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Some time ago, without fanfare, in the United States, visited the Russian special services. According to the American press, in the United States navedyvayas the leaders of the SVR, FSB and GRU who had met with the leadership of the CIA. What they communicated with us intelligence agencies is unknown, therefore, was quite funny the range of opinions. And if the Russian official press rather poorly lighted the visit, the us did not skimp on version: 1.

Comrade Stalin made from Shevchenko's Kobzar, ponastavili on all Union monuments, and forced to learn poems drunk school. Few people know, dead from alcoholism Taras wrote to move only their verse, and only in a condition of alcoholic intoxication. And sober, drew, and painted it much better than wrote poetry, drew aristocrats, even published a book gravot of the Russian emperors.

Viktor Farafontov, "Friends, the world picture has changed. We used to think we had a hole, but in the West as a model of civilization. Now the situation has started to roll over some Russian cities is better than many cities in the United States. Very soon the Americans will come to us and stare with envy in our lives

"Radio Liberty" published footage of Ukrainian "activist" eats her own snot. During an interview with one of the participants in support of the law on the reintegration of Donbass, to talk about Poroshenko, came to him "sister" and bismarckallee into a fist, and began eagerly to eat their snot, had no qualms aimed at him lens. Netizens appreciated the gastronomic preferences of the Ukrainian foodie.

Interior Ministry has opened several criminal cases on embezzlement of budget funds allocated for the modernization of the Russian segment of the International space station. As reported by "Rosbalt" a source in law enforcement bodies, criminal case is brought of MU of the MIA of Russia "vlasikha" under article 159 of the criminal code (theft in especially large size). The investigators found that in 2010 there was concluded a contract between Federal space Agency and JSC "RKK Energiya" in the amount of 3.3 billion rubles, providing for the modernization [...]

At the last moment, trained by us experts list close to the Kremlin, Russian officials and businessmen have been adjusted by an unknown high-ranking official, said one of the authors of the guidance on the development of the "Kremlin report", the expert of the Atlantic Council Anders åslund. His comment is on the website of the Council.

The Starting price of the flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ will be slightly higher than the predecessor Galaxy S8, the newspaper reports ETNews. New for users in South Korea will cost 890-935 dollars. Smartphone the previous model can be purchased for $ 875. It is noted that both models are similar in design. Samsung Galaxy S9 inherited from the previous model went edge-to-edge Infinity Display with an aspect ratio of 18:9, the set of sensors.

Did Not have time to lay the scandal at a press conference the world champion under version WBO and WBC Alexander Usik with Ukrainian journalists as "patriots" found new cause for indignation. As it turned out, entering the ring in the semifinal bout of the world Boxing series against the Latvian Mairis Briedis Oleksandr Usyk chose a shirt of the brand "Battle of Russia" (pictured). "Mustache came to the battle with the First tee of the Orthodox-fascist brand," flashed the hysterical headlines in the Ukrainian media.

Substantial forces of the Army of Turkey invaded the province of Aleppo on Monday night to help located here and in Idlib militants fighting against the Syrian troops and Kurds. Large convoy of Turkish armored vehicles were moving deeper into the province of Aleppo in the direction of tel ACE, but was stopped by the Russian space forces, air strikes and artillery fire of the army of Syria, about B. p. Kamari. Here the group was forced to turn back and stand in the village Kantir.

News feeds stirred: in the United States published the so-called "the Kremlin list". In total, the list includes 210 people — 114 political leaders (officials) and 96 of the largest businessmen of Russia, head of the state-owned company and owner of a large private wealth. Reason for inclusion there is the proximity to President Putin. That is so declared by the Americans, who did not forget to call these 210 people "enemies of the United States".

210 Named the names of the individuals involved in the “Kremlin report” of the United States. Unlike the previous, this list does not sanction. It's just a list of names “plague,” from which you want to stay as far as possible, of course, if the job duties require communication with such infected. It is unknown whether the secret part of the report and of the list, at least those Americans also spoke. In the list of “media contagion” of the main points, perhaps three.

The U.S. Treasury has published a list of politicians, officials and oligarchs with ties to Vladimir Putin, “Kremlin report” in the development of the law on sanctions signed by Donald trump in August last year. The document contains 210 names is 114 senior officials and managers of state-owned companies and 96 of the oligarchs.

Sochi Olympics, was a triumph for Putin, then, was the second triumph of Crimea. Probably nebylo Crimea, there would be no issues of the Russian doping. But the two triumph together, the West could not afford. There been looking for, why we won in Sochi, and found. In the persecution of the IOC, we were not the first. The NOC of India in December 2012 also disqualified, and the flag of the Hindus at the Sochi Olympics banned. For “ridiculous” reasons, such as in India is to knock corrupt.

In the U.S. Congress held a secret briefing on the introduction of new sanctions against Russia, it was held by the representatives of the state Department and the presidential administration. This is stated in the statement of a member of the Senate Committee on foreign Affairs, Democrat Ben Cardin, which he posted on his page in the Network. "The law on sanctions against Russia contains a provision which provides for sanctions against those who conduct significant transactions with the Russian defense sector and develo [...]

In krasnoznamenskoe district police found a missing 13-year-old Ruslan P., wanted. In search of the boy was attended by the entire staff of the district police. Guards checked all contacts of the student, interviewed his friends and acquaintances, cleared the route from school to home. The last time the boy was seen on the morning of 25 January next to the school in the village of Dobrovol'sk. In the classroom he never appeared. On January 26 around 10.