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The Specificity of Russian involvement in the Syrian war is the numerical weakness of the troops. Objective reasons - the impossibility of a full supply of a large group. This, apparently, explains the inability during the two years of the war to concentrate any appreciable forces to the two napravleniyah at the same time. In recent days, starts to come the information that the Russian “people involved in military matters” moving in the direction of Deir ez-Zor.

The Head of the Duma Committee on defense Vladimir Shamanov said that at present there is no access to the crash site of the su-25 in Syria, on the issue of negotiations with Turkey. “We are with the Turks negotiations, but so far (no - if) result...,” said the Shaman, answering a question of Interfax. He noted that he has not yet received access to the wreckage. Here it is necessary for one significant explanation.

The Head of Board NAK "Naftogaz Ukraine" Andrew KOBOLEV said that the company plans in accordance with the decision of the Stockholm arbitration to start purchases of gas from Gazprom in March 2018. He said that already held several rounds of talks and there was a document which, according to the company, "close to being signed". "We hope during this month to implement the decision of the Stockholm arbitration part of the contract of purchase and sale.

With new anti-Russian sanctions was definitely something wrong. Maybe the whole essence of homicide presented yesterday in the U.S. Congress, "Kremlin report" hidden in a secret, unpublished pieces – however, according to the American analysts, who read her drafts, it is not about our elites and their overseas lobbyists, according to the release.

The Dow Jones Industrial in the last trading session fell by 4.6 percent, or 1175 points, which was a record since 2011. The NASDAQ Composite index lost 3.78 percent, or 273,42 points. Then there was a collapse of the Japanese stock market indicators, and on Tuesday morning, falling to Russian exchanges, writes TASS. For the Dow Jones, which includes the 30 largest industrial enterprises of America (Microsoft, Boeing, Apple, Cisco, Coca-Cola, Exxon Mobil, and so on) trading session 5 February [...]

Putin and his accompanying extras registered presidential candidates. The CEC almost let a tear of emotion over the fact that all reaching to the stage of delivery of the signatures, managed to pass their test and become full-fledged candidates. This is typical for this so to speak, of the campaign? Candidates, including the frontrunner, so really said, and why do they go to the President. Simply put, everyone still does.

Author: Olga of Kiev was Not in the world has such a fool who toyed with their written sack, as the ancient or "Trypillia", or "the Sumerians" was hovering with his Holy gas pipe. Especially on the tube-just nobody claims. She will remain in the hands of "the Sumerians", remain, however, empty and rusty. Want to go as a guest, I want cockroaches running from Sumy to Uzhhorod on the tube make me drank and hand over in scrap metal. Grace and full of "Nezalezhnosti".

Last time we talked about the fact that Poland since the collapse of the USSR was systematically prepared the ground for dismemberment of Ukraine. To do this, she created her problems and conducted preparatory work among its citizens. But in the last four years, this training has already reached the stage finish, and I think that Warsaw is just waiting for an opportunity to once and forever solve the problem of the city. Continued: http://naspravdi.

The Ministry of Defence about the plans of attack of the APU on the DNI and LC. In addition to the previously published scheme Again, the plans are not new and are a renewal of the operational planning of the armed forces for 2014-2015 th years with its basic provisions associated with the encirclement of Donetsk and Gorlovka.

Today, finally, officially named the name of a dead Russian pilot Roman Filippov. And again - anonymous defense Ministry officials, reported the presentation of his posthumously the title of Hero. The leadership of personal words is not found - it is very occupied. Meanwhile, the Turkish Agency “Anadolu” dryly, but with obvious disapproval reported the strengthening of Russian aircraft attacks in Idlib.

Over 50 militants were killed in a few minutes after they caught the air strikes of Russian aviation in the East of Idlib, reports Arab news Agency AMN. Videoconferencing fiercely revenge on the jihadists after the recent fall of the su-25 and the death of the pilot of the Novel Filipova in battle with terrorists "Hayat Tahrir al-sham" ("dzhebhat an-Nusra" Syrian "al-Qaeda").

After the publication of the video of the last fight of the su-25 pilot Roman Filippov with terrorists, his last words were a hashtag, which is rapidly gaining popularity in social networks. Users of social networks write about the heroism of the pilot, who had to fight the terrorists, and quoted his dying phrase, "This is spacenow!".

Photos and documents Filippov Roman N., who took his last fight on 3 February South of Sarakibe. Aviadarts 2013. As reported, major Filippov will be presented to the state award posthumously.

The death of the Russian pilot, which yesterday was covered almost online network, has again raised some of the same issues from a completely private to General. Issues that are constant, except that at such times they sound somewhat louder. First, purely private. The ratio of superiors to subordinates. Given that officially recognized a few losses in this war, no one bothered the President speak over the last days and humanly to say in his ad [...]

In Volgograd presented the biography of our famous countryman in a series "ZHZL". "Komsomolskaya Pravda" talked with the hero and learned how Maxim Zagorulko working to eliminate blind spots in the history of the war in its center for the study of the history of the battle of Stalingrad Catherine Simahina Maxim Zagorulko. February 1, 2018. Photo: administration of the Volgograd region the Celebration of the 75th anniversary of the victory in the battle of Stalingrad concerts, parades and shows.