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As a result of mortar attack on 31 December at the Russian air base in Syria Hamim destroyed seven aircraft. About this, citing unnamed military-diplomatic sources "Kommersant" reports. According to the newspaper, the militants fired at the base and virtually destroyed four bombers su-24, two su-35S and an Antonov An-72. Fire were also undermined by the magazine.

, the Iranian military announced the end of “the troubles” and the defeat of the rebel General Mohammad Ali Jafari said that “security threats won't work against Iran,” TASS, January 3. Commander of the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps (IRGC, an elite unit of the armed forces of Iran), General Mohammad Ali Jafari announced the end of “the troubles” in the cities of the Islamic Republic. The corresponding statement military leads on Wednesday, the Fars news Agency.

Reported that in Isfahan profit Afghan mercenaries from the gang“, Patition” to help the regime in control of the situation: apparently, the Iranian authorities a serious problem with the loyalty of local executioners, since they are forced to enter a to suppress their own people of foreign mercenaries. On the other hand, the government should keep its bayonets. Even strangers.

"Russian Spring" published a complete summary of the military situation in the DPR over the past day, today's briefing by the Deputy commander of the operational command of the Republic Eduard Basurin. For the past day the Ukrainian armed forces continued to violate the ceasefire by firing mortars and small arms at the area n. p. Zaitsev, Spartacus and the village They.

The Ministry of defence today confirmed the crash of the Russian helicopter in the province of Hama late last year. This was reported by the resources of militants, stating that the helicopter crashed without them. Later it was reported that the reason was not even a technical malfunction, a collision of the helicopter with an obstacle. However, the militants, citing intercepted radio then reported that the helicopter in addition to the crew were Russian officers, but the defense Ministry says only about the death of the crew - two [...]

Home In the zoo in Moscow, a Panther attacked the Ukrainian, who died of his wounds. It is reported that a Ukrainian citizen was a labour migrant, worked as a caretaker and was watching animals in a private nursery from a businessman in the Moscow region. The tragedy occurred when the male came to feed the beast. Panther waited, when he will enter the cage, and attacked. After the predator killed a Ukrainian, he broke out of his cage to freedom and escaped.

Despite the strict limitation of the Internet, from Iran come to the message about the beginning of mass arrests of protesters, during which dozens were killed. Basij and the armed criminals opened fire indiscriminately on crowds of people. Apparently, the government decided on the most stringent version of the suppression of the rebellion, although will lead to the desired result, hard to say. BREAKING: #MasjedSoleyman.

The Night was again time protesters (maybe not only them). As they explain, the night camera on the streets much worse recognize faces that Iranian conditions is not the foolish precaution. In fact, any of the protesters now an enemy of the state and it may get time, and even full-fledged death penalty - Iran is among the world record holders for the imposition of the death penalty and executions.

In connection with the tightening and the overlap of the Internet in Iran, the information there is obvious failure, and delay. Nevertheless, report that in many places went on strike, calls for which started yesterday. Empty streets, closed many stores, not only in large cities but also the provinces. Retailers must go on “strike” for good reason - the delivery of products are unevenly distributed, the risk of being robbed by the crowd and left coast crime have risen significantly.

The Secretary of the Supreme national security Council of Iran, Ali Shamkhani in an interview with Al-Mayadeen TV channel said that the protest actions that are currently in the country, organized from the outside and are held in the framework of the "proxy war" waged with Iran, some countries of the world. DD “some” countries Shamkhani understands the US, the UK, Saudi Arabia. Hard to say on what basis such a statement.

The death toll in the Iranian unrest is growing, and growing, and the seriousness of the occasions on which there is a destruction of people. In Isfahan in the attack on the prison killed 7 protesters(?) 4 members of Basij. In Hategana (also a province of Isfahan) in the attack on a police station killed 6 police officers. You need to consider that Iran is seriously criminalized, which is not surprising in such a social environment.

Infographic on civilian casualties in Syria in December 2017: Civil, as a rule, are killed as “collateral damage”. That is, especially don't kill them, but not particularly reflective. On the chart, by the way, you can understand where and who with what intensity fighting. Coalition of the US, for example, bombed mainly the province of Deir ez-SP, hence the “collateral damage” 67 civilians.

In the Russian media for obvious reasons restrained the rating and coverage of the Iranian events. First, the New year, and secondly, Iran is a formal ally of the Putin regime, and thirdly, very unpleasant for the Kremlin underlying causes of the rebellion in Iran is driven to its despair of the people. The allusion is obvious. Propagandists without having, apparently, more guidance, how to react, however, traditionally turning a sad song about “color revolution”.

Began in Iran riot puts into question the processes in the countries in which the foreign policy of Tehran is a tough confrontation with other participants of the event. First of all we are talking about Syria, Iraq and Yemen. In total, Iran has flooded these countries (Iraq and Syria in the first place) almost two hundreds of thousands of their proxies. Only in Syria, in total he pays for the contents of 80-100 thousand mercenaries, and if in 12-13 years there were ideological, now fighting only for money.

Stated that starting from the 2nd of January Iran will start a nationwide strike. Who exactly was said is unknown, the message is spreading viral way. To organize this kind of event, protesters at their current level organizovannosti definitely not, so such a message can simply be a “horror story” for the authorities.