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The command of the Russian troops in Syria have taken measures to ensure security of Russian servicemen in the district of Afrin. This was reported in the defense Ministry. It is clarified that the operational group of the Russian Center for reconciliation and the military police in the district of Afrin relocated to the area of tell our. Simply put, yesterday's reports by the Turkish media about urgent on the verge of escaping the movement of Russian military police were truthful, and yesterday Lavrov's statement that [...]

Erdogan said that Ankara is determined to eliminate the threat of terrorism at its southern borders: "...We will eliminate "terror stench" along the Turkish-Syrian border up to the border of Syria with Iraq...". Along the way, Erdogan said that the military operation in ' afrīn “actually” started. In fact, nothing new. As they say, again this damned uncertainty. The reality is the same - the Turks still can not begin to fulfill its promises, basically threatening everyone.

The Court sycophants prepared to shoot (he even held a pre-premiere screening), which is trying to push some pseudo-scientific theory of a special genetic stock of descendants of the siege, mentioning among them Putin and a number of people from the St. Petersburg environment. Nothing new lackeys did not invent any despot of ancient times have always tried to legitimise the election of kinship with heroes of the past, and even gods.

Events in the North, Syria to ' Afrīn remain in a very unstable state. The Turkish army tried by night to enter the territory of the Kurdish Canton, and from Turkey in the North, but the attack was repulsed. The Kurds, this area covers about a thousand people with plenty of anti-tank and anti-aircraft weapons. This immediately creates a risk of loss in the art. Attack (or attempted attack) the Turks eventually came to nothing.

Large States like Russia, USA and China — the new enemies of liberal globalism. That is stated in the report of the Center for strategic development Alexey Kudrin, the man considered to be the main spokesman of interests of the globalists in Russia, the Document was released yesterday and caused a heated discussion in the media. So, according to the authors, liberalism gave the world "rationality and normativity".

The French court allowed Suleiman Kerimov, three days to go to Russia for purely family reasons. Vacation to Sunday inclusive. The main question is whether he will return back. The question not idle, as with judicial prospects Kerimov doesn't matter. Too serious charges. Can and property to lose, and freedom too.

Reported on the immediate withdrawal of Russian troops from Arenskogo Canton in the direction of the location in the village of Zahra in the territory under the control of the Syrians. We are talking about units of the Russian police located in three places in the Canton. Russian soldiers are leaving the base in Kafr Janna and all other locations towards Zahraa right now. Map: — Syrian Civil War Map (@CivilWarMap) 19 Jan 2018

Is Gaining momentum stihiy flash mob in support of the cadets of Ulyanovsk flight school, starred in a parody of a clip, and looking in this parody of “inappropriate” than outraged old reformatory up to the promises of the human and draw conclusions. Flash mob in support of them looks very simple - people dancing. Young, fun, creative guys with a good sense of humor.

Our Petersburger Dmitry Zhavoronkov on 3 January for a week like partisan flew to Iran, where there still were protests. Called me already almost out of the plane, several times out on the connection of the Telegram from Iran (as soon as it is unlocked). No revolution in Tehran, he had not seen, although already flying at the end of the protests, so I caught only their echoes. Today “Fontanka” published his material, so I recommend what is called the first person. “ ... The purpose of the visit? Tourism.

Sent Me a message, I have podredaktirovat and removed the names, names, for obvious reasons. Here for picture Lozhkin “Great Russia” put live in such a country. But in General everything corresponds to what has been said in other posts on other cities. I want to clarify - provincial. How are things in Moscow and St. Petersburg - it is unclear here can apply to other scenarios, especially taking into account the results of the recent ”elections”. “...We have in the left the head of the TIC Formally with retirement.

According to reports reaching from Idlib, a Pro-Iranian proxy could connect with the Assad military. However, with the victory to congratulate very certain: HTS militants left the territory, and therefore ISIS and the Iranians to actively take possession of the deserted Giuliani. In fact, ISIS was sitting in a hostile environment, and continues to sit, and to surround HTS failed because of his absence in the environment.

Turkish sources report that after negotiations the Turkish military and their Russian colleagues, Russian military units stationed in Afrin, left it.

Killed the crew of the international space science expedition "Bion". The monstrous tragedy of 2013 will long remain in our hearts! Manned spacecraft (orbital station) series "Bion", designed for research in space biology, physiology and biotechnology, was launched from Baikonur cosmodrome (Kazakhstan) was launched 19 April 2013. The mission suggested the presence of a spacecraft in orbit for 30 days.

The Verkhovna Rada adopted the law on the reintegration of Donbass. It is called Russia an aggressor and an occupier, to the President of this right without the consent of Parliament to use the armed forces to release “temporarily occupied territories”. Now Kiev can safely abandon the Minsk agreements, which played his. Already commonplace expression about the war and the shame is just about the brilliant policies of Putin.

On the night of December 31, 2017, in the village of Ladozhskaya, Krasnodar territory, two ex-militia of Donbass Alexander Stevious (34) and Alexei Mironov (32) shot in the cafe "Spark" of three people. According to media reports, in the same pubs it was not the first bloody showdown, regular customers of the café are constantly threatened and attacked people who appear there. Local police did not solve the problem, the challenges in coming, complain the locals.