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January 6 in the 109th battalion of the 10th separate brigade of the APU, a drunken soldier shot out of the machine five colleagues, two more have received severe wounds. This was during the briefing said acting head of the Department of the LPR militia Colonel Mikhail Filonenko. "During drinking of spirits between military men there was a quarrel, and one of the soldiers opened indiscriminate fire on his comrades, he said.

Trump extended mode the lifting of sanctions against Iran, though it contradicts his campaign promises again to impose sanctions against Iran. However, now the Congress has 60 days to decide to impose sanctions. The position of the trump does not change - he believes that the “nuclear deal” has to go along with the “missile deal”, which prohibits Iran's development of missiles and can be linked to limitations and conditions to Iran for its policies in the region - in cestos [...]

Revolution in Russia is already preparing at full speed. But at the moment there is only the first stage of his training. This was stated by newly minted politician, instigator of the war in the Donbass Igor Girkin. As previously reported, according to experts, Putin is left to rule a little over a year. The main and only viable force that is interested as soon as possible “to overthrow the regime” at any cost, a group of oligarchs “from the 90s”. This group began to prepare a coup in Russia.

Putin's Election campaign, apparently, and will be carefully selected among the loyal people, most of which will symbolize his personal guards saragoudas the fishermen, doctors, devout believers, the workers of the visited enterprises. Photos of the “electorate” are only at first the laughter, then it becomes even uninteresting. In principle, any doubts that Putin will be declared the winner, and there can not be.

Russia knows who committed a provocation against its military facilities in Syria, said President Vladimir Putin at a meeting with the chief editor of Russian Newspapers and news agencies. He said that right before the beginning of the meeting discussed the situation in Syria in a telephone conversation with his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and expressed confidence that neither the Turkish military nor the Turkish leadership have no relationship to the attempted attack on Russian military facilities.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said about the lack in Russia of qualified specialists of working professions, reports "Interfax". According to him, today the distinction between the different levels of training are virtually erased. "We are just sorely lacking not just workers, but a well trained working professions", - said the President at the meeting with students, whose essays on the theme "Russia, looking to the future" was recognized as the l [...]

The General staff held a briefing on the same drone attack on Hamim. The military is desperately trying to present the incident as force majeure, which arose through circumstances beyond their control, emphasizing on high-tech stuffing and Assembly BLAH, unavailable irregulars in the field: “...the Study of drones attacking Russian targets in Syria, have shown that they cannot be done in a controlled environment.

Our moderate partners among Pro-Turkish militants posted a video that shows the new, directly from the warehouses, arms and ammunition. Where arms and ammunition and fresh ammunition, apparently, a terrible secret. Manages the process of attack on the Syrians, the main action is very significant appearance. Perhaps, yesterday resigned from the Turkish army General volunteer. Captured by the Syrians:

In Idlib, apparently, the Turks were not limited to expressions of concern by Iranian and Russian ambassadors, but also had a purely practical activities. At the “moderate” insurgents appeared unified command (it is hard to say situational or they finally managed to overcome their differences), the zone is mobilized and transferred from 7 to 10 thousand militants Ahrar al-sham and the FSA themselves, the Turkish military has carried out a regrouping in the area of Idlib.

Washington froze the assets of the national sovereign Fund of Kazakhstan. However, Astana is not going to leave it just like that, the representatives have appealed to the High court in London. Step USA has clearly demonstrated that storing of state reserve funds in America are not so reliable as was considered before. It turned out that there are high risks that have already had a chance to see Kazakhstan. According to Reuters, Washington has decided to freeze reserves.

Apparently, what is happening now events in Idlib and the events surrounding the Russian airbase Hamim directly linked. Today's statement by the Russian Ministry of defense and last call of the ambassadors of Russia and Iran in the Turkish foreign Ministry also relate to what is happening. In Idlib as long as everything goes well “according to plan” - Syrians take their allotted Astana negotiations of the territory, nothing more.

Lebanese media reported that there was a likelihood of a decision by the Jordanian authorities, on granting the Russian space for the construction of an airbase in the province of Mafraq. If the decision is taken, Russia will get wasmeant to build more fit the base of a higher class than Hamim, which generally speaking, is a regular civilian airport, converted for military purposes.

Events in Idlib accelerate. On the background of the collapse of the front of the militants “An-Nusra” and the withdrawal of troops from the North-East of Hama, continues to shrink neck the future of the boiler. Apparently to escape through the neck of the Dahkur will not only only all. Of course expect plenty of trophies following the liberation of the territory.

History with the UAV attacking Hamim, all does not end there. The Deputy Sablin said that according to him, the RAID was attended by 31 drone. The defense Ministry has been forced to specifically rebut this statement, to mention was 13. All shot down. The point is not even in number - and 13 BLA - this is massive attack, with more than our military ever faced. The essence of the method.

Vice Prime Minister of the Republic of Crimea, Georgy Muradov said in an interview with RIA Novosti, the discussion in the West of the scenarios and the recognition of Crimea as Russian territory. According to officials, it is now one of the most pressing issues among Western liberals. "Discuss the scenario about the removal of the Crimean issue from the political agenda and the recognition of Russian Crimea, if it will go at some point Kiev", - said Muradov, who believes that Russia must "on this [...]