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In the last in this series of comments on the latest developments in the Russian economy Sergei Aleksashenko, a senior researcher at the Brookings institution, gives a broader view on the Russian economy and its immediate prospects for (year or two) and noted that no obvious shocks in this horizon is not expected.

New anti-Russian sanctions that are being discussed in the U.S. Congress, caused a negative reaction in the European Union. Chancellor of Austria and Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany has acted with sharp criticism of the bill, which was seen as a threat to the energy supply of Europe. In a joint statement, Christian Kern and Sigmar Gabriel, published by the German foreign Ministry, notes that in 2014 Europe and the United States “side by side and in close partnership” was responsible for Russia's actions.

The Syrian Army regained control over all the vast territories from Araks triangle in the area of East Palmyra, said in a statement, the Ministry of defence SAR on Wednesday, and on Thursday released footage of military operations from this country. The video of the political Department of the CAA shows how the army is moving steadily forward, firing at terrorist positions in the mountains Mustadrak.

UN Investigators responsible for investigating war crimes, said that airstrikes by the U.S.-led coalition against the militants of the “Islamic gosudrastva” in raqqa has led to “staggering casualties” among civilians. Coalition aircraft currently support the offensive in Raqqa Union Kurdish and Arab fighters that began last week.

Citizenship - DNI. This year, several times to call, as a citizen of the DNI. With such migrationale, were recorded in hotels and made out Bank card. As an intermediate result that is acceptable. Alas, we are still not citizens of Russia. But, at least, acknowledged my right won'T be a citizen of the former Ukraine. Don't demean yourself named a citizen of the pseudo-state of the aggressor, killing civilians with artillery and bombs, under-the evil Empire, neo-Nazi the angle cock.

Despite attempts by the opposition to show that on June 12 on the streets, those who "we are here" and all of them will be good, the main mood of the day – gloom. Meetings was a failure. On March 26, the opposition was jubilant – in fact, managed to organize riots in Moscow, and the people came out decently, but after a couple of months everything has changed dramatically. Instead of the same 7-8 thousand people who took to the streets in March, now barely reached 5.

Ukraine and the EU the parties agreed that the quotas for tomatoes, wheat, corn, and honey will be reduced, urea proposals would be excluded. About it reports the UNIAN. The talks were held in the evening of 13 June in Strasbourg. After heated discussions failed to reach a compromise, which was agreed by the European Parliament, the European Commission and the Maltese presidency.

Yemeni rebels, the Houthis successfully attacked and sank the ships of Saudi Arabia. First came the information that on the afternoon of 14 June, the port of Mokha (Mocha) in the Red sea was sunk, in all probability, the Saudi frigate class al Madina — this is evidenced by the characteristic silhouette of the mast, where the visible radar "Sea Tiger" ("Sea Tiger"), which are mounted on ships of this type.

Considering the current growth of Tesla stock by nearly 1%, the company became the fourth largest (based on market capitalization) automaker in the world – ahead of BMW, with the capitalization of almost $61 billion market Capitalization, Tesla has overtaken GM and Ford in April, and now she took the fourth place among brands, behind only Toyota, Daimler and Volkswagen.