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It has Become known what the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine called "third force", which brings discord in Polish-Ukrainian relations, writes, "Journalistic truth". It was a gang of hipsters-ukronatsikov... Degenerates of various Ukrainian radical organizations continue as best they can, to strengthen Ukrainian — Polish relations. A little more than a week has passed since that moment as the unknown threw bottles with paint, the Consulate of Poland in Lviv, and the Ukrainian foreign Ministry has stated that it did "third force [...]

If interstate cooperation of Moldova and the Russian Federation will go on the same positive level, and a land corridor to Transnistria via highly unstable and criminal Odessa region absolutely will not be needed. Exactly the same as excluded from the agenda of the overland route to the Crimea through the Kerch bridge, the Bridge that connected the Crimea to the grid of UES of Russia, the gas pipeline "Krasnodar region – Crimea" and under construction power plants in Simferopol and Sevastopol.

The Reset in U.S.-Russian relations, of course, will come, the only question is, what will be the price, I'm sure the Polish historian Andrzej Zapalovsky. In an interview with Nasz Dziennik he noted that Donald trump had already begun to bargain to get the maximum possible in exchange for a number of concessions to Moscow. "President Donald trump began to trade relations with Russia.

Speaking Thursday at the annual meeting of the FSB Collegium, President Vladimir Putin highlighted the situation in the Donbass. According to the President, the Ukrainian authorities deliberately aggravate the situation in the conflict zone in the Donbass to disrupt the Minsk agreement, relying on a military solution to the problem. The President also stressed that the Kiev authorities "openly talking about the organization of subversive and terrorist, subversive work, including in Russia."

One of the participants in the famous prayer Breakfast, the President of the United States Executive Director of the University "synergy" Vadim Lobov — in an interview with RT said that the new American leader made on him the impression of an open, friendly man who fulfill his promises. This event, held annually in Washington, attracts visitors from all over the world. This year it was attended by 3.5 thousand people from about 100 countries, 16 of them Russians.

In Donbass on February 17 it was destroyed by the militants punitive battalion "of the organization of Ukrainian nationalists" (OUN), nicknamed "Primus". This was announced by the battalion commander Nikolay Kohanivsky. "Today on the Eastern front during a combat mission died a soldier of dobrobat "OUN" friend Primus", — he wrote on his page in the social network. "Twin cities" militants promise revenge. See also: Mat Soldier detonated a grenade in café (VIDEO)

Peskov commented on Zakharchenko, who once threatened in a military way to solve the problem of shootings of civilians in the Donbass. “This is not in line with the Minsk agreements”, - said Peskov. In fact, partners were asked to count the words Zakharchenko nervous breakdown. Well, you know, alarmed by the man to whom does not happen. In fact, everything is in order - we have no complaints, you just keep yourself quiet, don't make Zakharchenko to survive.

Central command (CENTCOM) of the armed forces of the United States, in the sphere of operational responsibility which includes primarily the middle East, confirmed that the US air force used depleted uranium ammunition for air strikes on militant positions of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia) in Syria.

If we fail to liberate the Donbas political means, army DNI and LC will do it by military means. The Head of DNR Alexander Zakharchenko declared on a press-conference in Lugansk. "We have always said that the liberation of the occupied territories of Donetsk and Lugansk regions — it is our collective task. And we always said that it is desirable to do it through political means.

There's an old joke about a traveling merchant and his two assistants. When the merchant noticed near some train of carts he sent a Junior aide to find out where this train is. Twenty minutes later he returned: "It's a wagon from the village Small Fistula". The merchant sighed and then sent with the same task of senior assistant. He returned half an hour later: "the Train of Small villages Fistula, carry grain for so many pounds of a certain quality, we will let it go for such a price". What is the point of this anecdote?

The European command of the US army released photos of the flight of Russian bombers su-24 destroyer USS Porter in the Black sea. Broadcaster CNN showed footage of American sailors from the destroyer "porter". On the photo a couple bombers of Russian air force su-24M will fly close to a military ship "imaginary enemy" in the Black sea.

1. Play “Rotterdam+”. As Avakov was questioned Kasalika directly at the Cabinet meeting Transcript already included in the history of the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Namely (Avakov) and answers (Kasalica). And yet the bleating of Groisman. And then..... then they will declare state of emergency in the energy sector. 2. Household separatists elite Kiev gymnasium Next action in Kiev to collect aid "to the soldiers ATO". Parents are asked to volunteer just a couple of questions and she was frustrated.

Press conference of President of the United States Donald trump on Thursday was marked by numerous picks with reporters: the President of the United States constantly criticized the media for "fake news" and said that people no longer believe the press. People don't listen to Hall of the White house before the press conference was filled to capacity. However, trump started out with about a twenty-minute speech, in which he told the audience about its policy for three weeks the head of state.

In August 1941 on the Leningrad front had formed the 107th separate tank battalion. It was originally armed with tanks BT-5 and BT-7. During the winter fighting of 1942, the battalion lost all the tanks and by March was in Alone without the material part. And then the battalion commander, major Boris Alexandrovich Shalimov ordered the tankers to look in the woods for Pogost, where the battalion recently conducted combat operations, suitable for recovery of wrecked German tanks for further use.

I never believed that the Great Destroyer would be able to do something sensible in the fiscal sphere. In his book “Trumped!”, I argued why his talk about the rearmament of army, reduction of taxes and huge infrastructure programmes much more insane than the experiments of Ronald Reagan in 1981. I also wrote in the book that all of his ideas very soon to suffocate in a swamp, which he intended to drain.