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A Fragment of a report to the Plenum of the Central Committee of the CPSU in October 1964 devoted to the removal of Khrushchev from the post of Secretary General, which enumerates some grounds related to the necessity of the deprivation of Khrushchev's power. We are talking about a number of aspects of domestic and foreign policy than Khrushchev and Stalin, personality cult of Khrushchev and General adventurism and voluntarism of his policies. From the report at the October Plenum of 1964

Easter was two, in Kiev, in the courtyard of his house on Church street, the Ukrainian nationalists were killed a writer Oles Buzina. The names of the suspects have long been known, but the Ukrainian government does not want to conduct any investigation. To this sad date, I can't tell you anything new about the investigation, and especially anything reassuring about the prospects of retribution and punishment of the killers. Apparently, under this government they will not be convicted.

Fighting in Syria in the last couple years have been positive to emerge for Pro-government forces in particular due to the large Russian support. The correspondent of the "Russian Spring", in Syria, talked with a number of commanders of the CAA, which talked about some of the tactical aspects of war, as well as problems in the Armed forces of the SAR.

The other day in mass media there was interesting information about the projects that Russian President Vladimir Putin has received from the President of RAS Vladimir Fortov. Among the four projects I was attracted to one called "Development". It provides for the construction in Siberia of high-speed railway to the Bering Strait. Despite the fact that the news spread widely, information was scarce.

Last night was live Aromire, but there turned out any inconsistencies with sound, most likely the Internet “sailed”. I recorded in the Studio on the second camera, so rewired Studio recording cut to for so long. Although much is left. Unfortunately, feedback was not recorded, so “my” record replicas Igor Boshchenko no. However, just at this time he was not so much leading, as the tech ether, so that these replicas were so little.

Kim Jong-UN decided to go on principle (Hello to all those who wrote yesterday, saying “Kim was scared”) and has conducted the promised testing of ballistic missiles, even though alenitsky the rhetoric of Washington and exhortations of Beijing. Promising US that in the case of attack on the DPRK, North Korean missiles will fly to South Korea and Japan, North Korea, as promised, has launched its new ballistic missile.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stolenberg is not tired to declare the need for the expansion of NATO influence in the realm of cyberspace. Thus, Stoltenberg underlines and highlights with a Sharpie that cyberspace is no less (maybe even more) important to Americans than air, sea and land areas. And the Secretary General declares his intention to carry out a massive cyber attack against any country that even slightly cybernetically encroach even on one NATO member.

Special Correspondent Alexander Kots have looked like in Syria perceive the current geopolitical aggravation. Infighting From the base of the "Sirat", which on April 7, the U.S. launched a missile attack, to the Christian town of Sadad is only 30 kilometers. I had been here before. Maybe even driving past the base, watched from a distance the hills aircraft hangars, not giving them any value. In 2015 here in the direction of Palmyra pressed the ISIL terrorists*.

While fools giggle — Persians work. Iranian stealth plane F-313 already riding on the airfield. Soon will fly. As I said, this plane is incorrectly klassificeret as a "fighter" is the reincarnation of the idea of tactical strike aircraft Lockheed F-117 Night Hawk the next, a much more reasonable level. As you know, this single subsonic tactical stealth attack aircraft company Lockheed Martin was designed for stealth penetration through air defense system of the enemy and attacks [...]

Military-political expert from Israel Yakov Kedmi told Vladimir Solovyov, what really happened in Idlib, was used sarin, but also revealed how should Russia respond to an act of U.S. aggression on Syria military base in HOMS to send a clear message to Trump. "That's not sarin was is clear. First, everyone there spoke about the clouds of a yellow smoke, etc., and Zarin — it is without color, without smell, without anything.

From the verdict in the case of major-General Nazarov became known that lucky shot down June 14, 2014 at Lugansk Il-76MD tail number 76777 (head. room 0083482490): as a result of a terrorist act completely destroyed the following weapons, equipment and other military property worth 28737081 UAH. namely, the Il-76MD, four of the aviation engines D-30KP (KP-2), seven products "Komar-2M", seven sets to NAZ-7M, three parachute PN-58 C. 3, three parachute-5 S.

What am I doing? Yes navalism (come in large numbers from capitals ) Bulk. Olechow, not really expected, to be honest. Several grandmothers and a company of the Chelyabinsk OMON – it is ten minutes before the start of the rally, all who came to the square near the Palace of culture, Koloshenko. Grandma's grandchildren by the way there's just walking, there's a cool Playground. But the guys from Riot police patience in this cloudy day. But during the opening of the office in Chelyabinsk Bulk of the opposition and all booed and offered "to go".

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