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In the press-service of investigatory management SKR on the Perm edge has informed the details of the emergency that occurred on the morning of 15 January in school No. 127 Perm. According to authorities, the conflict between the two teenagers, injuring 15 people, starting in the hallway and continued in class, where the younger pupils. "According to preliminary reports, a fight between a student and a former student began in the hallway.

In France continues to stretch and grow “business Kerimov”. Arrested his accomplice, a Swiss businessman, Studhalter, who suspected that he was a figurehead when buying Kerimov real estate, and the purchase of real estate according to the French authorities was only part of a broader scheme to launder money and was not unhealthy thirst billionaire quality.

Syrian Kurds have refused to participate in the Sochi settlement conference. The collapse of Syria becoming a reality. Strictly formal, of course, she will appear single, but in fact in its territory will work for the occupation administration in the interests of the occupiers.

Coalition, the United States announced the beginning of the training of border guards on the border between their zone of occupation in Eastern Syria and Turkey. The number of border guards should be 30 thousand people. The Turks, predictably, objected. I remember a certain President of Russia at the time, said that his soul was full of pity for the Syrian people, and he made the difficult decision to send the Russian military to restore the territorial integrity of Syria.

Quite an interesting situation develops in the zones of occupation of Iran and Russia in Idlib and Aleppo. Iranian and Syrian proxy forces (given the ongoing reports of losses of the Russian mercenaries, they are present there too) trying to take their allotted Astana agreements “zones of de-escalation”. The Russian zone of control, which separates the Turkish and Iranian, take fighters with great difficulty.

At the airport of Trabzon passenger liner lost control due to pilot error (according to another version - for technical reasons), left the runway and rolled down a cliff to the sea. By schastlivoy chance, none of the 168 passengers and crew members died. PS. On other Turkish matters: 1. Turkey has demanded from the EU, to be treated as a state.

' write that in the past people lived faster, turning into a decrepit old man to 30-40 years. As proof, referring to classical literature: Mother Juliet at the time of the events described in the play, was 28 years old. Marya Gavrilovna from "Blizzard" Pushkin was elderly: "she was in Her 20th year." "Balzac age" is 30 years. Ivan Susanin at the time of the heroic deed was 32 years (he was a 16–year-old daughter of marriageable age).

The Ex-Minister of economic development of Russia Alexei Ulyukayev sentenced to eight years in a strict regime due to the fact that he wanted to resign. This opinion was expressed by Chairman of the expert Council of the support Fund for social research "Khamovniki", tenured Professor of HSE Simon Kordonsky. "The fact that Alex (the speaker) wrote a letter of resignation. Of our power the entrance — the ruble, exit — two. And he did not listen to the arguments, for which he suffered.

The Press Secretary of the election headquarters of Vladimir Putin, Andrei Kondrashov said that "an official or personal pages and accounts, including the channel in the Telegram, the candidate in presidents Vladimir Putin of not only the official site of the campaign headquarters". It is reported by RT. According to Mr. Kondrashov, interaction with social media will be implemented through a group of supporters of Mr Putin, work in social networks will engage volunteers.

Went back reports of the death of Russian mercenaries in Syria. Now the place of their death: Hama-Idlib. That, in fact, logical: what is officially called “Syrian army” has long been a conglomerate of foreign mercenaries and local criminal formations. In principle, foreign donors Assad is just like an independent Syria they do not need.

In Europe, on the island of Guernsey, brutally killed the Ukrainian fighter Mika Alps, which has repeatedly threatened because of participation in the war in the Donbass. This was reported in the 8-th separate battalion of the Ukrainian volunteer army. "In the heart of Europe — the Islands of Britain, Guernsey has been a murder of a soldier of the 8th separate battalion of the Ukrainian Volunteer Army friend Mika, who was a former volunteer in the battalion over the past two years.

Coming from the North of Syria reported Assad offensive and counter-offensive of the militants have moved both in the tedious phase of mutual felling and destruction. Hand thrown reserves, but in General, the situation is changing while plus-minus kilometer. In the event clearly manifested the real nature of the ongoing war: Iran and Russia against Turkey. The Turks throw fighters and massively poured in guns, ammunition and equipment, its opponents gather from around the Syria all that is, and try to complete at least some f [...]

The Message that the Russian businessmen almost EN masse to buy Maltese citizenship, slightly stirred up the information swamp of Russia, from which only highlighted malodorous bubbles in search of another enemy mixed with the same smell messages about our unprecedented success. Actually it is not a very significant episode: 500 people last year got a citizenship of Malta, the legislation of which allows you to make small gesheft on the European passport.

Sabotage group fired base Hamim, destroyed. This was stated by Russian defense Ministry. Cheers, of course, and caps in the air. But there's a hitch. The problem is that the version of a mortar attack Mamima new year's eve known to us only from the reports of the Ministry of defense. And very foggy. If about the incursion of drones, we still drew some cards, lined lines were t plywood DIY with fire, the situation looks quite mysterious.

During the meeting with heads of news agencies and print media by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin has signaled that it will not participate in election debates, said the chief editor of "Nezavisimaya Gazeta" Konstantin Remchukov, RIA "Novosti". "During yesterday's meeting with editors-in-chief, which was attended by I, Putin has signaled that he will not take part in the debate," said Remchukov. Here it is absolutely not news.