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In the United States In the near future will be published the so-called "Kremlin report" on sanctions against Russia. This was stated by first Deputy press Secretary of the head of the White house Raj Shah. However, he did not specify when the "black list" will be published exactly today or tomorrow, and not told whether voiced by Maine included in this list. in addition, it is still unclear how large will be the document, reports CNN.

The Leaders of the Syrian Kurds said that Russia has asked, so they transferred the North-Western enclave of Afrin Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in order to prevent a Turkish attack carried out today. And was refused. Then the Russian police left the Afrin. Now the Turkish forces, supported by their Syrian allies, launched an operation to clear the Afrin by Kurdish groups.

President Vladimir Putin is the absolute leader of the Russian political Olympus, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov, reports TASS. "Hardly anyone can doubt, that Putin is the absolute leader of public opinion, the absolute leader of the political Olympus, so to say, which at this stage hardly anyone will be able to compete," — said Peskov, noting that the popularity of the President of Russia "goes far beyond" of the country.

Out of the office on the bench: started "cleaning" the clan Kahalewai Quite predictable over many years of subversive activities of one of the leaders of the Krasnodar FSB Denis Melnikov — by the decision of the investigator he was arrested on the job by operatives of "office". Forecast for measure is quite obvious — the court he arrested during the investigation of the criminal case and transferred to Moscow.

Paralympic team did the same. She is not allowed to participate in the Olympics, but some athletes and under a neutral flag, if they prove their innocence, but the IOC deems them explanation quite humiliated - they are allowed. Although no guarantees. Surely they too will be obliged to publicly repent and sign a lot of obligations. Here already there was a question of principle: the IOC and the West just curious how long it will be possible to wipe my feet on the Kremlin, so he decided to end this humiliation.

United States proposed to create a 30-kilometer security zone in Northern Syria to avoid a collision with Turkey. In essence, this is what Erdogan has achieved in recent years and for which he conducts military operations in Syria, looks like a banal aggression. In a sense, this is a political victory for Erdogan, and if the proposal is implemented, he will get a significant advantage, and will no longer need the Alliance with Iran and Russia to create a prot [...]

The Russian press has paid attention to the speech of the former Vice President Biden at the Council on foreign relations in Washington, highlighting his story about how he was forced to dismiss former Prosecutor General of Ukraine. Order bad news “others” in our media is completely objective: against the background of such news, it is expected that our situation will not seem so bleak. If we can't cheer on your electorate good news, let it be bad “from them.”

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“Olive branch” in ' afrīn repeats “shield of the Euphrates”: for five days of operation no significant advances of the Turkish military and their proxies are observed. The Turks are said to participate in the operation of 25 thousand fighters of the SSA, the number of its military did not disclose, but they are estimated at 7-8 thousand people. The Kurds also do not report their numbers, it is estimated at 20-25 thousand people. This Turkey has an advantage in heavy equipment and artillery and complete air supremacy.

Israeli writers are ready to give their wives the refugees What marriage means in modern society? Dozens of Israeli artists have announced their readiness to divorce your wives to refugees from Sudan and Eritrea were able to marry them to legally remain in Israel. The symbol of the protest was the black cuckoo. “If you think about it, that we have in common with your wife?”— asked Tamir's Hevroni, winner of the tel Aviv prize for the best exposure of the crimes of the settlers.

From participation in the Olympics was removed a new batch of athletes from Russia. This time did not seen, and therefore nobody even bother to bring them at least some of the charges. The reaction of politicians and partchinovniki - near-zero. That is, virtually no. That already is not the slightest surprise causes.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Tuesday held telephone talks. About it reports a press-service of the Kremlin. The main topic of the talks was the situation in Syria, in particular, in Afrin, where the ongoing Turkish military operation "Olive branch". Russian and Turkish leaders have expressed the need for cooperation in preserving the integrity and sovereignty of Syria.

Match-fixing Russia-Turkey in Syria continues. The Turks slowly but chew afrisco territory, Pro-Russian proxies from among the conventional Syrian army and various mercenaries moving through their part of Interskol zones “de-escalation”. Pro-Iranian militants to subjugate almost the whole of the territory allocated for them and almost cease offensive operations. Busily carve-up of Syria by foreign imperialists is continuing.

"Russian Spring" published a complete summary of the military situation in the DPR over the past day, today's briefing by the Deputy commander of the operational command of the Republic Eduard Basurin. For the current day unit APU 5 times violated the truce. On Donetsk and Gorlovka areas, the Ukrainian military used 120-mm and 82-mm mortars, grenade launchers, weapons, infantry fighting vehicles and small arms.

In spite of the high price of oil shale companies in the US are not in a hurry to drill new wells, and will use the favorable moment to increase their sustainability and debt payments. Also the profit will be directed on payment of dividends to investors who have been waiting for returns from their investments. However, this does not mean that the US oil shale industry will stagnate - there are still about 7 thousand were drilled but not put into operation wells, so the margin of safety in mining [...]