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In Ukraine, a unique situation. Relatively small groups of people – nationalists and extremists – is driving a huge country, at the time – one of the most culturally and industrially developed republics of the Union, in a faux middle ages. Today the authorities of Ukraine and the group of "Patriotic volunteers" show, happily tearing cultural ties with the Russian culture, Russian music and Russian history. And if only Russian.

See the new edition of "Pravda" Grigory Kvasnyuk: — Ukraine will save the penguins in embroidered shirts! — Pan "confectioner" found symbol of Ukraine is a betrayal; When you talk to God is prayer. When God speaks to you — this shiz! — Does Ukraine have the right to make stupid decisions? Europe answers Yes! See also: "what will replace the Minsk agreement, will surprise the whole world", — Prilepin

Fierce fighting continued to shake the capital of Syria, the army almost stopped the second wave of the offensive of the jihadists. In the past two days, government troops and opposition forces led by terrorists "dzhebhat an-Nusra" exchanged blows in the area, dividing the area from Jobar and al-Kabun, where rebels are trying to open a supply path connecting these two held their district.

A Significant part of the German fans of the song contest "Eurovision song contest" (ESC) has condemned the comments on the official German page the decision of the authorities of Ukraine not to allow the contest the representative from Russia Julia Samoylova. On Wednesday, the security Service of Ukraine has banned Samoilova entry into the country for three years because of her performances in the Crimea. "It is shocking how Ukraine is politicizing the competition.

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Lawsuit by Yuri Kanner to the company “Echo of Moscow” and Maxim Shevchenko is considered from 3 October 2016 editor Chitolite journalist Maxim Shevchenko won the case at the head of the Russian Jewish Congress Yury Kanner. Recall that the reason for the appeal to the court of Kanner was the publication of Shevchenko in a personal blog on the website “Echo of Moscow” under the title “Why the Germans are afraid of Molotova”. The case on the suit of Yuri Kanner to the company “Echo of Moscow” and Maxim Shevchenko is considered from 3 October 2016.

Famous Ukrainian corrupt official and a fighter against corruption Serhiy Leshchenko published documents, which indicate that the notorious Paul Manafort was dirty. So, under suspicion himself proves to be Donald trump. Besides that is a resident of the FSB, and surrounded himself previously recruited by the agents of Putin. And is very promiscuous.

This Whole weird thing with the girl Baghdasaryan that the whole state exhorts and punishes, but it quietly from time to time gets behind the wheel (even being devoid of a driver's license for life), has quite the iron logic. The country has already built a caste society. In fact, it exists and lives its life. And while not within the legal framework that formally everyone is equal before the law.

It is increasingly clear that the ongoing collapse in the North of Syria and Damascus, Turkey has a very direct relationship. From Turkey to Syria passed about 10 thousand fighters trained in camps on its territory, and getting back to groups now attacking Hama, Latakia and Aleppo. Erdogan definitely not will silently take friendly “jokes” from Russia and Syria, when he just “threw” Mobicam, blocked the course of the South to the Euphrates, and created a corridor for the Kurds, [...]

In Syria began a powerful movement. The fighting in Damascus, Hama, Latakia, Aleppo (suburb). Everywhere appears the Tahrir al-sham, Ahrar tightened, implicitly present everywhere dzhebhat an-Nusra. In Damascus, the third terrorist attack using a suicide bomber. In Hama with the use of suicide bombers taken a very important checkpoint is the gateway to the plain of al-Gab, the attacks on the blocks 3000 and 1070 in Aleppo. Promotion in Hama. In Hama (the glory of Putin and the Russian Voentorg) fighters entered the battle captured T-90. Take the city Hatab 10 km from Hama.

It Seems that the partners decided to tear apart Syria a little early. The talks in Astana a few airs, it was decided to carry out without the Syrians, the high Contracting parties expressed the spirit of “Where do these savages get to”. The savages decided that they have my idea of perfect. Attack Damascus “moderate opposition” in fact calls into question the ability of Turkey to control their pockets of terrorists, and without this condition, no amicable agreement impossible.

Putin said that by 2025, life expectancy in Russia may be 76 years old. In principle, we have created 25 million high-tech jobs, the second year the price of oil above $ 80, tax robbers-privatisers, why not increase life expectancy. The power of his word and faithfully performs all of the claimed. Putin - I believe.

Interfax reports: “the Syrian army and fighters of the national militia forces established full control over the strategically important route Salaam-Apulia region, leading to Aleppo, reported on Tuesday the Arabic newspaper Al-Masdar. According to him, the military managed to break the line of defense of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia) and freed the areas close to the highway from the insurgents.

After a rally on the Champ de Mars the authorities bestowed by the mercy of the tax-paying commoners, saying that the European University which has lost the licence of the Ministry of education, may osushestvit another month - until the entry into force of the court decision. The law is above all! The reason is liquidated, the European University, on the surface. Someone owns property nevkusnuyu located in the former mansion of count A. G. Kushelev-Bezborodko, who was a Senator during the reign of Nicholas I.

On Saturday in Syria was the most important geopolitical and diplomatic points of view, the event for the first time* since the start of the civil war in Syria, the Syrian air defense system gave a response to the Israeli aggression towards Syria. Also for the first time in recent years, Russia finally intervened and spoke out against the Israeli aggression against Syria.