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During the year the number of complaints that Ukrainian workers in Poland sent to the State labour Inspectorate had increased by almost 300%. Ukrainians often complain of unpaid wages, writes Gazeta Prawna. In 2017, the State labour Inspectorate received complaints from 1433 Ukrainians, only 21% of them were satisfied. This is almost three times more than last year. And more than a hundred times more than in 2014.

In the Wake of publicity about the corruption in Dagestan and the case of “Dagdizel” Arrived in the Republic Prosecutor's check, which within a month will test local authorities, including security forces, on the subject of corruption crimes. According to the results of the work are expected resignation and landing. Appointed from Moscow, the first since Stalin non-native head of the Republic, previously announced large-scale changes associated with the anti-corruption struggle.

According to reports reaching from Idlib, the situation falls into a complete mess. Kurds clashed with Pro-Turkish militants “Shield of the Euphrates”, ISIL cut Syria's gut, aircraft bombed recklessly all mixed up, and then there are reports of “friendly fire,” that in a situation when military orders mixed up and orders them to call becomes difficult, understandably. It is unclear whether ISIL is playing their game or suddenly transferred to the Union with HTS Giuliani.

The Topic of legalization of private military companies (PMCs) does not apply to the Kremlin, said press Secretary of Russian President Dmitry Peskov, reports RIA "Novosti". "Any position is missing, the Kremlin did not initiate such a bill. Therefore, I do not know that such a bill exists," said Sands, answering the question of the relation of the Kremlin to the idea of legislative legalization of PMCs.

The Trustees of Vladimir Putin is ready to debate on behalf of the candidate, if the candidate refuses to participate in election debates. This was stated by “Interfax” the co-Chairman of Putin's staff, General Director of the center of Dmitry Rogachev Alexander Rumyantsev. Such is indicative of a farce. To cancel the election yet somehow not with his hands, even though the essence is empty and in fact the event is akin to wandering tent.

The President of Turkey Recep Erdogan urged the U.S. military to "remove stripe YPG", so they do not become a target for the Turkish military, which, according to him, that's once and for all solve the problem of Afrin and Manuja. So, decide whether the war Turkish leader? Will we see a direct confrontation between the two NATO countries on the Syrian territory?PR Continued:

When in the middle of may 2017 by the decree of Peter Poroshenko on the territory of Ukraine was prohibited the popular Russian social network and services of the Ukrainian "patriots" are jubilant. Rejoiced not for long, as they do not understand that Ukraine is now dominated in the first place is not nationalism, and capitalism and no capitalist will not relinquish 100% of the profits for the sake of "patriotism". And for 300% it's just buried... the First sign of future change was the autumn stabilization of ratings Vkontakte, etc.

Preparation for a Turkish invasion of Afrin. In social networks is not to say that EN masse, but quite a considerable stream of selfies and very free photos of Turkish soldiers on the background technology. In Turkish social networks slips the information about the briefings that get the Turkish military for possible contact with Russian colleagues. In such cases, are required to act harshly, but to refrain from opening fire first.

Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada refused to recognize DND and LNR terrorist organizations. The reasons, apparently, two. First, the obvious - the presence of the Minsk agreements. Despite the fact that the part of Ukraine on the signing of these agreements and the officials were not, the Treaty is not ratified and does not have any legal registration, in political terms, they exist, they founded a number of political processes.

The Government is considering various options for the budget maneuver, which involves as a relative reduction of budget expenditures and tax optimization. This was stated to journalists by the Russian presidential aide Andrei Belousov. In translation from volapük in Russian it means something like this. The government finally recognizes the impossibility of economic growth (at least in private - the TV we have still rages, flowers and smells, while TV growth more re [...]

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev said about the necessity of changing the relations of the state to education and health, including in terms of increase of incomes of teachers and doctors. Speaking at the Gaidar forum, he noted that personalization has affected not only mass production but also the social sphere.

Turkey continues to escalate tensions around Arenskogo enclave. But now there are new notes. In addition to the charges of the Kurds, and the United States in helping them, the Turkish state Agency “Anadolu” among those responsible for the current situation calls Russia: “...Since the war began in Syria in March 2011, Affleck continues to be one of the main strongholds of terrorists PYD.

Today held three news, and they all one way or another, but are connected with the ongoing gas war for the European market. The first news - oil jumped in price 70 $ per barrel. The news seems good for Russian oligarchs, but how to say it. Even with the growing oil price in the last year, the Russian economy did not demonstrate adherence to this price, while continuing to be outright stagnation.

The Final assault on the airport. The third anniversary of the storming of the DaPa is dedicated to... In the night from 13 to 14 January last, successful for the BCH assault on the Donetsk airport. Perhaps it was the symbolic battle that took place during the war in the Donbass. Successful defense of this object of the APU in the previous period made him a kind of ideological symbol of the Ukrainian army, for its defenders, the so-called “cyborgs”, the representatives of the Ukrainian segment of the Internet and prayed, as on the icon.

Erdogan made a statement that the Armed forces of Turkey can start the operation in ' afrīn at any moment. The reason becoming the USA's position on the issue of formation of the armed forces of Syrian Kurdistan. However, this is an excuse and nothing more. Kurdish armed forces already exist under the guise of SDS, the Americans are training and arming them, and with that now have to be considered regardless of the interests of Syria, Turkey, Iran.