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Short history of iced with a hammer and sickle on the banner of Victory, which was carried on parade in Volgograd. The story is simple - some noticed that on the Victory banner, which was carried at the beginning of the parade “there is no hammer and sickle”. In fact, the contours of the hammer and sickle is there, but for some reason hardly noticeable. On some shots it looks like that the hammer and sickle just dipped. In any case, it looks like a violation of the law on the Victory banner

The Case, no doubt, anecdotal. Former Deputy Minister of sports of Crimea 35-year-old Farooq Islamovich Kamalov went to Ukraine and was arrested by the SBU on suspicion of treason in Ukraine. Why did he go there? Farooq went there for a biometric passport. To visit Europe for bizwise. Civil servants usually take a Ukrainian passport, so that they do not meddle in the Ukraine. Why Farukh remained a Ukrainian passport? Maybe he returned it, when fired from the Ministry.

Russian pilot died a hero, shot about 40 rounds of he had 60, the Islamists are clearly trying to capture, but failed. Pilot terrorists downed su-25 the Russian space forces have ejected from the downed aircraft and engaged in battle with the militants still in the air. Supplied with the parachute is heard that the militants are firing at our officer. Military pilot decided not to surrender to the bandits and died heroically in battle after landing.

The Evening of 3 February, the Syrian fighters was shot down by a Russian su-25. The aircraft performed a flyby of the zone of de-escalation "Idlib". According to preliminary information, the bomber was shot down by a portable anti-aircraft missile system, "Interfax". According to the Agency, the pilot ejected in an area that is controlled by the terrorist group "Jabhat al Nusra" (court decision, the organization banned in Russia). During clashes with the militants, he was killed.

Khasavyurtovsky intend to appeal this request to the head, the Prosecutor and the chief of the FSB of Dagestan and to stay in the capital as long as no action will be taken In Dagestan Khasavyurt residents need to check on the legality of the activity passed saigidpasha umahanova. Khasavyurtovsky intend to appeal this request to the head, the Prosecutor and the chief of the FSB of Dagestan and to stay in the capital as long as no action is taken Today, February 3, in the Dagestani Khasavyurt, messengers began to spread [...]

Report that Syria shot down a Russian su-25. The pilot ejected. PS. The plane was shot down near the city of Sarakibe, who spent the week hard bombed just a Russian aircraft. There are unconfirmed reports that the pilot captured. Frankly, after the mass death of civilians in Sarakibe from the bombing of the fate of the pilot can be quite sad. PPS. The plane was shot down by the militant group “Jaish al-Nasr”. Apparently, from MANPADS. PPP. The pilot was killed.

In Saudi Arabia, arrested the princes, arrested during the “fight against corruption”, “emptied” of about $ 100 billion in exchange for freedom. Not everyone wanted to accept the terms of the crown-Prince, but most. “Refuseniks” decided to prosecute. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman was decided in the first place a political task, ensuring the loyalty or at least neutrality from hostile he groups in the dynasty, but along the way, solve the question of securing resources for the promotion [...]

Since the beginning of February in the UK came into force a law requiring to explain the origin and legality of funds, which it purchased real estate. The law applies to all foreigners, but in Britain do not hide that it is first and foremost about the immigrants from the former Soviet Union, swarms nestled in the country and raskupili luxury properties in the most prestigious places. While at the level of rumors, but called the first people that will come soon.

The head of DNR and LC signed an agreement establishing a common customs space. Someone called this event almost no unification of the two young States, and some elementary necessary measure. However, as always, somewhere in the middle. So, what happened and what to expect from these integration processes (as they are called experts)? In the first place, in my opinion, the signing of such agreements strengthen the sovereignty of Donetsk and Lugansk.

The British branch of Transparency International demanded that authorities in the UK to verify the legality of purchasing property in London of Russian oligarchs and officials. In the list of the property you need to check on the legality of the acquisition, includes two apartments and the cost of 11.44 million lb., 4 Whitehall Court in London, owned by first Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Igor Shuvalov.

Visit of three heads of special services of Russia in the United States, and one of those leaders - Sergei Naryshkin - is under sanctions and banned entry to the United States, immediately caused a lot of questions. Although he was covered by the standard wording of consultations on the issue of fighting terrorism, a trip associated with published “the Kremlin report.”

In the birthplace of Boris Yeltsin — in the village Basmanovskoye Sverdlovsk region burned down the house where, on 1 February 1931 was born the first President of Russia. According to local media reports, the fire occurred on January 26, a few days before the 87th anniversary of the birth of Boris Yeltsin. Presumably, the fire occurred due to the fact that quite serviceable stove left unattended. The current owners of the house left in Tyumen, asking him to look after housing for the neighbor Nikolay Shabunin.

Antiaircraft gun militants “An-Nusra” firing at the su-25 HQs of the Russian Federation in the Eastern Idlib, where the machine supported the offensive of the Syrian army to the West of Abu-Dahkur. Resources of the militants insist that one of the projectiles managed to get, but the car judging by the video proceeded to the base with no visible damage. Well, some “plum Assad”. The onset of CAA on Zahursky boiler. Assad is so “drained” that he took several dozen cities and towns. Bloody tyrant completely out of control.

The head of the CIA did not see anything wrong in the contacts with the leadership of the Russian special services There is nothing improper in the meetings with representatives of the Russian special services, was quoted Thursday by the Associated Press the Director of the CIA Mike Pompeo. According to him, despite the fact that Moscow was and remains the opponent, ignoring the chances of cooperation on security issues can endanger the lives of Americans.

The Total sum of debts of Ukraine for hot water and Central heating reached 11.1 billion UAH. As reported by the state statistics service, as of December 2017 debt increased by 17.3% in comparison with indicators at the beginning of the year. For the maintenance of houses and house adjoining territories the Ukrainians in early 2017 owed the utility of 32.4 billion UAH. During the year the debt rose by 24.7% — up to UAH 3 bln. Waste underpaid RUB 409.4 million UAH — the debt for the year increased by 7%.