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Hamim was the newsmaker of the new year. There are reports that “Ahrar al-Alawi” dozens of drones, and simultaneously attack several database blah BLAH. In addition to this group the district has a minimum of four a large group of other fighters, and they are certainly fast perennial the best practices of subcontractors. The defense system of the bases with the drones can not do anything, coping with single barely, but against massive attacks allowing failures.

In Saudi Arabia arrested 11 princes after they protested against the Royal decree on the termination of state funding of utility expenses of the members of the ruling dynasty. According to news site Sabq, the princes even organized a protest at the Royal Palace in Riyadh, It is, in particular, payment for water and electricity. Additionally, the princes demanded the abolition of the death penalty against one of the members of the Royal family.

Yesterday night the news of the attack on the Thai police seems to be confirmed. Apparently, the base was under attack or a missile, or drone, and in any case - not homemade and factory-made. In General, not fighters never. Air defense system something intercepted, where a powerful explosion on Jableh. If so - then it is not the militants, and some of our regular partners, of which there are a dime a dozen and everyone enjoyed stuck a knife, and something more in the back or anywhere else.

In the new year the liberal media has initiated another scandal around the Russian air base in Syria Hamim. In the night of 4 January, "Kommersant" published an article "Thai police have come under fire," which the publication said, citing a military-diplomatic sources, that on 31 December 2017, radical Islamists attacked a Russian air base in Latakia, in consequence of which "was virtually destroyed 4 bombers su-24, 2 su-35S, 1 transport An-72, and storage of ammunition [...]

The mercenary Unit "Georgian Legion" announced the withdrawal from the 54-th separate mechanized brigade APU. This is stated in the statement of the press service of "Georgian Legion". "December 20, 2017 the Georgian Legion the full structure has left 54 Crew because of the incompetence of the commander Maystrenko, Alexey and his entourage, as well as the illegal orders he had issued.

Friend-a Syrian commented on a video shooting for the new year: “ ... Is the new year's eve in Latakia, as in all Syrian cities) and people celebrated. There is a tradition in Syria, which appeared with the beginning of the war, fired for any reason, a lot of weapons, spend money on firecrackers is not necessary, so open fronts for any occasion, be it a wedding, funeral, or “son passed the exams of the second grade of elementary school” and people live all the time with the sky falling bullets.

The advance of the Syrians in Idlib gradually “picks hands on” part of the territory of the province. However, it seems that SAA only takes her allotted part “zone of de-escalation” in Idlib. The province itself is divided into three zones of control - Turkish in the North, Iran to the East and Russian in the South. In Iran are Pro-Iranian proxies, Turkish is also under full control of the Turks, and now the Syrians (Russian proxy) started to take its.

Sent a video, write - from Syrians in the night of the New year Mamima. Judging by the video the New year is in full swing. If this video is indeed out, then the festival there was what we needed. It's a wonder there were only 10 aircraft, two were killed and the ammunition dump. Frankly, even I can not believe that this is true Hamim. I would like the details. We in the army of the New year was celebrated as something more modest.

Almost everyday news now about the beginning of protest actions in Tehran, Sari, Dezfuli. Police is present but does not interfere. In the district of Bakhtiyar Isfahan today, police generally took off and left, leaving the protesters themselves. The clashes are, but they involved only the forces of “Basij” and while slightly - the IRGC.

Poland put forward new conditions for Gazprom to sign gas supply contract for the needs of the domestic market of the country. Today Poland consumes 15 billion cubic meters of gas a year, buying from Gazprom 10 billion But now the poles are ready to refuse in the future from Russian gas, if not met their conditions: the de-linking of gas prices to the price of Nephi and the conclusion less long-term than it is now, contracts.

Message from the posted by: “database in Hamim. All affected equipment. Pre-6, su-24, 1 su-35S, 1 An-72, 1 An-30 intelligence, 1 Mi-8. 2 su-24 and su-35S put into operation.” The source of the information posted by Sapojnikov. It seems that really, the fire was not. You coped.

Protests in Iran continued today in the night. Their number has decreased, severity has increased. The main protest today was the provinces of Isfahan, Hamadan, Zanjan, Kermanshah and Kurdistan. Protesters already without fools throw stones at Basij, in response to receiving the shots. There are reports about the deaths of five soldiers of the IRGC on this night, at least three photos of dead already published. There are reports of “dozens” killed in Masjed Suleiman.

The defense Ministry confirmed the attack Hamina in the night from 31 on 1 and the death of two soldiers. Seven aircraft confirmed. Alas, with a reputation as an inveterate liar, do anything - still waiting for some objective facts and not Ministerial parole. Logic in such cases suggests that present conventional satellite photos of the base between 30 to January 2 in increments of 4-6 hours. So for the only person that belligerent air force satellites-that have to watch how and its surroundings.

“Kommersant” about the destruction of seven Russian aircraft, ammunition and injured soldiers something very like the story eighteen months ago, when the rebels initially reported on the crash at the air base, T-4, near Palmyra, which destroyed four Russian helicopter, and then this information was confirmed by my friend who personally saw the aftermath of the disaster, well, the final point in the question put “Stratfor” published pictures from space, [...]

A Small selection of today's rallies in different Iranian cities: Video emerges of protests in Khuzestan province city of Dezful, a county seat of 420,000, making it the 7 days of protest throughout the country. — Borzou Daragahi