (for example, to the hihat - 12 options, snare - 6). All sampled sounds of drums/cymbals recorded in multichannel microphone installation, as well as would be recorded by real drum set.

Virtual String Machine ot GForce pozvolyaet poluchat otlichnie kachestvennie zvuki starih string-mashin, takih kak Freeman String Symphonizer, Eminent 310, ARP Omni II, ARP Quartet, Crumar Multiman, Polymoog, Elka Rhapsody, Korg PE2000, Logan String Melody, Eminent Solina, Roland RS202, Yamaha SS30 i mnogih drugih.

IMEA Studio Groove Drum Synth plug - in that combines a sequencer, sampler, synthesizer and instruments randomization for easy and intuitive creation and formation of the drums. Included with the standalone version (Standalone) , which allows you to use the plugin without a DAW.

The Dutch DJ Promo (aka producer Sebastian Hoff) and DJ Free-K (aka producer Freek Vergoossen) approached Rob Papen with the idea of the synthesizer, which is more focused would 'iskazhenii' sound and invited them into the Studio to create a completely new synth. Armed with ideas, Rob Papen and his team created a new powerful virtual synthesizer RAW.

Collection of presets for Massive synth designed exclusively for Psytrance producers . Created from scratch sounds include bass lines, leads, effects, and more - 100 presets in the format .nmsv.

The Vintage Upright - library samples piano Östlind & Almquist , classic Swedish brand, created in the late 1800's and is widely known for its quality, craftsmanship and heritage. This tool was created in 1930. Brittle, silvery high notes, bright, excellent Sredinny range and targeted, rounded bass, all carefully captured in the Studio world class.

Ravernator is a synth bass lines and percussion sounds, works on the engine Wusik-Engine . The tool comes with a 440 main presets to a total of 6,377 variations. Variations presets represent the original sound with some modifications. Ravernator covers sounds, characterized by the following musical styles: Rave, Old Skool, Hardcore, Breakbeat, Freeform and Gabba .

M-synthesis played a huge role in the development of musical culture in the last few decades. FM8 is FM synthesis, digital domain, in the form of a plugin. Powerful audio engine allows you to achieve exceptional performance, generates a powerful, more energetic sound than ever before. Clearly designed interface, with simple controls that regulate more complex settings automatically.