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In France arrested two-time national champion in Boxing in the first heavy weight Christophe Delange. He was placed into custody January 7 on charges in the beating of policemen during the protests of "yellow jackets" in Paris. It is reported by RFI. Two days ago, the video came a time when 37-year-old Defense beating of the militiaman during the stock "yellow jackets" on the bridge near the building Natssobraniya. Sources "France 2" in the police claim that his gloves were lead. the network got another video in which a man resembling Christophe Delange, feet beating a policeman lying on the ground. The latter was given sick leave for two weeks. Christoph Defense in 2007 and 2008 became the French champion in Boxing in weight category to 91 kg. According to...

Putin in a telephone conversation with Prime Minister of India invited him to take part in the Eastern economic forum, which will be held this year in Vladivostok. Given the specificity of regional relations, it can be assumed that the leader of China, XI Jinping will not take part in it, and the Chinese delegation will be presented more low. On the Taiwanese President addressed a public appeal to the international community (read US and allies) to defend Taiwan's democracy from the aggressive plans of mainland China after Beijing called for reunification of the two Chinas. Today, the Chinese protested against the presence of American ships in the area of the disputed Islands. In the same piggy Bank can be attributed to the quickly impending surrender of...

Government spying for the sake of public lie - that the materials show regarding Lockerbie lies about MH17 this month marks thirty years since the explosion of the bomb on Board flight PA 103 airlines Pan American (photo top left) flying from London to new York. About the history of the British and American governments invented to accuse Libya and justify the overthrow of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, demanded the falsification of evidence and conviction in a rigged trial against the wrong person. It is also required surveillance of the relatives of those who died to thwart their attempts to get to the truth. the Scale of this operation was disclosed last week as a result of partial release of British government documents from the National archives of the...

The Japanese did not hide that the transfer of the Islands all ready. Prime Minister Abe on the grave of his father, which he visited, told reporters that he had sworn to put an end to the issue of returning territories, and assured that this year it will be resolved. It is unlikely that such a purely intimate thing, like visiting the graves of relatives for no reason accompanied by journalists. Most likely, they were invited deliberately in order to emphasize the symbolism and pathos of what is happening. In contrast, the subject of the surrender of the Kuril Islands went on a very long-range plan. We have more to tell such important news as the fact that Putin today at noon with a cannon shot in the fortress in 12 hours (by the way, I was wondering why...

Some memorable photos and screenshots from the opening ceremony of the XXIII Olympic Winter games in Pyeongchang looked like the Russian team. Photo by Valery Sharifulin (TASS). I, like many, for obvious reasons, didn't want to watch the opening ceremony of the Olympics in Pyeongchang. But then I thought that in this case our children will be left entirely without support, all alone. But they, strictly speaking, nothing at all. They already got.

Last week, President trump delivered a message “About the situation in the country,” in which he declared the programme for infrastructure development worth $1.5 trillion. However, he omitted the fact that over the next decade, the Federal government will provide extremely small amount of funds to restore crumbling bridges, rails, roads and waterways of America.

Source: this year in Russia begins the revival of one of the largest construction projects of socialism, which for security reasons was called Stroyka 501, and later the "Great Northern railway". The project, which started Stalin and who now have to complete us. How to do that and more next.

I understand and share the emotions of our athletes and fans who are angry because of the decision of sports arbitration on the non-admission of Russian athletes at the Olympics. Shouts and comments that the arbitration bent, who bought everything that had to get out of the Olympic movement and not to expose himself to the disgrace already filled in all the media and social networks, and I think there will be more.

In the stands of the Olympic games flag of the Russian Federation. It has brought on competitions in figure skating the Korean fans welcoming the guests from Russia. During his speech, the Russian Mikhail Kolyada in the lenses of the cameras was the Russian flag that was holding the Korean. Korean couple with a Russian flag on the figure skating competition.

*Extremist and terrorist organizations, banned in the Russian Federation: "the Right sector", "Ukrainian insurgent army" (UPA), "LIH", "Jabhat Fatah al-sham" (the former "Dzhabhat EN-Nusra", "al-Nusra Dzhebhat"), the National Bolshevik party, "al-Qaeda", "UNA-UNSO", "Taliban", "The Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people", "Jehovah's Witnesses", "Mizantropik divizhn", "Brotherhood" korchinskiy, the "Barrage".

Kerimov second time go to Russia. Officially announced the reason: “to solve problems with his business in France.” Cause of these very vaguely, but apparently so is for solving problems. If Russian billionaires - just legal “wallets” of their clans, the West uses them as intermediaries to communicate with those who fills this particular “common Fund.” Well, not to collect all of these bandits in the end.

30 years after the summer Olympic games in Seoul that many remember because of the "magical atmosphere", today neither the Koreans nor the tourists are not eager to buy tickets to the winter Olympics in Pyeongchang. For residents of the country is too cold for fun, the more there is no one to hurt, and tourists are deterred by long flights and housing prices, reports CBC News.

Of where life begins the way of money, you know if not all, many. Banknotes recorded, counted and sorted using a special high-speed machines. Information about issued banknotes is saved in the database. In the branch of the Bank also received the old and damaged banknotes. They are removed from circulation and by means of the special equipment cut into small pieces. During the day, in this way destroying more than 1 million banknotes of various denominations.

US launches air strikes on SAA in brovnichi of Deir ez-Zor. IN the US version it was like this: 1. A few days before the US attack predpupredili Russia, near the oil fields Husam are forces SDF. 2. However, the CAA continued to concentrate power in the area. 3. Yesterday at the local headquarters of the SDF has arrived delegation of American officials. neyazvennaya 4. At this point, the staff came under fire from tanks, artillery, and a group of more than 500 people, the CAA went on the attack on the oil fields.

How-to-order - Syrian military (and maybe not only them) tried to attack the Kurds of SDS on the left Bank of the Euphrates. In response, American coalition immediately launched strikes on the Syrian military. #BREAKING: Video from just a few moments ago: #SDF forces at the Omar oil fields shelling #SAA forces inside Khusam village and at the outskirts of Conico gasfield with rocket attacks. — The Arab Islamist (@TheArabIslamist) 7 Feb 2018