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Science diplomacy will help Russia and the UK to reduce political tensions and will allow you to prepare for life in the "new world" technologies, big data and innovation, said Russian and British scientists at a round table in the Moscow state Institute. "Once Churchill wrote that the staff always prepares for the last war. These are not only military, but also other departments, and I think that science enables us to not prepare for the last war, and to the world of the future.

Republics of Donbass, in the first place, there must be recognition of the European peoples, not governments. This was stated by the correspondent from Switzerland Marian Banovsky during the international scientific-practical conference "Recognition of States and governments: problems and prospects, barriers and opportunities," held today in Lugansk.

People's Deputy of Ukraine Mikhail Gavrilyuk has tried to refute the fact that he beat the journalist Vasily Crutchy in the Verkhovna Rada. "Today, walking with me down the stairs, he walked, I silently told him that I don't do interviews that will never give him an interview and he still. I went down to the buffet, I sometimes like to drink coffee," said Gavrilyuk. After that, according to him, Crutches began to fall, and the MP "put your hands to hold it".

As previously reported, "Russian Spring" on Thursday, the US coalition airstrike on Pro-government troops in Syria. Representatives of the command of the US Armed forces said that Russia tried to stop the Syrian military and militias moving in the area of de-escalation. This state's official media operation "Unwavering commitment" led by the American military command.

Stocks reached record peaks, amid the deteriorating financial performance of the companies, the higher debt load, We can start with the UK where yesterday the stock market index FTSE-100 rose to record peaks at around 7454 points. On the same day the British government published the statistics, according to which the number of court decisions on debt and lawsuits bankruptcy across the country have grown by 35% in the first quarter of this year and reached the greatest value [...]

The Internet today is not only blurs the boundaries, but often does not allow to hide state secrets. People went to school and accidentally took a picture of the latest development Ukrainian military-industrial complex otrk “Thunder-2”, an analogue of Russian ”Iskander”. “I went to study in Kharkov and met this design, I assume that this MWTP. Who will help to identify and understand the purpose?

Book with the intriguing title "Germany – self-destruction" became a national bestseller in Germany and sold millions of copies. The Germans reckoned predictions about the imminent decline of Europe. Considered Germany's economy – an example to follow. Still: hope and support of the EU, its financial Foundation, the fourth richest country in the world. But if in Germany everything is OK, why every year leave the country 140-160 thousand Germans? Mostly young people or professionals, technicians of the highest class.

The Militants of the Caliphate have produced promotional materials dedicated to its “high technology” they use in continuing from October 2016, the battle for Mosul. They mainly relate to various ways of shahidism, but there are other delights. Homemade glider with a bomb. Small crawler drones can be used not only for mine, but on the contrary. Trophies.

Revised draft law on the deprivation of a single housing suggests that to get its police officers can only on socially significant Executive manufactures, for example, delinquent child support, RIA Novosti reported with reference to Deputy Director of economic legislation Department of the Ministry of justice of Russia Denis Novak. “Many of the suggestions made during the public discussion of the bill, considered.